Friday, May 27, 2016
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Astronomers in China search for alien life

Posted on Sunday, 26 May, 2013 | Comment icon 13 comments

Image credit: NASA

Survey telescopes set up in Antarctica are being used by Chinese astronomers to look for alien planets.

The hunt for habitable extrasolar planets has been hotting up in recent years and now a team of astronomers from China are hoping to be the first to detect signs of a world around a distant star that harbors alien life. At the start of last year the first of three Antarctic Survey Telescopes was set up at the highest elevation point on the Antarctic continent in an effort to provide a new window on the galaxy.

"It's highly possible that human beings might find such a planet in the coming few years," said astronomer Lifan Wang. "Such planets likely exist in the Milky Way, with a possible distance of thousands of light years from us. We know too little about life. Maybe there are new forms of life that do not need exactly the same environment as we have on Earth."

"Chinese astronomers, actively searching for Earth-like planets using survey instruments in Antarctica, believe efforts to seek an extra-solar planet that that harbors life will soon be rewarded."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Merc14 on 26 May, 2013, 21:13
Various telescopes have found several extra-solar planets but Kepler was the king of the hill and found hundreds all by itself. It is curently off-line due to a reaction wheel failure.
Comment icon #5 Posted by badeskov on 26 May, 2013, 21:15
Uhm, so? What does that have to do with looking for extra-solar planets? Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #6 Posted by DBunker on 26 May, 2013, 21:18
Wrong thread, right???
Comment icon #7 Posted by Spacenut56 on 26 May, 2013, 21:19
Curious as to why search from Antarctica?? Clearer sky or?
Comment icon #8 Posted by badeskov on 26 May, 2013, 21:21
Precisely. Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #9 Posted by Spacenut56 on 26 May, 2013, 21:42
Hey thanks!
Comment icon #10 Posted by badeskov on 26 May, 2013, 21:48
You are welcome. And welcome to UM, I hope you will enjoy your time here Feel free to ask questions, there are some very knowledgeable posters here in a large variety of fields that are not shy of sharing their vast knowledge. I have personally have taken great advantage of that fact and learned a lot along the way. The only stupid questions are those not asked. Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #11 Posted by Lex540 on 28 May, 2013, 10:53
If you find this aliens what are going to do about them theorize with facts first so what if we not the only ones in the universe :alien: :alien: :devil:
Comment icon #12 Posted by Slave2Fate on 28 May, 2013, 15:53
I will grudgingly agree but only for the sake of diplomacy...

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