Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Does telepathy conflict with science ?

Posted on Tuesday, 27 March, 2012 | Comment icon 59 comments

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More scientists and skeptics than ever consider psychic phenomena to be a possibility on some level.

The idea of extrasensory perception is not a new one, studies and experiments have been conducted for decades for both scientific research purposes and for use in military applications. While few scientists today would outright state with any certainty that psychic abilities do exist, most would be unwilling to make the claim that they do not either.

"Recently, journalist Steven Volk was surprised to discover that leading skeptical psychologist Richard Wiseman has admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that "by the standards of any other area of science, [telepathy] is proven."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #50 Posted by crystal sage on 17 April, 2012, 16:30
getting close... Telepathy machine reconstructs speech from brainwaves
Comment icon #51 Posted by crystal sage on 17 April, 2012, 16:43
... and closer.. NeuroVigilís Research Aims to Allow Dr. Stephen Hawking Communicate by Thinking Science Student Aims to Win with Computer-Aided Telepathic Communications and... Nick won the gold medal for his project..
Comment icon #52 Posted by JayMark on 17 April, 2012, 17:09
Fair enough. I am not trying to go against what is already proven and understood as a matter of fact. But I sincerly think that there is more to consciousness as a whole that electric activity in the sense that consciousness is more than simply physical awarness. But you are right, science, as far as it is involved, can't prove this. But many scientists are thinking about it. As long as we haven't figured out how the hell electricity generates consciousness, I will not fully agree that it is purely the work of matter. Just that the brain does play a very evident, established and unde... [More]
Comment icon #53 Posted by Leonardo on 17 April, 2012, 17:24
This is getting off-topic a bit, but 'free will' may simply be the product of a decision randomiser. None of us have unlimited choice in anything, so that dispenses with the broadest meaning of 'free-will', but take this hypothetical situation. It is a hot day, and you want to buy something cool. You have enough money to buy either an ice-cream or a soda - but not enough to buy both. This is a 'free-will' choice. Some of the time, your choice will be prejudiced by a prior choice. For example, it may have been hot yesterday, and you bought a soda, so today you buy an i... [More]
Comment icon #54 Posted by JayMark on 17 April, 2012, 19:05
Fair enough. I haven't looked at this "decision randomizer" matter but I surely will. It does not interfere with the very essence of my beleifs but might help me to adapt it to more causual situations like this physical universe. I think our free will in this universe is mainly limited by our awarness, by physical/material constraints and can also be affected by other people's free will as well. So you can't make a choise that you are not aware of (like you can't choose to buy ice cream if you don't know it exists) and you can't go against the laws of physic... [More]
Comment icon #55 Posted by crystal sage on 18 April, 2012, 0:03
You might enjoy Dean Radin's work
Comment icon #56 Posted by jbefumo on 22 September, 2012, 0:39
This writer reminds me of the historically pompous Lord Kelvin, who announced that "everything about science is already known...." Windbags are always plentiful. Those who make discoveries are the ones with an open mind. This person obviously knows everything in the universe, so why bother arguing. Just bow and worship his genius. Ever occur to him that electrochemical (molecular) interactions set up fields? Fields interact on subtle levels? Want an OPEN MINDED analysis? Check out: The FACT is that modern physics DEMAND a believe in certain paranormal phenomena, except, of course, ... [More]
Comment icon #57 Posted by Rlyeh on 22 September, 2012, 8:10
You remind me of someone gullible who rather believe the words of charlatans over actual evidence. Those who make discoveries also possess a degree of critical thinking, try it some time. That's an uneducated opinion. Modern physics make no such demands.
Comment icon #58 Posted by Jinxdom on 23 September, 2012, 4:24
If we truly understood how consciousness worked we would be able to replicate it artificially. You start looking at cell signaling, biochemistry, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, the whole teleportation experiment, and all of the new tech coming out well I wouldn't push it off the table just yet. I don't think it goes against science quite yet since we don't understand everything.

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