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Edward Shanahan

Paranormal Investigators the Modern Sťance ?

November 28, 2007 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: William Hope
Those are not my words, but the words out of the book "The Other Side", this book was published in 2006 and basically instructs one who is interested in doing so, on how to use the tools of Paranormal Investigations to create the same results of the old type sťance rooms, but in a modern version using the tools to create the illusion of such. I'm not an Investigator but it's not that hard to see how basically Paranormal Investigation is like a Sťance.

A ) - Investigators attempt to get spirits to talk to them - by way of EVPs. Some even attempt to communicate with spirits.

B ) - Investigators gather in a small group, in attempt to capture spirits in one way or another.

C ) - Investigators attempt to have others believe in what they gather is actual facts and details of a haunting or contact with Spirits.

D ) - Strange as it is at times, the Team Leader (like a Medium), seems like the only one who can capture that one and only Paranormal Super Duper Prove All photo, no matter how many are in the room taking pictures also of the same location / area at the same time.

E ) - Fox sisters the first to make contact with Spirits and become known world wide for doing so, admitted they were hoaxing people. The author of The Other Side, also has done the same thing, but the modern version of doing it.
Strange how things come full circle in many ways, just that getting around in that same circle may have changed in it's ways, but it still comes around. Funny thing is that in my area some Investigators will call a ' public place' and attempt to have the Sťance gathering canceled, by warning the public place that the Sťance could raise Spirits that are not wanted. Of course these locations are the same ones that the Paranormal Investigation group is trying to get in to.

No I'm not saying all, not even a few, practice Investigations that way, but they are out there and an interest in doing it that way is desired, if it was not, a publishing company would not of created the hard cover book instructing on how to do it. Just do some thinking when you see a Team Leader is the only individual in a group outing who is the only person (at most of his / her group outings), who captures the one of a kind photo while a dozen or more people may be in the same areas taking pictures at the same time. I even tell individuals who go to a Psychic Reader and the reader offers to have the session recorded on a tape recorder, ask to bring your own tape for the reader's tape recorder. If they balk at that, and use their own tape and later you listen to the tape at home, and hear ghostly voices on it while you where having a reading done, you more then likely were fooled by the reader. As there is also a very small in print book, that tells how to pull it off. Reason why I allow taping of my readings that I do, but the person that is getting the reading, needs to bring their own recorder and tape.

So nothing can be said, other then what was, was. That is why I stay away from the tools when I do what I do, when I or Ursula and I take groups out. I don't even take the camera out with me to the location. My goal is to have others experience the Spirit / Paranormal world. Reason for my Circle of Energy and it usually creates the results for those in the circle, by way of what They Actually Feel and those outside of the circle with what They capture with their camera's or EVP's. I always say that what I do, I could do nude, as there are no tools involved, just my demonstrations. I even sat back and wondered why did what happened to me at the last Circle of Energy happen, when I was having problems after it. After seeing the photos others took and re-playing the night in the back of my mind, the reason why came to me. I spent most of my time while Ursula and others were working with the Dowsing Rods, getting my self very in tuned with the Spirit side, as we (they and I), had a very important situation at hand.

So I took my self very deep as I did not to have anyone disappointed and if those here remember, I pretty much was just walking around with my head down in thought while the working with Dowsing Rods were being done, and when I did raise my head, it was to tell Paul to take a photo in this or that direction, and most proved me right. It was Lulu, who confirmed while I was reading her, that something was not right after the circle of energy, as she felt my pulse beating very hard, and felt it in my palm. I had chest problems / pain. Some seen it on my face, but once I was called on it by Lulu, I then knew I had to focus on my self, to get me back to feeling ok. No Paranormal Investigators should be upset with this posting if they are on the up and up, as your goals should also be to educate individuals on what is going on in the Paranormal Field, and to point out what they may come across that they should question. By doing so it also makes you the legit one and would seem like you have nothing to hide with what your putting in your time to find in the Paranormal field.

Happy Hauntings, Edward Shanahan

The Unexplained World http://theunexplainedworld.com © 2007 Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan is a Spiritual Observer, Medium and Reader.He has been written about in two paranormal books. He has two book manuals to his name, one on 'Talking to Spirits' and the other is 'Practical Astrology' - be your own Astrologer'. Sunday nights he co-host the Internet radio show 'The Unexplained World'. He also does private readings and runs Psychic Fairs in the Chicago land area plus takes groups of individuals to paranormal locations.

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