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Paul Dale Roberts

An interview with Eddie Munster

11-24-2015 | 3

Paul Dale Roberts and Deanna Jaxine Stinson of Halo Paranormal Investigations chatted to Butch Patrick - the actor ...

Paul Dale Roberts

Haunted Columbia

1-11-2015 | 0

Columbia is an incredible historic town. The original indigenous people were the Miwok. Rev. John Steele wrote a me...

Paul Dale Roberts

A look at Spring-heeled Jack

12-31-2014 | 9

Before I was even a ghosthunter, I was doing investigations on my own. In 1994, I went to London, England and went ...

Paul Dale Roberts

An interview with Paul Dale Roberts

12-17-2014 | 0

Brett L. Byrd recently caught up with veteran paranormal investigator and researcher Paul Dale Roberts to ask him a...

Paul Dale Roberts

Facing death at the Skinwalker Ranch.

1-16-2014 | 2

Chantal Apodaca looks at me and asks…”are you scared?” I look at her and calmly said…”yes.” What is the...

Paul Dale Roberts

Hawkesbury River Monster

9-24-2013 | 5

During the time that my cousin MSG Paul Leaird was fighting the VC (Viet Cong) in the jungles of Vietnam circa 1968...

Paul Dale Roberts

Black mold specters of Waterford

6-3-2013 | 0

Mariposa Ortiz says she saw me on TV and decided to contact me. She had one investigative group in her home and the...

Paul Dale Roberts

Interview with Dina Palazini

4-28-2013 | 0

Dina is an avid outdoors person and is experienced with horses and tracking game. Dina first had an encounter with ...

Paul Dale Roberts

The haunted Oriental Express

4-14-2013 | 1

The Orient Express is a legendary long distance international passenger train railway service that ran from 1883 to...

Paul Dale Roberts

Haunted Chinese camp

3-26-2013 | 3

Feb 23, 2013, Saturday 1pm: Location to be at: 1859 Historic National Hotel, 18183 Main Street, Jamestown, CA - Cas...

Paul Dale Roberts

Guardian of the vortex

3-10-2013 | 0

March 1, 2013, Friday. Time: 1900 Hours. Location: Somewhere in South Sacramento. We are investigating an apartment...

Paul Dale Roberts

Werewolves of Wisconsin

1-19-2013 | 13

Greg Posada and Eugene Pointer of Shawano County, Wisconsin called the paranormal hotline with their report of two ...

Paul Dale Roberts

Interview with Lori Hennings

12-10-2012 | 1

Question: Lori, was it June of last year, when Chantal Apodaca and I met you at Raging Waters? What is your positio...

Paul Dale Roberts

Sacramento store haunting

11-20-2012 | 1

Date of the Investigation: Nov 2, 2012. Friday // Date to be there: 1900 Hours // Credit for this Case: Case Manage...

Paul Dale Roberts

Yuba City Night Man: a real demonic case

8-4-2012 | 4

Date to be there: July 28, Saturday Time to be there: 2000 Hours Contact: Angelo. Address to be at: Yuba City, CA -...

Paul Dale Roberts

Jennifer Castro's alien abduction story

7-19-2012 | 0

Jennifer Castro: The night this happened I was at a concert at The Stone in Palo Alto the year 1994. I had a great ...

Paul Dale Roberts

The Susan White story

4-10-2012 | 2

From Susan White's email message (in her own words), it appears that she is a victim of alien abduction. She is exp...

Paul Dale Roberts

Bigfoot, UFOs and a few ghosts in Oregon

3-17-2012 | 1

Today started like any other day, walked my dogs Hi-Pee and Pika. Chantal Apodaca stops by to visit and wishes me g...

Paul Dale Roberts

A haunting somewhere in Greenhaven

1-25-2012 | 0

Jan 20, 2012, Friday: Tonight I have an paranormal investigation somewhere in Greenhaven/Pocket Area – Sacramento...

Paul Dale Roberts

The monster on top of the utility box

1-17-2012 | 0

On December 5, 2011, I received a call from Jinicah Thompson. Code 096. Jinicah tells me that while driving his big...

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