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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: USHMM

The secret history of fascism

Posted on Saturday, 16 January, 2010 | 25 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

We are told that there is a political spectrum extending from communism on the left to fascism on the right. Aside from a few brain-dead Marxists, most people understand that communism inevitably means tyranny. No communist state in history has ever evolved into the promised “classless society.” In North Korea, where an entire nation has been transformed into a giant concentration camp, communism has become a hereditary monarchy. Most people do understand that fascism (its German variety is Nazism) means tyranny. Fascist states are always militaristic and follow an aggressive foreign policy, and always have a powerful secret police apparatus and a controlled mass media. Dissidents are always imprisoned, and often tortured and murdered. But isn’t this all an absurdity, a contradiction in terms? By definition a spectrum goes from one extreme to another, from red to violet, from light to dark, or from freedom to tyranny. A spectrum with tyranny at both ends is, by definition, not a spectrum. So let me propose an alternative. On the left is fascism, the ultimate tyranny, whether it is called fascism, Nazism, communism, or Marxism. On the right is anarchy. In the middle is free republican government with a written constitution to limit the power of that government.

Fascism was established in Italy by Benito Mussolini. Far from being a “right winger,” he was, like his father, a lifelong socialist, but he went further and advocated revolutionary socialism…communism. After coming to power, he established a socialist economy with government control over large sectors of the economy, and massive public spending. And, of course, he controlled the media, imprisoned dissidents, and led Italy into a disastrous war.

His ally Adolf Hitler had some artistic talent, and imagined himself to be inspired and underrated. As a young man he adopted a typical Bohemian lifestyle in Vienna. Unkempt, shabbily dressed, disdaining manual labor (or, indeed, any regular, gainful employment), he lived on charity and the sale of hand painted postcards. Note that such artistic or intellectual pretensions and the beatnik/hippy lifestyle are typical of leftists. On coming to power, Hitler also established state control of much of the economy and instituted massive spending programs. And, of course, “Nazi” is the acronym for the German words for “national socialist.” The very word “socialist” is anathema to right wingers. It can be argued that Hitler never established a completely socialist economy, and differences of class continued…but this is also true of every communist state.

Communist and other fascist regimes are alike in almost every way. Hitler’s troops wore jack boots and goose-stepped, as did Soviet troops and as do the North Koreans to this day. Even the design of the uniforms is similar. Hitler’s concentration camps and his death trains were modeled on those of Joseph Stalin, who butchered even more people than Hitler, and Mao would kill even more than Stalin. All that differs is the rhetoric. The communists prattle endlessly about the classless society but never actually establish it.

The world has seen its share of kings, strongmen, and dictators, some of them cruel tyrants and a few of them fairly benevolent. But fascism is special, and can be recognized by the presence of certain elements, all or most of which are always present. Fascist regimes are always opposed to Judaism and Christianity, and to Buddhism as well. They advocate atheism, Islam, or paganism. As mentioned previously, they always involve militarism and a secret police apparatus and concentration camps. They always promise to remake society completely from the ground up, and are usually opposed to marriage and the family. They always advocate a great reduction in the human population, using radical environmentalism as the rationale, and also advocate eugenics, or controlled breeding to weed out the “unfit.” They often view homosexuality favorably; Hitler’s regime included many homosexuals…and Hitler himself may have been one of them. Of course, this did not prevent him from persecuting homosexuals not connected to his regime. And always, lurking behind the publicly acknowledged leaders of such states, there are certain mysterious secret societies that practice occult rituals.

No one knows for sure when the first fascist state emerged; it may well have been in prehistoric times. Perhaps Plato’s account of Atlantis in its later stages refers to a fascist empire. But the ancient Greek city state of Sparta had many of the elements of fascism. From about 650 B.C. Sparta became the dominant Peloponnesian military power, and was ruled by two hereditary kings, either of whom could veto the other’s commands. There may also have been an assembly of citizens, but only perhaps twenty percent of the population were citizens; most of the rest were slaves called “helots,” plus a few skilled artisans who were treated better than the helots. The helots were brutally treated, deliberately humiliated in public, and casually and frequently murdered, an act that was never punished. Among the citizens, newborn babies judged unfit were murdered, a cruel early example of eugenics and population control. At age seven all boys were taken from their families and trained to be warriors in the “Agage” system. Homosexuality was considered normal, and the boys were brutally disciplined. To graduate from training, each boy had to murder a helot. Sparta was greatly admired by many of the principals in the French Revolution, and, later, by Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps Sparta was part of the inspiration for Plato’s Republic, a work in which he outlined his idea of a perfect city state. Written in 380 B.C. as a Socratic dialogue, it describes a society in which everything and everyone is subordinated to the state. It would be ruled by “philosopher kings,” a phrase not unlike “wise men,” which is how certain members of today’s global elite describe themselves. There would be equality among the sexes, and public education for everyone…of course, as in America today, this means that the rulers get to define “education,” and nothing can prevent them from using the schools to indoctrinate children. All the rulers were chosen (Plato is a bit hazy on the details) from the ruling classes, or “Guardians,” who would also practice eugenics and population control.

During the Middle Ages, at the time of the Crusades, two secret societies appeared among the European Crusaders, using similar symbols (like crosses in circles, Maltese crosses, or crosses with all four arms having equal length). One of these was the Knights Templar, closely connected with St. Bernard and the Cistercian monks; the other was the Knights Hospitaller, who would later move their headquarters to Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta. The Templars took over the newborn banking industry in Europe, and mastered the trick of creating fiat money out of thin air (also known as counterfeiting). Eventually they fell afoul of the French king Philippe the Fair, who owed them money. Accused of Satanism and homosexuality, most of the leading Templars were tortured and burned at the stake. But many simply joined the Knights of Malta, or escaped to Scotland or to Portugal, where a new order, the Knights of Christ, magically appeared. Most of their treasure and their huge fleet of merchant ships also escaped.

Then, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there appeared, first in England and Scotland, the Freemasons. Interestingly enough, they used many of the same symbols as the Templars, and advocated revolution, claiming to oppose kings and all manner of tyranny. But this did not prevent their recruiting many members of the nobility and even royalty. They were instrumental in the creation of England’s Royal Society and what became modern science, which has evolved into a kind of secular religion, complete with dogmas no one is permitted to challenge.

On May First, 1776 (May Day, a pagan “holy” day and a day celebrated by modern Communists) a Bavarian lawyer named Adam Weishaupt founded, within the Masons, a secret society called the Illuminati. Or maybe he was just the first publicly known leader (or front man) for the Illuminati; some French Masons had called themselves “Illuminati” for decades, as had some Catholic clergy in Spain as early as the seventeenth century. Note that 1776 was the year of the American Revolution, in which Masons played a major role, and that the Illuminati were first established in Munich…later the city where Hitler first rose to prominence. Supposedly, the Illuminati, who preached revolution and the overthrow of Christianity, and even radical feminism, were broken up by the Bavarian police, and their leaders exiled or imprisoned. But George Washington considered them such a menace that he warned the American people about them. Winston Churchill, as late as the nineteen twenties, stated that they still existed and were behind communism. Within a few decades of the supposed end of the Illuminati, there arose in Germany a secret order called the Order of Death; its American branch is Yale University’s senior society, Skull and Bones, which can claim as members many powerful Americans, including three generations of Bushes. Also early in the nineteenth century in Germany there arose a shadowy group calling themselves the “League of the Just,” who recruited and backed a man known as Karl Marx.

The French Revolution, beginning in 1789 (before the Illuminati were supposedly disbanded), had many causes. There was a food shortage, exacerbated by the Little Ice Age and by the refusal of French peasants to plant cold-resistant crops like potatoes. Louis the Sixteenth and his predecessors had run up huge war debts, and the burden of taxation fell on the poor and the emerging middle class…the nobility and the Catholic Church were exempt. But it is a little known fact that one of the prominent early revolutionaries, the Duke of Orleans, was actually a member of the aristocracy…and, along with Mirabeau, of the Illuminati. These would-be revolutionaries bought up much of the grain in France, exacerbating the food shortage, and hired gangs of thugs from southern France and Italy to create riots. The extreme radicals took over the Jacobin clubs and soon the entire revolution which, in the beginning, had seemed fairly sane and moderate in its goals and in its means. On 8/10/1792 the radicals of the Paris Commune began the mass murder of (mostly political) prisoners. On 1/21/93 the rebels beheaded Louis the Sixteenth, and they sent Marie Antoinette to the guillotine on 10/6/93. Among the radicals were Marat, a deformed dwarf, and Robepierre, who advocated socialism. Radical feminism was promoted , and deists and then atheists worked to destroy Christianity in France, and the leaders of the Revolution clamored for a massive population reduction, which was begun by Jean Baptiste Carrier, who murdered thousands, mostly poor people and children. Peasant revolts against the radicals led to well over 100,000 deaths, possibly over 200,000. Acts of vampirism and cannibalism became almost commonplace during the Reign of Terror. As with modern communists and Nazis, the rebels (and, later, counter-revolutionary Thermidoreans) turned on one another. Marat was assassinated, and Danton and later Robespierre were themselves guillotined.

So the barbarities of the French Revolution, as well as much of its driving ideology, prefigured the massive atrocities of fascism in the twentieth and early twenty first centuries. Today, using environmental extremism as one of their disguises, along with “democratic” socialism, the fascist elites are destroying the last vestiges of freedom in America, in Europe, and elsewhere. Engineered wars and depressions and false flag terrorist attacks fool people into accepting their loss of freedom as necessary, and the increasingly powerful United Nations stands ready, under fascist control, to rule a global empire, a one world tyranny surpassing any of the horrors yet witnessed. The final nightmare is about to take place…or, if people of wisdom and courage oppose the elites, our final liberation. William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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