Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Is it possible to implant memories ?

Posted on Wednesday, 12 September, 2012 | Comment icon 10 comments | News tip by: Render

Image credit: Wikipedia

Researchers have succeeded in storing short term memories within segments of isolated brain tissue.

Professor Ben W. Strowbridge and student Robert A. Hyde at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine were experimenting with the storage of memories directly within brain tissue when the breakthrough was made. "This is the first time anyone has found a way to store information over seconds about both temporal sequences and stimulus patterns directly in brain tissue," said Dr Strowbridge. "This paves the way for future research to identify the specific brain circuits that allow us to form short-term memories."

The research could one day lead to advances enabling memories to be implanted directly in to the human brain, a concept explored in films such as 'Total Recall' in which Arnold Schwarzenegger's character undergoes a procedure to have memories of a vacation implanted in to his head.

"Memories are often grouped into two categories: declarative memory, the short and long-term storage of facts like names, places and events; and implicit memory, the type of memory used to learn a skill like playing the piano."

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 Source: Science Daily

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Ryn on 12 September, 2012, 14:36
Sounds to me like a gateway into ultimate knowledge..super soldiers will be forged not created; instantaneously everything there is to know and anything they want you to know will be implanted in your brain as "memory" just the thought is quite interesting really~
Comment icon #2 Posted by Spid3rCyd3 on 12 September, 2012, 14:41
"I know Kung Fu"
Comment icon #3 Posted by regeneratia on 12 September, 2012, 15:46
Hey, did these people read Philip K Dick?
Comment icon #4 Posted by regeneratia on 12 September, 2012, 15:48
Super soliders are already being created. They have been working on it, with the help of secretly harbored Nazi scientists, since WWII. Lots of info on it, just search for it. It is also possible that this kind of tech is already being used, thru various aspects of consciousness, unconsciousness, subliminal and military psyops. Sounds to me like a gateway into ultimate knowledge..super soldiers will be forged not created; instantaneously everything there is to know and anything they want you to know will be implanted in your brain as "memory" just the thought is quite interesting really~
Comment icon #5 Posted by Curley Fryes on 12 September, 2012, 16:41
Reminds me of a few movies: Bladerunner, Total Recall, Inception......dangerous stuff
Comment icon #6 Posted by Hippycrite on 12 September, 2012, 18:10
Now I'll always know where I left my keys.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Spid3rCyd3 on 12 September, 2012, 18:16
Now I'll always know where I left my keys. and the tv remote.
Comment icon #8 Posted by cerberusxp on 12 September, 2012, 21:16
You already exist in the Matrix. The entire universe is a hologram. Including YOU! Now constructs within constructs interesting.
Comment icon #9 Posted by nicholeb on 17 September, 2012, 4:09
So perhaps this can lead to either elongating life by transfering memories from one brain to the next or maybe a set population living eternally or however mother nature will allow us to live.
Comment icon #10 Posted by camogator on 19 September, 2012, 9:30
perhaps we could do the opposite and download memories into a computer for "re-lifing" someone who has died.

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