Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Near-death experiences explained ?

Posted on Tuesday, 13 August, 2013 | Comment icon 134 comments | News tip by: Render

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Scientists believe a surge of electrical activity in the brain could explain the NDE phenomenon.

People who have been on the brink of death or who have died and been resuscitated have often described unusual experiences that include seeing a tunnel of light, the sensation of floating above one's own body or the feeling of a divine presence. Some attribute these experiences to the passage between this life and the next, but scientists believe there may be a more down-to-earth explanation.

In a new study, researchers discovered that electrical activity in the brain could account for the vivid experiences some people describe. "A lot of people thought that the brain after clinical death was inactive or hypoactive, with less activity than the waking state, and we show that is definitely not the case," said study lead author Dr Jimo Borjigin. "If anything, it is much more active during the dying process than even the waking state."

"A surge of electrical activity in the brain could be responsible for the vivid experiences described by near-death survivors, scientists report."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #125 Posted by psyche101 on 6 December, 2013, 5:21
I guarantee you dream every single night. You just cant remember them, this is an awareness issue...or maybe you simply sleep well. I wish I could not dream sometimes. Im the other way around. I remember all of them. Only about 40% of people ever have an SP event. if you would like to have an OBE to see for yourself what the commotion is all about, id be happy to help you try. No drugs.... I promise. Just some early mornings and a little meditation. But for 25 years + straight? I have many early mornings, but usually long days, I would like to try what works for others to experience it for mys... [More]
Comment icon #126 Posted by psyche101 on 6 December, 2013, 5:23
You can try what I did to get myself to dream. I was talking to someone one time and they said that their psychology professor told them if you repeat to yourself three times before you go to sleep " I will remember my dream". Then when you wake up you will remember your dreams. It sounds kind of dumb but hey it worked for me. Worked the first night and I continued for a week or two and started remembering like 3 dreams a night, and then I stopped and now I just remember most of my dreams as second nature. Hey whatever works right? I'll give it a try over the weekend, I'll let you know if I ha... [More]
Comment icon #127 Posted by Frank Merton on 6 December, 2013, 5:35
Dreaming is not like watching movies. You do not watch the dream, you live it.
Comment icon #128 Posted by White Crane Feather on 6 December, 2013, 18:28
I do not feel I marginalised anything, I see that all vents are connected, they end up at a central handling unit, which blows air in every direction, and could carry sound. I feel where a prosaic explanation can exist, it should take precedence. It strikes me that a physical thing we know can happen is more likely that something we do not understand or can adequately explain. I would agree in many instances, but when it comes to NDEs prosaic explanations have been explored, and simply do not hold up to scrutiny. Its also not very scientific for scientists simply to offer likely hoods based on... [More]
Comment icon #129 Posted by White Crane Feather on 6 December, 2013, 20:16
I could say to an extent I have witnessed such first hand, when my wife's mother was very near death due to an aneurysm that had burst during the night, we got a visit from Police as she lived quite some way away, and we had just finished building our house, and just moved into yet, and had no phones. We jumped in the car, and raced to the Hospital - about a 2 hour drive, only to find as we approached the town, only ten or so minutes from the Hospital, she passed, we missed her by minutes. Now the people in the room with her when she went said the a dove had been sitting on her window all morn... [More]
Comment icon #130 Posted by White Crane Feather on 6 December, 2013, 20:30
But for 25 years + straight? I have many early mornings, but usually long days, I would like to try what works for others to experience it for myself, as with many other so called metaphysical experiences, I find they tend to let me down as one has to do all the work, including imagine that what is happening to them is special. I do not mean that in a derogatory way, but people make certain interpretations that seem very much personal to me, and from an outside perspective do not seem mystical at all, to see something like that for myself, and be convinced it is more than mundane would be quit... [More]
Comment icon #131 Posted by docyabut2 on 7 December, 2013, 0:10
To me dreams are just a extorted view of everything we think or worry about ,but what is real in what people experience in NDE `s. For the person to view something in a operating room when there are no brain waves recorded is something to really look at.
Comment icon #132 Posted by psyche101 on 11 December, 2013, 8:22
I don't know where you get "worthless....or Crap" it may have been ambiguous but it obviously wasn't worthless to someone. I see how you are using as an example of peoples tendency to find meaning where there may be none, but you are making your self guilty of assuming the conclusion first. If there is sort of spiritual meaning or realm guiding synchronistic events here in the physical, then how do you know those circumstances were not placed there to do exactly what it did...provide meaning for someone that needed comfort? Im not saying that's the case, but In a reality with a spiritual base ... [More]
Comment icon #133 Posted by psyche101 on 11 December, 2013, 8:28
These publications are in academic journals http://www.horizonre...s.php?cat_id=13 Creating an OBE and then experimenting with what you find out of body is a bit of an undertaking. If you go for it, ill help where I can. Watch this video and if try join this discussion. http://www.unexplain...howtopic=219629 Again thank you for the information, as soon as the holiday starts, I will give this an honest attempt. Had a look at the thread, again, thank you.
Comment icon #134 Posted by Ernest Hemingway on 11 December, 2013, 8:46
How it works that way is a different question, than the why!

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