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Man claims to live on sunlight and air

Posted on Sunday, 30 June, 2013 | Comment icon 114 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Sandy Chase

A breatharian known as Kirby has claimed to have eaten only seven meals in the last ten months.

The potentially lethal lifestyle choice has been growing in prominence lately despite the dangers of fasting for long periods. On a recent National Geographic show Kirby claims he has been a breatharian for five years, surviving on nothing but air and sunlight. Despite it generally being regarded as impossible for anyone to live without proper sustenance for more than an absolute maximum of two months, Kirby insists he's been managing it for years and even believes that it has made him immortal.

Unsurprisingly however there is no supporting evidence to suggest that a lifestyle such as this is sustainable, it is instead far more likely to make you very ill or worse.

"Kirby has been a breatharian for five years, even though some people have died while attempting a breatharian lifestyle."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #105 Posted by Rolci on 7 October, 2013, 1:30
That's like saying, just because there is not much documentary about humans controlling body heat, wim hof can't do it. Of course he can, he turns up his body temp with his mind, big deal. For you it might be. Not for tibetan monks doing tummo yoga. Which of course anyone can learn. Just like african shamans can control their heart beat rates and can even stop it for prolonged time. they can learn it, so can you. And then you're surprised to see yogis submerged in water in a meditative state for days and then you wonder why they don't drown lol. Or just because there are not... [More]
Comment icon #106 Posted by xxxch00bxxx on 7 October, 2013, 3:20
1. Humans can control their temperatures by being in a trance like state this has been proved 2. I'm pretty sure the african shamans can control their heartbeat its called relaxing, meditation, but whether or not they can stop their own heart beat is beyond me nothing of that sort has ever been recorded. 3. No yogi has ever been recorded submerged underwater in a meditated state for day's and the reason why they don't drown is because they never did it. 4. Of course ma xiangang can withstand electricity it's his genetics, and there are other's like him. Again John cha... [More]
Comment icon #107 Posted by qxcontinuum on 7 October, 2013, 3:49
What an ignorant !
Comment icon #108 Posted by stereologist on 7 October, 2013, 4:21
No one has ever been able to light up a light bulb by simply holding it in their hands. No one can avoid breathing for days. No one can stop their heart and restart it as is claimed here. The breatherians make all kinds of claims that are just as preposterous. The best part is that some people take these claims without a second thought. There is an entire thread about John Chang and the nonexistent chi The last time I looked over at a breatherian website they were willing to teach someone for a cool million.
Comment icon #109 Posted by DieChecker on 7 October, 2013, 19:51
I thought Tesla had done so, but he had a machine that was putting out electricity specifically to do so...
Comment icon #110 Posted by DieChecker on 7 October, 2013, 20:02
What you say is true to an extent. Humans can learn to hold their breath, and slow their heart, and even control their temperature. But what they cannot due is break the laws of nature. No one can remain underwater with no equipment, not breathing for days. 5 minutes... sure, 15 minutes... maybe, 30 minutes... outside possibility, but 48 to 72 hours? Come on..... If what you are saying is correct to the level you are saying then we have Dragon Ball Z level people walking around.
Comment icon #111 Posted by SkepticalB on 7 October, 2013, 23:51
And if that's the case i DEMAND they be made to fight on TV
Comment icon #112 Posted by DieChecker on 8 October, 2013, 3:04
It makes sense. If a guru can meditate and hold his breath for 15 minutes, and he can raise his temperature 5 to 10 degrees. Then the super guru who can hold his breath for 48 hours should be able to produce fire in his hand and throw it. Probably his hair will go from black to spiky blonde also. From there levitation is just a step to flying like a jet plane. And breaking boards goes to lifting cars and fighting with telephone poles.
Comment icon #113 Posted by stereologist on 8 October, 2013, 3:30
It is possible to become part of a circuit. Probably not a wise thing to do. This is not what the person claims they are able to do. Uncle Fester of the Addams family was also able to light a bulb by inserting it into his mouth.
Comment icon #114 Posted by DieChecker on 8 October, 2013, 5:25
Yeah, the gurus supposedly use their personnal energy to light the bulb. It is a often performed trick.

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