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Scientist 'gob-smacked' at glacier break-up

Posted on Tuesday, 6 September, 2011 | Comment icon 20 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: NASA

A massive glacier in Greenland has broken up almost completely within the space of just two years.

The Petermann Glacier is 186 miles long and over 3,000ft in height but in just two years has broken up almost entirely. "Although I knew what to expect in terms of ice loss from satellite imagery, I was still completely unprepared for the gob-smacking scale of the break-up, which rendered me speechless," said Dr Alun Hubbard.

"New pictures have revealed the extent to which a huge glacier in northern Greenland has broken up in just two years, claims a glaciologist."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #11 Posted by Professor Buzzkill on 5 September, 2011, 22:13
I agree with you totally. But the article clearly states a glacier 3 x the height of the eiffel tower has broken up. The photos provided do not match the claims. I have always questioned BBC reports since their report on Himalayan glaciers disappearing by 2035. To be fair, they got that detail from the IPCC.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Wandering on 6 September, 2011, 4:01
I've heard first hand some interesting information about the Ice melting debacle. This was 3 years ago, before I became interested in some of these crazy 'conspiracy' theories. So I was a believer of climate change at the time, poorly uninformed that I was. While working for a survey company in the Arctic, we met a ship with scientists who were studying the ice melting situation. We invited them onto our ship, since their ship was more like a boat and their chef was more like...well, not a chef. Over the table they used alot of words I was unfamiliar with, but I did ask when w... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by BFB on 6 September, 2011, 8:30
There's three types of glaciers. Mountain glaciers, continental glaciers, and sea ice.
Comment icon #14 Posted by 27vet on 6 September, 2011, 9:46
[s]I can't see the article, they have moved it off the main page[/s]. Found. But isn't that what glaciers are supposed to do?
Comment icon #15 Posted by Br Cornelius on 6 September, 2011, 10:02
Glaciers tend to remain fairly stable for centuries. If they suddenly change in years/decades then something has dramatically changed in their environment which needs accounting for. It is very true that glacial retreat is taking place in many parts of the world for the first time in many many centuries. Br Cornelius
Comment icon #16 Posted by Coffey on 6 September, 2011, 11:12
Charging more for fuel, electricity and gas?
Comment icon #17 Posted by skookum on 6 September, 2011, 14:48
As stated before he is shocked by the glacier breaking up, but I am far more interested in the rocks on the right hand side disappearing.
Comment icon #18 Posted by zenfahr on 6 September, 2011, 16:25
Then you are completely missing the point. good job.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Doug1o29 on 6 September, 2011, 20:22
Try this: take a glass of warm water and gently place an ice cube in it. Note the water level. Then note it again when the ice has melted. By how much did it change? When floating ice melts, the water level doesn't change at all. It's when ice on land (glacial ice) melts that oceans start to rise. And melting ice isn't the only cause of sea level rise. There's also expansion of the water as the ocean warms. So how much are ocean levels rising by? Currently about 0.07 cm per year. On the coast of Maine, with its steep cliffs, that means almost nothing. On the shore... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by Xanthurion2 on 6 September, 2011, 20:59
global warming

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