Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Giant dog-eating crocodile captured

Posted on Monday, 7 May, 2012 | Comment icon 16 comments

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A huge crocodile that ate nine pet dogs within the last month has finally been caught in Australia.

The 14.5ft reptile was caught south of Darwin after gaining a reputation for terrorizing residents and gobbling up pets, it is likely that it will now be relocated to a wildlife park. "Crocs are an ever-present danger but you don't see them," said police officer Mark Casey. "They can sit for days on end on the other side of the river and watch you go fishing off the same log or rock - that's how they hunt."

"A crocodile with a taste for pet dogs has finally been caught in northern Australia."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by BaneSilvermoon on 7 May, 2012, 14:36
*sigh* Is there even any evidence that that's the croc that took the dogs? What do you think the odds are that irresponsible dog owners pets keep disappearing?
Comment icon #8 Posted by dharma warrior on 7 May, 2012, 15:15
Is this a giant crocodile who ate dogs, or a regular crocodile who ate giant dogs? Haven't these people heard of leash laws?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dis Pater on 7 May, 2012, 16:08
Is this a giant crocodile who ate dogs, or a regular crocodile who ate giant dogs? Haven't these people heard of leash laws? It could all be resolved if all the creatures on earth were vegetarians but nature does not work that way.I agree with your post 100%-a dog should be leashed where danger could be a possibility for the dog or others.My dogs are always leashed whilst out walking until i know it is safe for them to be released(I'm lucky to have a walled field for them to run in).I have had many an argument with dog owners who do not leash whilst walking down busy streets.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Rafterman on 7 May, 2012, 17:30
My grandfather lived along a river in Southern Alabama that was known for its alligators. His poor neighbor had a nail in his garage where he hung the collars from all of the dogs they had lost over the years. It was an impressive collection. Funny how the collar was always left.
Comment icon #11 Posted by King Fluffs on 7 May, 2012, 17:32
I like crocodile stories. This pleases me.
Comment icon #12 Posted by little_dreamer on 8 May, 2012, 1:12
Alligators can attack outdoor pets. They move fast, too. Try not to keep a dog outside near a body of water.
Comment icon #13 Posted by HuttonEtAl on 8 May, 2012, 1:33
Well it'a fact that crocodiles survived milions and milions of years so i don't think it's a matter of brute force and tough hide The bdelloid rotifers have gone 80 million years without even having sex and still exist today...Smartest creature on earth?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Timonthy on 18 May, 2012, 16:35
Look guys, stop being so silly, I expected more from this forum. It was obviously the 9 mischievous dogs who jumped this poor croc and met their fate. Crocodiles are so friendly, if you do make it down under, I suggest a good crocodile hug!!!! Don't let their evolutionary armour and predatory skills deter you.
Comment icon #15 Posted by BorisIWantToKnow on 25 May, 2012, 21:42
The bdelloid rotifers have gone 80 million years without even having sex and still exist today...Smartest creature on earth? Where's the fun in that
Comment icon #16 Posted by csspwns on 6 June, 2012, 18:16
poor dogs

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