Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Brain depression molecule discovered

Posted on Monday, 22 July, 2013 | Comment icon 5 comments

Image credit: sxc.hu

Scientists have identified the molecule that is believed to be responsible for feelings of depression.

One of the world's most powerful x-ray machines has been used to discover the CRF1 protein receptor which is thought to be responsible for feelings of anxiety and depression over long periods of time. It works in relation to the hypothalamus, releasing hormones as and when it detects stress molecules. The research should help in the development of new and more effective anti-depressants.

"Now we know its shape, we can design a molecule that will lock into this crevice and block it so that CRF1 becomes inactive - ending the biochemical cascade that ends in stress," said scientist Dr Fiona Marshall.

"Scientists have used one of the world’s most powerful X-ray machines to identify the molecule responsible for feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Odds on 22 July, 2013, 11:26
Scientists have identified the molecule that is believed to be responsible for feelings of depression. Depression can literally cripple some people mentaly,so this is a great step forward.
Comment icon #2 Posted by MrHyde on 22 July, 2013, 11:43
Yeah but I am interested in the long term effect of not being able to feel depression. I'm sure we have the ability for a reason. Very interesting
Comment icon #3 Posted by moonshadow60 on 22 July, 2013, 15:27
Sounds better than ECT. I hope they find a way to make what they have discovered work.
Comment icon #4 Posted by pallidin on 22 July, 2013, 19:22
Huh. I realize that the suggested treatment modality from this ground-breaking finding is preliminary, and will likely take a few years to develop an appropriate drug to do the "lock" As an acute anxiety sufferer myself, I have had no joy on numerous antidepressants, and actually have had many bad side-effects. Because of that, what seems to work for me is mild CNS "sedation", be it through my prescribed benzo's or a good, cold beer.
Comment icon #5 Posted by sam_comm on 23 July, 2013, 1:34
Yeah but I am interested in the long term effect of not being able to feel depression. I'm sure we have the ability for a reason. Very interesting I think that depression and OCD for instance are literally a malefunction and I am hopeful if it can be efficently managed through a medication that can fix the problem and not only freeze your brain. Not that anxiety and sadness are anormal, but states of overanxiety and oversadness which repeat itself over and over again is a problem. You find yourself out of work and unable to fonction properly in the society. Meditation and other pastime can kee... [More]

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