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Nancy Bradley

The Glen Morey house

April 2, 2009 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: Nancy Bradley
The spirit sprinted in front of me, seemingly without a care in the world. She looked back at me several times, smiling, inviting me to follow. But on this day she did not want to go inside. As I went to open the door she disappeared, back into the yard, poof and gone. I guess the active young one was suddenly bored with me and had other interests to pursue. I hoped our time together was not over for this trip. She is a lovely child of about three years old and full of energy. She is gone in life but still hanging around. She lived here once, enjoys the garden. But then, who wouldn’t?

The Glen Morey Country House was built in 1859, and today as a bed and Breakfast, hosts Scottish hospitality. The one story estate is surrounded by 1.6 acres of wooden glen, which provides just the right atmosphere for ghosts, spirits, goblins (If you are so inclined to believe) living breathing woodland creatures and otherwise, just right for paranormal activity. Situated high on a hill overlooking the old section of Placerville, (Old Hangtown) in Northern California, the place is a case in history all right. We were contacted not long ago by the current owners, Alison and Tom Loeprich because of the strange activity they and their guests were having inside their building. Having just given birth to a new baby, Alison thought it a good idea to find out just who is hanging around the place in spirit, and to make certain they are friendly. Shush! Don’t wake the baby. We were on the case!

According to Danielle Carpenter, heading this investigation for GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, and a major investigator with our crew for our television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GRG, she found the following interesting through her research “The website for the establishment is, however, the name of the Inn is actually the Glen Morey Country House, B&B Inn. Glen Morey was one of the old owners in the 1800s.”

Historically the house was originally an old farm house owned by Dr. Isaac “Seba” Titus M.D. He owned the home from 1859-1872. A respected practicing physician in Placerville, he was, sadly, even with all his medical knowledge of the day, unable to save two of his children from death and they died in the home. Little Mary Titus died 5/18/1865 at the age of three, and her brother Albert Titus, born 1/6/1866 died as an infant 5/1/1866. Ah the little girl!

The farmhouse was then sold to G.E. Morey in 1872. Three generations of Morey’s lived in the house. G.E Morey died here on the premises 7/25/1889, and his wife Ellen (3/15/1835 -4/1/1908) took her leave of this world in her bedroom in the house. From there the little farmhouse changed hands several times. Seven years ago the Loeprich family fell in love with the house, purchased it, and renamed it the Glen Morey Country House to honor the Morey Family that lived there, and to honor their Scottish heritage with the Glen.”

Things should by rights be calm and accounted, but there is more! We know that in 1910 an addition was built onto the old farmhouse. The current Inn owners made the decision to live in this newer section of their Inn and they sometimes rent out 2 of the other rooms. They quickly started hearing stories from folks of strange things happening, activity of unknown origin, right there in their addition, as well as in the original part of the building. Charting the stories and accounts, they noted that the most often talked about activity was in the shared dining and living area, part of the original 1859 home. Folks staying at the Inn had stories to tell. Considering this part of the house, the owners tell us they are particularly interested in the Inverness Room. Tom Loeprich has had several of his own experiences there, such as hearing voices when nobody was awake in their home. He wondered if they could have come from outside. But this late at night? And where would they have come from? Logical explanations were explored. Guests have also seen a woman dressed in white in the rooms, and heard doorknobs jiggling. Upon inspecting, the owners saw no guests there, at least not from OUR world!

Back to the addition, the owners talk of hearing footsteps to their bedroom in the middle of the night. When they come to the door to investigate it stops. “It is not uncommon to get up in the middle of the night to see who it is only to find nobody is awake” Alison told us. Alison thinks that the woman in white was/is Ellen Morey after all she did die in bed right here at her lovely farmhouse. Obviously we needed to find out if she was in a while nightgown at the time of her death. As I said before, two of the Titus children also passed away here. Could all this activity be imprints, simply ghostly activity of when they were there? Or are we dealing with spirit activity, those passed on that would like to communicate with us? Maybe both!

I had seen the little girl on an earlier visit, cute, vivacious, and clearly comfortable in her surroundings. She told me her name was Mary so she is clearly the child of Dr. Titus. She is a bubble of happiness. She is a spirit who sprints, a lovely entity.

Our organization set up our investigation for 4:00 pm on Sunday March 15th, and it did not disappoint. For all of you that are serious paranormal investigators, we know that statistically only one in about 8 to 12 investigations proves to have activity. Others unfortunately must be discounted for many reasons, electric sockets offering false readings and other things clearly associated and originated within this planet not elsewhere. We relate with Tom Loeprich, as our first job is to look for the obvious. Whenever we can find logical explanations once examining the evidence of possible paranormal activity, we have to sometimes sadly burst bubbles. That is what we do we are an honest organization, which is why we are generally called on to be first on the scene of possible strange occurrences. It’s a slippery slope, sometimes our job is not a popularity contest. We are most aware that sometimes over zealous or heart-felt vulnerable folks are looking and hoping for activity. Our job is to give folks clarity, hope, and truth with as little stress as possible.

To be fair, spirits move around as we do, sometimes you can investigate a site and get nothing, and then go back and something appears of unknown origin. Sometimes in an investigation you become so energized by activity you set another time to go back, only to be disappointed by lack of spirit participation. This investigation proved to be a slamdunk! Not only do we have spirit activity, we have ghostly imprint as well, an investigators dream!

With us on this investigation besides Carpenter were investigators Liz Harrison, Laura Martucci, Judy Cooper, Bob King and Robert Reppert. Upon entering the building Harrison made the following observations “I was able to pick up high meter readings in the dining room. The cold ectoplasmic activity that I felt was only up to my legs and no higher which would indicate a smaller spirit like a child. The other energies I felt were more intense.”
Martucci initial findings stated “Liz and I picked up a lot of energy in the dining room. The other rooms with the most activity were the bathroom in the St. Andrew room. In the dining room the meter went from 7.0 to 7.2. All through the B&B the EMF readings would jump from 0-8, high numbers, and then back to 0 without our moving it around at all.” Following the spirits around was tricky. “They were moving so fast I could not write the readings down because they peaked like a flash and then went back down again. The spirits were moving in and out. Yet I had the feeling of comfort, not threatening, I felt the place was lovely and welcoming.”

Cooper stated “In the Inverness Room I started feeling high anxiety, which for me means there is energy in the room. The whole place felt peaceful though. There were a lot of cold spots in the Dining Room. I also felt a little extra energy in the baby’s room but again it felt warm, peaceful energy. I feel Alison and her little one can rest easy.” “In the dining room where Liz, Laura and I felt energy moving all over this room I was able to snap pictures of the orbs” Carpenter said. “It was in the St. Andrews Room where Liz and Laura felt energy and wanted me to take photos. There were orbs in this room as well, and in the bathroom while Liz and Laura were trying to make contact with the spirit. I could also feel the room get colder. The EMF also carried from 0.1 -0.4 around the edge of the bed as well as around the bath tub. The rest of the house was just warm.”

Carpenter was anxious to continue to tell us her feelings. “While I was in the St. Andrews room I got a feeling that there was a little girl in the room. Playful. I connected to this because of the old dress they have hanging on the wall. I also felt there was a child in the living room area watching the owner’s little boy playing with the piano. I took a picture of the little boy there, hoping something to validate would come through.” We shall see.

Well, lets take another look!

Investigators felt a presence in the bedroom occupied by the owners. Upon entering, it was clear I saw the form of a woman in a white nightshirt or nightgown. She was ill, coughing. The nightshirt was loose fitting cotton, fitting tighter at the wrists and then fuller at the hand level. It looked warn and the neck was a V shape. Again, as all nightgowns, it was loose fitting but you could not see through it. I was surprised at this, as it was clear she was sweating, the night shirt was wet with perspiration. On the bed stand there was a porcelain bucket, white with red trim. It is being kept warm, and there is a white rag in it. The woman does not acknowledge us. Obviously at this point we are dealing with a ghostly image, a videotape if you will, a phenomena recorded in time. The woman coughed again and placed her hands over her chest. It was labored breathing, heaving, slowly, up and down. She then turned her head to the wall and expired to a painless place, smile on her face.

Why do we have ghostly activity? Whenever there is an event that is charged, such as death, excitement, confusion, laughter, a strong imprint is left. Everyday events are also measured and kept in some as yet unknown time capsule, which gives great credibility to time warp and travel philosophy, something I will talk about at a later date. So in actuality when you hear the story of the women in the flowing gown in the Victorian mansion, coming down the stairs with the candle in her hands late at night, and people experience her over and over, wearing the same thing, you can be certain you are dealing with an imprint. The woman is not there any longer, the activity of when she was there is what remains. Lets’ look at it logically! WHAT WOMAN IS GOING TO WEAR THE SAME DRESS THROUGH ETERNITY? I rest my case!

Back now to the Glen Morey House I walked to the dining area. Again I can see this woman, and this time she is healthy and walking around. She is dressed in blue, long skirt and white blouse-like top. The skirt is long, you can barely see her shoes but they are black, the toes are pointed. She is scolding a child, a boy, and he is ignoring her. Soon he runs off and she picks up a broom to sweep up what he left behind. Interesting. I know we are dealing with Ellen Morey, this time again, an imprint. Although the crew was able to pick up readings in the St. Andrew Room, it proved to have no activity when I was there. I was surprised to find heavy male energy and male voices in the Inverness Room however. Male voices are heard on the EVP hand meter. Although the voices are muted and low, we shall research these further with our equipment in the office. The smell was of cigar type smoke, musty. A liquor smell was present, brandy was in the air.

In the child’s room however we have the image of the same woman, Ellen Morey, but this time it is clear she has come back as a Spirit. Our EVP reader is able to record her saying “I am helping.” She is a loving spirit. I want to bring the little girl and Ellen home with me, but alas they are quite comfortable here. I will tell the Loeprichs they should let them stay.

As our investigation raps up and I go to put our paranormal equipment in the truck, the sweetness is again in the garden. This time she is circling the statue of a woman, she is having fun. She is coy and makes no acknowledgment of me except to look up and smile. She is a flirt, a Spirit, and a happy one. The current owners have several children that will benefit from the energy of this lovely one.

The crew thanked Alison and Tom for their gracious hospitality, and let them know this has been a wonderful investigation. I will be back on less official business, simply to stay a night for recreation and enjoy the spirits therein. Pleasure this next time will supersede adventure and investigation. You can’t work all the time.

Copyright @ 2009 Nancy Bradley

Nancy Bradley can be reached at:

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