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World of the Bizarre

Woman has been eating toilet paper every day for 23 years

 VIDEO  3-5-2023 | 17

A woman from Chicago suffers from a severe form of pica - the abnormal compulsion to consume non-food items.

World of the Bizarre

Woman develops cravings for toilet paper

12-10-2014 | 35

Jade Sylvester started consuming loo paper while pregnant and now eats a whole roll of it every day.

Archaeology & History

Roman toilet paper mistaken for toys

1-25-2013 | 25

Ceramic disks once thought to be game pieces have turned out to be an ancient form of toilet roll.

World of the Bizarre

Man in rage over lack of toilet paper

11-12-2011 | 37

A man went on a rampage when he ran out of toilet paper at a South Carolina motel this week.

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