Thursday, March 22, 2018
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  Columnist: Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Image credit: JS Henrardi, 1990

Supersymmetry for dummies

Posted on Sunday, 14 December, 2008 | 9 comments
Columnist: Peter Fotis Kapnistos

In a recent email I received from Nick Pope (the friendly gentleman who once managed the British government’s Ministry of Defence UFO files), he made it transparent to me that diverse technical specifics of flying saucer incidents are far too intricate for the average person to sort out. Take “Supersymmetry” for example. Where they’re coming from, dude? It’s a symmetry that relates elementary particles of one spin to another particle that differs by half a unit of spin. Got it? Supersymmetry is the subject of particle physics and an aspect of most versions of “string theory.” It postulates extra dimensions where things like “faster-than-light travel” appear to be possible. According to Mr. Pope, “There are ways around the light speed barrier, such as warping space-time or using wormholes.”

But honestly, how many of us ordinary folks can sit down and visualize an alien entity traveling through the multi-dimensions of string theory? We’ve hit a yellow brick wall! If only a few scientists can grasp warping space-time and wormholes, how can a vast public “UFO disclosure” course of action ever hope to begin? The rest of us will be thinking of invasion scenes from “Star Wars” movies - or simply remain confused while scratching our heads.

Supersymmetry For Dummies

Marsh gas and ball lightning are natural forms of “plasma” discharge. But every now and then, natural plasma can retain some very profound features. It becomes self-organizing (as in living proto-cells, for example). Plasma is now accepted as a “fourth state” of matter - in addition to the familiar solid, liquid, and gaseous states. It represents an “electrified fire” or ionized gas. According to recent ideas, plasma can sometimes become an even higher state of matter, with motion in only one direction, known as a “filament” (the string of our theories). And, oh yes, we must not forget that plasma is also the essence of creation or initial hot spot of the Big Bang (or the Big Bounce).

When a field of plasma spontaneously self-organizes within an aerial, terrestrial, or submersible frame of reference, it may take on some very strange geometrical saucer shapes with metallic plane semblances. But the mathematical probability for this to happen is so finely tuned that it fits nicely into the category of the “Fortean,” or - if we want to believe it - the realm of the charmed. Here, it really makes no difference what we accept as true. For the current scientific certainty is that proportioned “plasma saucers” should be almost as rare as unicorns. Yet such atmospheric spectacles are seen and photographed just about every week. Do plasma saucers pose a threat to our international security? If they are just random high temperature disturbances, of course not. So far, so good. But the same few scientists who mess around with warping space-time also ponder about “Advanced Plasma Engineering.” They’ve already made some basic machines with plasma. A “magnetic bottle” for example, is a closed field structure for the magnetic confinement of plasma. It’s a doughnut-shaped chamber used in nuclear fusion research.

What then, is our wise experts’ next big step after their magnetic bottle? How about plasma heated and confined in a magnetic saucer? Indeed, if alien civilizations have already mastered advanced plasma engineering and are able to construct complex machines or space vehicles from the magnetic confinement of plasma, it could pose a would-be security warning to all of us. Since the mushroom of an atomic bomb is just another plasma, our most potent weapons might be akin to zilch alongside such advanced civilizations. So, before we get carried away with notions of heroic air force pilots shooting down UFOs, perhaps we should first take a shot at supersymmetry. Where they’re coming from, perchance.

Regular symmetry is how similar one side of a thing is to the other side. It’s the property of an object when the characteristics are the same on either side of a dividing line or around a center. A figure with mirror symmetry has two halves, which match each other perfectly if the figure is folded along its line of symmetry. The body designs of most multicellular organisms exhibit some form of symmetry, either radial symmetry or bilateral symmetry. But supersymmetry gives every particle that transmits a force (a boson) a partner particle that makes up matter (a fermion), and vice versa. The partner particles are called superpartners. A commonly used framework in understanding recent string theories is “11-dimensional supergravity.” But, straight from the shoulder, only a few people can comprehend just what this may signify.

Let’s take an imaginary trip through the “cosmic scales of magnitude” to see how higher symmetries might possibly affect the warping of space-time. The constraint of modern “reductionist thinking” begins from the lowest common denominator (i.e., the smallest lepton or subatomic particle) and accumulates upward, to the massive universe. But the amazing discovery of “nucleosynthesis” has shown that notion to be misleading. Reductionists construct the whole cosmos by building up from particles to molecular compounds, eventually assembling them into larger planets, stars, and galaxies. But that’s not what happens in truth. Yes, the primordial nucleons were formed from the plasma of the Big Bang. But the subsequent nucleosynthesis of the elements (including all carbon, all oxygen, etc.) occurs in stars either by nuclear fusion or fission. Consequently, before we can have numerous elements we must first have some stars. Rather than starting from tiny particles that work their way up a cosmic ladder to shape galaxies, etc., there is a symmetrical synchronization (or synchronicity) implicated that forms microscopic particles together with the large-scale structure of space-time in step 1. Weak compounds and galaxies arise at the same juncture in step 2. Heavy aggregates and star systems appear simultaneously in step 3. The final formation of planets (or possible life habitats) finally occurs in step 4.

Therefore, creation is not a strict “bottom-up” reductionist process, but more of a symmetrical “meet-in-the-middle” progression. One of the quirks of the “Anthropic Principle” is that we just so happen to be in the middle. According to Fred Hoyle, the discoverer of nucleosynthesis, the entire universe is probably “rigged” to uphold life.
Another point we must take into account in our scalar journey is “time dilation.” This effect of relativity theory has sometimes been used to explain the “Days of Genesis” as cosmic phases that vary in length (according to the inverse square law):
Day 1. billions of years duration cycle
Day 2. millions of years duration cycle
Day 3. thousand years duration cycle
Day 4. hundred years duration cycle
Day 5. ten years duration cycle
Day 6. one year duration cycle
Day 7. 24-hour duration cycle
The above list is only a rough conjecture of potential time dilations. (By another quirk of the Anthropic Principle, we just might happen to be at the dawn of Day 7.)

Possible Quantum Futures

Be that as it may, let’s borrow from some ancient texts (Bruce Codex) and begin our trip through the scales of magnitude starting from the primal fireball of the Big Bang, which is marked as “Parent” on the map below. Directly to the left of it we can see a smaller area – an individual galaxy – marked as “Boi.” The Boi area is not outside of the accretion disc boundary, but floats within its “Midst” like the moon of a planet, or an electron around a nucleus. The Boi syllable, by the way, comes to us from the Indo-European root “bhe” which means to shine. It is found in “void” from the Old French “voit” and Latin “vocitus,” meaning to be empty. It is also in “buoy,” meaning weightless, lightness, or to keep afloat. Boi (boy, helper, or servant) evokes a “child process” or satellite branch system.

Now, let’s zoom in on our galaxy (or Boi area) until it fills our map and becomes the new Parent body. Directly to the left of it we now find a star (or solar system’s local swimming hole), which presently becomes our current Boi area. If we zoom in even closer, the star becomes our newest Parent area. Directly to the left of it we find that a planet is the latest Boi area. Zooming in on the planet to designate it as the most recent Parent body, we find that its renewed Boi area is an aggregate or moon. If we zoom in on the moon until it becomes the Parent, the Boi area represents a compound structure (perhaps an organic atmosphere). When we lastly zoom in on the compound Parent body, our new Boi area will now be a particle of elementary subdivision.

If you happen to notice a hidden supersymmetry wound up in the map of empirical reality, you’re not alone on this voyage through the cosmic scales of magnitude. What’s “above” the universe and “below” the smallest particle? The two ends are not loose. They actually meet up and join through “Lorentz Contraction.” (The Lorentz transformations describe the foreshortening of a moving body.) In other words, if you could ride on a beam of light beyond the observable universe and quickly look back at it, you would see that the spinning ball of mass you just left behind you has all of a sudden contracted or foreshortened (radially in size) until it appears as the lowest “quark” or elementary particle. Such a transformation gap would initiate a fresh oscillation of the Big Bounce. The zooming-in course that we just navigated is nothing more than a probing of nested fractals in the real world (as opposed to computer graphics). Another peculiarity you may have noticed on our scalar journey is the replication of a moon (Boi) or satellite branch system. Michio Kaku, an originator of superstring theory, places very special importance on the so-called moon phenomenon. It is here, according to Dr. Kaku, where we are most likely to discover the implements of an advanced alien civilization.

There is an ocean beneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa. Strange creatures could be swimming in these alien waters, but so far no missions have been sent there to investigate this possibility. “NASA Mission Could Find Life on Europa,” Leslie Mullen, Astrobiology Magazine (, November 27, 2008.

Evidently, according to our scalar journey, a particular moon (not necessarily the Earth’s moon) occupies a very privileged frame of reference all the way through the fabric of reality. In other words, it may be the nearest portal or bridge for the warping of space-time. And all we have to do is “be there now.” The extra dimensions of string theory are seven possible quantum “futures” that in some measure actually exist – even before only one is finally preferred. It is the one that in the end unifies with a single gravitational past”witnessed with telescopes when we look out into space.

Article Copyright© Peter Fotis Kapnistos - reproduced with permission.

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