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Paul Dale Roberts

An interview with William B Stoecker

May 16, 2009 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: William B Stoecker
Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager of Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International interviews author and UM columnist William B Stoecker about his book 'The Atlantis Conspiracy' and his own personal experiences with the unknown.

Question: Tell us something about yourself William. Like your family life, where you were born and raised, etc.

I was born in Laredo, Texas, adopted the next year, and reared mostly in Houston. I graduated from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces in 1965 with a degree in History, then served in the USAF as a NORAD intelligence officer with a top secret clearance, and, as an additional duty, as a ufo investigations officer. After the military I attended graduate school and then worked for some twenty years with the Social Security Administration (federal) and Sacramento County. I was fired by the county but they later settled with me and granted me back pay and a pension. I then worked for about six years grading standardized school tests, and then retired. I am currently married to my second wife.

Question: You wrote a book called The Atlantis Conspiracy, what inspired you to write this book?

At age 11 I had an experience resembling in many ways contemporary accounts of ufo abductions, although I have always suspected that my experience was paranormal in nature. I told no one about this, but in 1963 when I was an AFROTC cadet at New Mexico State, there was appointed over me USAF Major Francis Cunnion, wearing an Army paratrooper badge. He explained that in 1953 he had joined a spec ops intel unit whose mission it was to gather intelligence by parachuting onto the site if any Soviet aircraft should happen to crash in North America. This is the unit that author and researcher Kevin Randle has proven was actually a ufo crash retrieval team...I think you can see that the odds are against this being a coincidence, but worse was to come.

In the mid seventies I was working for Social Security in Sacramento, California, and a management type named Roland Clements transferred into our office and tried to fire me, using illegally altered documents. He then bragged to a friend of mine (and later admitted to me) that he had been a USAF paratrooper in a crash retrieval team...incredibly, the same tiny unit (Kevin Randle has established that it never had more than about thirty men) that Cunnion had belonged to. I realized that this was not a coincidence, but that I had been targeted. But why? I realized that the only thing that might make me noticeable was the abduction experience, and that "aircraft" could be a perfect cover for ufo retrieval. But how did they know about my experience? They didn't have to if the government elite was obsessively tracking the families of abductees.

The implications of that are disturbing, to say the least, and this, plus my voracious reading, finally convinced me that everything we think we know is a pack of lies, and that the world is increasingly ruled by an elite who have even lied to us about the basic nature of reality itself.

Question: Can you please tell us something about this book?

The book traces the history of the conspiracy and develops my theory that it stretches back into prehistory, to the time of legendary Atlantis. I also suggest that most ufos are paranormal in nature but that some may be spacecraft, not from another solar system but from our planetary neighbor, Mars. I even theorize that the Martians may have originally come from Earth and are as human as we are. You have to admit, it's different.

Question: When this book was available for the public, what was the public's reaction?

Regrettably, in almost nine years only about a thousand copies have sold.
Question: How can we order this book?

It can be ordered off the web from Amazon, or from Borders and other chains, or from either of my two publishers: and Pictures are available on these sites.

Question: How can someone contact you?

Our e mail is

Question: Do you have a website and if you do, what is the address?

I have no website.

Question: What other paranormal events have you experienced or been involved in?

Either I am crazy and hallucinate a lot or I have had out of body experiences and heard voices. I also can channel chi through my body and a researcher found that, when I do, I generate a pulsing electric field. Once, while I was doing this, a glass five feet from me cracked for no apparent reason.

Question: This ends the interview, any words of wisdom for the readers?

Never trust the government or the mainstream media. And do not accept the atheist/materialist paradigm; the prime reality is mind, not matter.

Paul Dale Roberts
Supervising Program Technician III
Department of Fish and Game
License and Revenue Branch
1740 N. Market Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
Work Phone #: (916) 928-5848

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