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Science & Technology

Restored 1899 footage is like a time machine

 VIDEO  6-21-2021 | 8

Incredible film footage that's over 120 years old shows holidaymakers enjoying the seaside in France.

Science & Technology

Physicist pursues life-long dream of time travel

1-3-2020 | 7

University of Connecticut physics professor Ron Mallett hopes to one day build a working time machine.

The UFO Phenomenon

Professor claims UFOs may be from the future

 VIDEO  3-23-2019 | 108

According to Montana Tech's Michael P. Masters, UFOs may be time machines occupied by our future selves.

Science & Technology

Physicists develop model for a real-life TARDIS

8-26-2018 | 14

Two scientists from Canada and the US have come up with a mathematical model for a viable time machine.

Science & Technology

Physicist wants to build a time machine

7-24-2018 | 31

Prof Ron Mallett has spent his life pursuing the dream of building a time machine so that he can save his father.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Long-lost 1890s HG Wells ghost story revealed

11-26-2016 | 7

The man behind 'The Time Machine' and other literary classics also wrote an unpublished ghost story.

Science & Technology

Man builds message-receiving 'time machine'

11-3-2015 | 48

A physics professor is constructing a time machine capable of picking up messages from the future.

World of the Bizarre

Iranian scientist invents 'time machine'

4-12-2013 | 60

Ali Razeghi claims that he has developed what he calls 'The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine'.

Modern Mysteries

Google UFO doodles are H.G. Wells tribute

9-21-2009 | 3

Google's recent UFO themed doodles have been revealed as a tribute to H.G. Wells, the pioneering author who penned class...

Science & Technology

Physicist developing time machine to save father

6-23-2009 | 29

Physicist Ronald Mallett has devised what he believes to be a method for travelling through time by opening a "time tunn...

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