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A history of Martian illusions

Posted on Friday, 10 June, 2011 | Comment icon 76 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: NASA

A lot of strange things have been spotted on Mars over the years - but most are not quite what they seem.

Probably the most famous anomaly on Mars was the infamous "Face on Mars" photographed during the Viking missions. Images of a region known as Cydonia revealed a mysterious structure that looked like a face complete with eyes and a mouth. All was not quite what it seemed however - a more recent mission revisited the area and took a picture from a different angle revealing the face as little more than a natural formation and a trick of the light.

"Humans have been seeing strange things on the surface of Mars for centuries."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #67 Posted by DBunker on 23 June, 2011, 16:53
Yea, I think that we can safely say that this Hoagland claim, IS PURE BUNK. NEXT!
Comment icon #68 Posted by booNyzarC on 23 June, 2011, 19:08
Nice, but of course you know what the argument will be... the structures were eroded to be irregular over time.
Comment icon #69 Posted by Archimedes on 23 June, 2011, 19:29
If they eroded, why doesn't the erosion show any internal structure? It this was a regular structure that eroded, then it seems to have been carved out of or built up from solid rock. Building something like this out of solid rock doesn't seem like something an advanced intelligent civilisation would do (at least to me). Making enormous solid (or mostly solid) structures out of rock was what the Egyptians were doing 5,000 years ago because they lacked the technology. The shape of the pyramids is also a result of it being a naturally stable shape - it doesn't require advanced te... [More]
Comment icon #70 Posted by Pax Unum on 23 June, 2011, 19:30
Yep, and then they'll say we're all a bunch of closed minded meanies...
Comment icon #71 Posted by Hazzard on 25 June, 2011, 10:14
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,325346,00.html "No one on the Mars Rover team is puzzled or surprised by the rock," he said. "I can guarantee you that if [the alien theory] had any validity, we would would have a major press conference."
Comment icon #72 Posted by bee on 25 June, 2011, 11:48
never..... but 'we' might say that you are possibly subjectively selective of the data you take on board...you know.. the confirmatory bias thing...or maybe that you are in denial.... aaaaaanyway....you've heard from the rest...now lets hear it from the best... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ4Meh7SNdU (richard's hair... )
Comment icon #73 Posted by bee on 25 June, 2011, 11:59
nice work on this thread, BrandOfAmber...... Richard Hoagland is, IMO, brilliant. I always enjoy what he has to share. He is, of course on the 'sceptics' hit list..lol...right up near the top, if not actually TOP of the list. THAT'S how potent his research/work is.
Comment icon #74 Posted by Hazzard on 25 June, 2011, 12:07
Remember that all visual evidence at this site is drawn from, verifiable in, and supported by the official science data. Links to the associated official science data is always provided to both encourage and facilitate verification. Absolutely no evidence alterations have been made except to enhance clarity. There is no need for a leap of faith. If ever in doubt, pursue the verification process and prove it to yourself. http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/
Comment icon #75 Posted by booNyzarC on 25 June, 2011, 16:11
Wait... are you sharing that video in support of this notion? I watched this video and couldn't help but think about how utterly ridiculous Richard Hoagland appeared in it, and no I'm not talking about his hair. He was pushing complete nonsense through the whole thing. I can't believe that anyone takes him seriously. Seriously.
Comment icon #76 Posted by Archimedes on 25 June, 2011, 19:30
In what way have people in this thread who don't think there are pyramids or artificial faces on Mars being "selective" of the evidence? It's those I've seen promoting artificial structures on Mars who have been dismissive of evidence that doesn't fit their theory - photos that show that "straight lines" and "symmetry" aren't really there is dismissed because it merely shows erosion, a multitude of photos that doesn't fit what a single photo superficially seems to suggest are dismissed as being tampered with (without a shred of evidence to... [More]

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