Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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  Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

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Researching mediumship as a psychic science

Posted on Thursday, 10 July, 2008 | 3 comments
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

The point of doing scientific research is to get at the truth. The scientific study of mediumship must follow the same rules as any other scientific investigation. It must of course begin at the point of studying the work of truly gifted mediums such as John Edwards, Stephen Holbrook, and Doris Stokes. The thrust of their mediumship calling is of course is to convey a message that life is eternal. That we sustain our individuality beyond the veil of so called physical death, and remain very in tune with our loved ones who remain here on the earth plane. That's the point period. The fact that the information passed from the spirit world to the earth plane via the medium is of great solace, inspiration and joy to the loved one receiving it here on the earth place, is in truth a rather small serendipitous piece of the spiritual import.

When these gifted mediums are pressed to take their work a step further into the realm of collective spiritual knowledge they will immediately slam on the brakes. That is (rightfully and wisely!) perceived as dangerous territory. Due to the fanatical adherences of some folk to religious dogma and creed, mediums face threat to their personal safety and their loved ones. Many mediums have been murdered throughout due to a rather unwise treading into this path fraught with dangerous and powerful forces.

Even more dangerous is when there is firmly implanted in the mind of the medium themselves, a dogmatic, fixed idea regarding religion, reincarnation, egotism, etc. Besides acting as a deterrent to the communicating spirits and colouring the communication, it acts to attract spirits who themselves are not intelligent and took with them misinformation to the spirit world. The spirit world is rife with those who mistakenly adhered to a belief in reincarnation and now fight to re-enter and control and interfere with the body of a mortal!

Mediums however who are mentally and physically well-balanced and willing to make any sacrifice necessary in the interest of science, is fully protected by intelligent spirits, who are ever eagerly seeking for the co-operation of mortals in order to reveal the truth of continued existence, and particularly to make known the serious problem of impingement in human affairs by ignorant spirits.

A medium must be a free soul, neutral, without creed, dogma or ism, and should be able to relax completely, leaving the way open to full control by intelligent spirits. Thus will advanced, intelligent spirits be attracted, the process of control be easy, natural and comfortable, strength be given to the medium by the guiding spirits and truthful messages and communications be received.

The ancients understood the needs of their oracles. They knew that subtle vibrant forces of the unseen worlds sufficiently to receive and to register them correctly. They constructed temples for them, and gave them beautiful surroundings, made them free from anxiety concerning the supply of bodily needs.

They brought them into the Sanctuaries of Silence…and provided the proper conditions for the exercise of mediumship to its best and fullest extent.

In Antiquity Unveiled by J. M. Roberts, you can read accurate accounts from these ancient oracles and mediums. Mediumship is often mistakenly believed to be a modern phenomenon! A truly gifted medium of Roberts acquaintance in the late 1880's who was a rather humble, uneducated man, brings spiritual entities through his instrumentation who generously provide us with an accurate description of the role of mediumship throughout antiquity. I highly recommend this now in reprint text for those of you intrigued by mediumship and its relevance to the diligent and determined psychic researcher of today.

Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

Article Copyright© Kathleen Meadows - reproduced with permission.

If you are interested in the esoteric sciences and psychic ability development you will find the articles on my web site an interesting read. Visit my web site Exploring the Psychic Experience.

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