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Bill Clinton talks about aliens in interview
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 4-3-2014 | 307 comments
The former United States president talked about the controversial subject on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ufologist Dr. Roger Leir has died
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 3-16-2014 | 40 comments
The researcher and author was best known for his work investigating alleged extraterrestrial implants.

Shostak: 'we will find ET within 20 years'
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 3-14-2014 | 180 comments
SETI's Seth Shostak believes that if alien life exists then we will find it within the next two decades.

Mars meteorite may contain evidence of life
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 3-1-2014 | 29 comments
An intriguing meteorite believed to be from Mars is thought to contain signs of extraterrestrial life.

New Zealand PM forced to deny 'alien' claim
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 2-18-2014 | 49 comments
Prime Minister John Key offered a formal response to a particularly strange Open Information Act request.

Astrobiologist to present ET life claims
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 2-7-2014 | 26 comments
Richard Hoover will be presenting his evidence for alien life at the International UFO Congress.

How do we recognize an alien intelligence ?
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 1-31-2014 | 209 comments
A new project is aiming to have us reassess exactly what an intelligent alien life form might be like.

Iran news agency claims 'US is run by aliens'
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 1-17-2014 | 96 comments
A bizarre news report from Iran's Fars News Agency has claimed that America is run by extraterrestrials.

Who are the Men in Black?
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 1-15-2014 | 99 comments
There have been many recorded cases of mysterious agents turning up in relation to UFO sightings.

Paul Hellyer: 'aliens live among us'
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 1-11-2014 | 197 comments
The former Canadian defense minister has detailed his unorthodox beliefs in a recent TV interview.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 398
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