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Iran sends monkey into space

Posted on Tuesday, 29 January, 2013 | Comment icon 70 comments | News tip by: Waspie_Dwarf

Image credit: Press TV

Iran has reported that it has successfully sent a monkey in to space aboard a Pishgam rocket.

Iran's space program is advancing ever further as the country celebrated the sending of a live monkey in to space and back again in an Iranian TV broadcast. The adventurous primate was no worse for wear after surviving its sub-orbital flight to an altitude of 120km. In 2010 Iran succeeded in sending a rat, turtle and worms in to space and has plans to send the first human in 2019.

Iran's progress has raised concerns in the international community as it is believed that the country could be using its space programme to develop long-range missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

"The primate travelled in a Pishgam rocket, which reached an altitude of some 120km (75 miles) for a sub-orbital flight before "returning its shipment intact", the defence ministry said."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #61 Posted by skookum on 3 February, 2013, 10:33
Would it be this one? The claim the most advanced fighter in the world. There again it should be as the first Stealth fighter was launched about 30 years ago.
Comment icon #62 Posted by Uncle Sam on 5 February, 2013, 2:29
It would probably blow up and they would blame it on United States or Israel, then declare war on us. They are that crazy to do that, it would result in provoking a attack from United States while Israel would battle the Terrorists Proxies that is surrounding them. It is a jet yes, but it can't sustain super sonic speeds and it doesn't have stealth technology. It is basically a jet painted black and dubbed a stealth fighter to make other nations scared, which in my sense, just makes me laugh like all their other claims. I give them one thing, they did make an new jet, but it nei... [More]
Comment icon #63 Posted by DONTEATUS on 5 February, 2013, 3:05
I will bet its all A Con ! they cannot even feed there people !
Comment icon #64 Posted by skookum on 5 February, 2013, 10:45
The monkeys are certainly different which would led me to conclude the mission was a failure and the poor creature died. I wish Iran would get out of the 1950's and stop using defenseless creatures in these useless experiments. Data could have easily have been collected electronically and through sensors to determine whether a primate or human could survive the trip.
Comment icon #65 Posted by AsteroidX on 5 February, 2013, 10:48
They do monitor Western Media as they came out of the closet and said the nonmatching monkeys was a mistake and that the second monkey was a back up monkey. Trained in how to be propelled into space takes days of bananas to teach you know.
Comment icon #66 Posted by skookum on 5 February, 2013, 11:47
Whether the Monkey survived or not is regardless. What Iran is trying to show that it has developed long range missile technology, albeit disguised as a space programme. Same as the North Korean, they now things are being tracked so they make up these c*** and bull stories.
Comment icon #67 Posted by stevemagegod on 5 February, 2013, 14:36
They probably made the Monkey convert to Islam.
Comment icon #68 Posted by The New Richard Nixon on 5 February, 2013, 17:13
That was bad.....poor
Comment icon #69 Posted by Frank Merton on 5 February, 2013, 17:16
Stressful trip I guess.
Comment icon #70 Posted by DONTEATUS on 6 February, 2013, 0:49
Well you know they lied to him about the 27virgin monkeys he will get ! Ouch !

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