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'Poltergeist' activity filmed inside store

Posted on Thursday, 27 March, 2014 | Comment icon 46 comments

What caused the glass lid to fly on to the floor ? Image Credit: YouTube / WMUR
A surveillance video recorded the moment a glass lid appeared to fly across the room all on its own.
Staff at the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, New Hampshire have been left perplexed by the footage which shows an object being hurled across the shop despite nobody else being in the room at the time.

"I heard this big bang," said Heidi Boyd who works at the store and had been in another room when the incident happened. "I walked around and looked and I was on the floor. It's still freaking me out."

"It didn't make sense to her," added manager Lisa Giles. "However, anyone who's been here a substantial amount of time has seen something. When we first opened the place, we saw the ghost of a man standing in the doorway."

The footage has been met with a significant degree of both intrigue and skepticism, with critics arguing that the incident could have been staged to gain publicity, something the video appears to have succeeded in doing.

"When examining this claim, you need to apply a little common sense and examine the most likely reason, and not jump right to the paranormal explanation," said paranormal investigator Bryan Bonner.

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (46)

Tags: Ghost, Haunting

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #37 Posted by sam_comm on 5 April, 2014, 21:09
I found the raw video to be of passable quality for a CCTV, actually. If you have not seen it here is the link:
Comment icon #38 Posted by JGirl on 6 April, 2014, 16:57
how do you know
Comment icon #39 Posted by Calibeliever on 7 April, 2014, 15:24
Sounds like a neat place. If I lived anywhere near there I'd love to be part of an investigation. I hope someone does one soon and posts some good stuff!
Comment icon #40 Posted by MyOtherAccount on 10 April, 2014, 22:26
If you want to go to any of the sites mentioned below, the EVM links, make sure your virus software is active !!! My Avast would capture a virus every time I went:from *snip* (the two EVM links below). On first blush I was concerned that the gray blotch was a Photoshop smudge to hide a person's head and arm--at the place where the customer pays for merchandise/hiding behind the counter--but I suppose poltergeists could appear as a gray blotch. be seen to be moving, however, different points of the gray blotch are moving at various times, but then perhaps it is the po... [More]
Comment icon #41 Posted by WierdHalfling on 11 April, 2014, 0:19
Cool stuff, the clarified vid shows a possible image manipulation job where the actors have been seemingly dleted or brushed out of the frames but the glass object left in or its the first 'Ghostly' vid I've ever seen
Comment icon #42 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons on 11 April, 2014, 0:53
Please read the PM coming your way
Comment icon #43 Posted by Brian Topp on 11 April, 2014, 2:48
Kinda daft, No evidence is worth the virus infection.
Comment icon #44 Posted by sinewave on 11 April, 2014, 3:17
The thing that is interesting about most videos like this is how perfectly framed the moving objects are. The cameras are very often perfectly placed to pickup the action. In this case it is dead center in the frame.
Comment icon #45 Posted by Calibeliever on 11 April, 2014, 15:59
Good work.
Comment icon #46 Posted by MyOtherAccount on 11 April, 2014, 22:08
Unfortunately, the third *snip* was completely unnecessary. I reiterate the statement " [list] [*] [*] [/list] ====================

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