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Iguana-shaped rock spotted on Mars

Posted on Saturday, 9 November, 2013 | Comment icon 323 comments

All manner of strange things have been reported in Mars photos over the years. Image Credit: NASA
NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has captured another unusually shaped object on the Red Planet.
There has been no shortage of unusual claims surrounding objects photographed on the surface of Mars over the years, with the rock-strewn landscape seemingly ripe with the potential for pareidolia to provide all manner of unlikely discoveries.

The latest claim centers around a photograph from NASA's archives of pictures from the Curiosity rover which has been trundling across the planet for more than a year. In one shot, a rock sitting in the foreground appears to bear an uncanny resemblance to an iguana lizard, an anomaly that was first pointed out by the "UFO Sightings Daily" website.

While nothing more than an interpretation of a random shape, the familiar appearance of the object has generated quite a few headlines around the web as users have scrambled to suggest how the interplanetary reptile managed to get there.

Source: Zee News | Comments (323)

Tags: Mars

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #314 Posted by Hazzard on 19 November, 2013, 21:28
Click for larger image.
Comment icon #315 Posted by JesseCuster on 19 November, 2013, 22:39
If you are referring to the D&M Pyramid that Hazzard mentioned above, here's a nice high-res picture of it, map projected so that north/south and east/west are vertical and horiztonal. The grid overlay helps show the alignment Can you explain what it means for that feature on Mars to be aligned "PERFECTLY with the planets North and West pole" as per the picture below? What is it that's PERFECTLY aligned with north or west?
Comment icon #316 Posted by qxcontinuum on 20 November, 2013, 0:10
Or maybe it was a few thousand years ago, now much shaped by the wind...
Comment icon #317 Posted by JesseCuster on 20 November, 2013, 0:22
Or it's just a rock, the kind of which you find on earth sometimes: It does look like these basalt rocks which are very common in pictures from the Martian rovers:
Comment icon #318 Posted by psyche101 on 20 November, 2013, 7:05
Always spins me out how bright it is on Mars. No clouds to really worry about so endless fine days, but still, it seems brighter than I expected. Seems just as bright as any fine day right here.
Comment icon #319 Posted by ChrLzs on 20 November, 2013, 7:30
Just look out for the , mate. They'll suck you right off the road...
Comment icon #320 Posted by psyche101 on 20 November, 2013, 7:49
Wild looking, have you seen that Mockumentary, Voyage to the Planets, aka Space Odyssey? The astronauts visit most planets in the system, and when on Mars one of them gets caught in one of these whirly devils, and it spins you out but the devil moves on, and the astronaut is still there, they say that the atmosphere is so thin that such wild looking storms are more like a gentle breeze on earth. Very cool, worth a look
Comment icon #321 Posted by ChrLzs on 20 November, 2013, 9:34
That was a great series... ..but I gotta tell ya mate.. spent me holidays in '95 there - took the trusty Sportswagon, did the touristy thing - started from Olympus Mons, down via the Valles Marineris, then across to Holden (naturally). That last stretch... maaaaate, the number of times one of them devils just chased me down, took me up a coupla hundred feet and then flipped me out. 'Alf the time I wuz on me ruf. Lucky for that Martian gravity, eh? - made it reeal easy to flip it over and off we went again.. One of me best hol's.. 'cept for the fact there's no water,... [More]
Comment icon #322 Posted by psyche101 on 21 November, 2013, 0:06
Next time you go, let me know, I would love to try out a one wood on Mars. Plenty Mars Bars there I hope?
Comment icon #323 Posted by DONTEATUS on 21 November, 2013, 1:50
Auh ! yes the Good Loe Mars Bars ! a surprise in every bite ! Face of Mars BArs,Lizzard Mars Bars,You name it there something for everyone on Mars ! Even a Sweetpumper Bar on mars !

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