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'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found

Posted on Wednesday, 23 June, 2010 | Comment icon 16 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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The oldest known images of some of Christ's apostles have been discovered by art restorers in Rome.

New laser technology has been used to uncover the images of Andrew, John, Peter and Paul in catacombs beneath the Italian capital. The paintings are believed to date back to the 4th or 5th century.

"Art restorers in Italy have discovered what are believed to be the oldest paintings of some of Jesus Christ's apostles."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by looking for answers on 23 June, 2010, 17:07
I agree kinda a who cares kinda thing
Comment icon #8 Posted by The Skeptic Eric Raven on 23 June, 2010, 17:07
You can say that about every single religion out there. No need to pick just one.
Comment icon #9 Posted by MissMelsWell on 24 June, 2010, 2:04
So, the Hagia Sofia in Turkey was built in 360... Aren't the icons there just as old if not older? And they STILL haven't uncovered all the icons and artwork there as much of it was plastered over by the mulims when it was turned into a mosque somewhere around 1450.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Siara on 24 June, 2010, 2:27
I had that same thought. I wish they would find a skeleton of one of these guys so that a forensic anthropologist could show us what he looked like in life. Every culture makes Jesus and his apostles look like members of their own culture (which is kind of nice in a way). Jesus would be pretty surprised if he could see all his portraits with blue eyes and blond hair... I wonder if Jesus had a sense of humor?
Comment icon #11 Posted by archernyc on 25 June, 2010, 2:35
The New Testament was written right around the same time period. What we know as Christianity today really doesn't have much to do with Christianity in the first century after Christ's death. Church leaders were still arguing about essential points of Christianity into the 4th Century and beyond. This is a nice find for the world of art, but as realistic pictures of Jesus' disciples, not so much.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Jeff Marzano on 25 June, 2010, 21:45
You may be interested in this web site which contains Edgar Cayce's psychic vision of the Last Supper scene: Then down at the bottom there's a letter written by a Roman citizen that describes Jesus Christ's physical appearance. You can tell that this guy was fascinated with Christ. This deion matches up with what Cayce said and also Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting. Cayce also said that Leonardo painted a picture of Mary Magdalene and somehow Leonardo captured what Mary Magdalene really looked like: This is interesting because this painting was discovered sometime... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by archernyc on 25 June, 2010, 22:06
Priests were not required to be celibate until the 11th century. The real problem was that they were passing church property down to their descendants and this was causing difficulties in the church. LOL, of course this is what the Catholic church would say.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Darkwind on 26 June, 2010, 0:43
Here is a link that shows some of the pictures.
Comment icon #15 Posted by archernyc on 26 June, 2010, 1:08
Wouldn't you just love to see what the Vatican has in its archives?
Comment icon #16 Posted by The Skeptic Eric Raven on 26 June, 2010, 15:44
I imagine there is some pretty crazy stuff. It would incredible to be able to go thru it.

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