Monday, May 30, 2016
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Nail biting classed as a 'mental disorder'

Posted on Monday, 5 November, 2012 | Comment icon 61 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Kommissar

The behaviour of biting your nails might soon be classed as more than just an innocuous habit.

Nail biting has always been seen as an unhealthy habit that a lot of people pick up at some point in their lives, but according to the upcoming version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the tendency to chew at one's nails might soon be classed as a type of obsessive compulsive disorder. "Nail biting isn't a disorder unless it is impairing, distressing, and meets a certain clinical level of severity," said Dr. Carol Mathews.

Unsurprisingly the idea that people who bite their nails are suffering from a mental disorder has been received with a considerable degree of criticism. Some argue that just about every abnormal behaviour is ending up in the medical books and that drug companies are using such diagnoses as an excuse to sell more of their products.

"Even though nail-biting is being proposed to be given this new classification in the new DSM, that's not to say that everyone who bites their nails will be diagnosed with OCD."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #52 Posted by ouija ouija on 6 November, 2012, 18:10
Yuck! Yuck! and thrice YUCK!! I don't know how people can live their day-to-day lives with nails that long. They must need help with everything they do ....... oh god! it doesn't bear thinking about
Comment icon #53 Posted by Capt Amerika on 7 November, 2012, 12:41
Comment icon #54 Posted by ouija ouija on 7 November, 2012, 21:26
You may have to 'up your game' a bit ..... I think all your fingertips will need to be bleeding profusely before you'll qualify for help
Comment icon #55 Posted by linttrap on 8 November, 2012, 2:13
That's actually exactly right. It's always a matter of degree. Habits that significantly affect normal functioning can rise to the level of being considered a mental disorder.
Comment icon #56 Posted by Chooky88 on 10 November, 2012, 15:24
Every time a psych needs a phd they make a new disease. I was instructed at work not to use the term "brain storm"as some tosser doctor decided to use that term for a mental disease in children. And therefore it is now politically incorrect. This guy hijacked the English language. Joke.
Comment icon #57 Posted by UFO_Monster on 17 November, 2012, 2:02
If this is being called a disorder, then they might as well label tapping feet the same thing.
Comment icon #58 Posted by ouija ouija on 17 November, 2012, 17:25
They already do .... it's called Restless Legs Syndrome(seriously)
Comment icon #59 Posted by CuriousGreek on 18 November, 2012, 16:27
I don't see why you couldn't quit doing this habit and congratulations for stopped doing it (not using irony here), but there might be people around the globe, who can't quit this habit so easily as you.
Comment icon #60 Posted by CuriousGreek on 18 November, 2012, 16:32
Too-much in my opinion. Biting your nails can be a very ''strong'' habit to many people, but it's not something, we could just say it's a mental disorder.
Comment icon #61 Posted by Crosswings on 20 December, 2012, 16:02
I have a mental disorer then .

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