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Couple brew bizarre pizza-flavoured beer

Posted on Sunday, 5 February, 2012 | Comment icon 17 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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A husband and wife team have given up their normal jobs to produce a type of beer that tastes like pizza.

The 'Pizza Beer' is so popular they've sold over 500 barrels and hope to expand their business overseas. "The idea was originally just to make a marinade to go in any batter or pizza base," said Mr Seefurth. "We were eating some pizzas one day with some wine and the wine just didn't taste right with the pizza." The resulting concoction proved a hit, prompting the couple to start brewing it full-time.

"A drink and a takeaway is a staple of a weekend evening in, but one enterprising couple have combined the two in one bottle by selling pizza flavoured beer."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by HawkLord on 5 February, 2012, 18:42
Yes I love that idea. I want to try some. Gives a whole new meaning to "liquid lunch"
Comment icon #9 Posted by Device on 6 February, 2012, 1:37
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Comment icon #10 Posted by angi chiesa on 6 February, 2012, 9:18
What ever happened to let GINGER BEER go out of favour. At one time I was given a starter from which one could make endless pints. Now I have forgotten how. Can anyone remind me
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dosojin Midnight on 6 February, 2012, 10:11
Yeah & let me know too!
Comment icon #12 Posted by Sevenof Seven on 6 February, 2012, 10:17
I would try it. I think this will be very popular in America and with teenagers. Good Luck Beer Making Couple!
Comment icon #13 Posted by Dewlanna on 6 February, 2012, 11:36
Ew. Beer should taste like beer, end of. I've tried a German sausage flavoured beer once, it smelled (smelt?) and tasted like vomit, horrible. Also, I've tried a raspberry flavoured one, which although incredibly odd, was actually drinkable.
Comment icon #14 Posted by MissMelsWell on 6 February, 2012, 16:06
Well, they do make sausage flavored with beer that's delicious... I could imagine that beer flavored like sausage could be good if done right. Raspberry beer has been around forever (as well as apricot and peach--fruit and beer just go together) Kona brand beer out of Hawaii and Portland Oregon make all kinds of interesting flavors. They do a coconut that's really very good! Their passionfruit is great too. I keep expecting them to develop a pineapple, time will tell though. Of course they do a Kona coffee Porter too... but most porter beers are either coffee of chocolate f... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by reggie2011 on 6 February, 2012, 23:32
omg thats sounds awsome!!
Comment icon #16 Posted by Odds on 7 February, 2012, 18:17
I'd have to say it doesn't sound the most appealing to me, but i would absolutely try it.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Robert1 on 7 February, 2012, 18:23
I'd try it and probably like it, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the $3.00 a bottle price.

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