Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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  Columnist: James Carlson

Image credit: DoD

Echo Flight UFO incident, March 1967

Posted on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 | 21 comments
Columnist: James Carlson

[!gad]In this manuscript I debunk completely the Echo Flight UFO Incident of March 16, 1967, and prove that the myth of UFO interference with the nuclear weapons systems at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 is a nothing but a poorly executed lie propogated by Robert Salas, James Klotz, Robert Hastings, Brad Sparks, CUFON, and NICAP -- a lie that has no basis in fact and lacks even the most liberal standards of proof. I've utilized newly discovered documents, in addition to the same documents, interviews, and published statements originally used and badly interpreted to support the belief in UFO interference with the Malmstrom missile systems, in order to destroy in minute, step-by-step detail, every aspect of the claims originally made by Robert Salas and James Klotz in their book "Faded Giant". Fully documented and footnoted, I examine in some detail all sides of this surprisingly well-documented event, reaching the only possible conclusion that UFOs had nothing at all to do with any of the events at Malmstrom in March, 1967 and nothing whatsoever to do with the missile failures that occurred. If you haven't read this book in its entirety, then you do not understand the events that occurred at Echo Flight and elsewhere that March.

I'm distributing this book completely free of charge in order to correct the historical record so badly maligned by the individuals named above, and because my father was the commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967. I believe that his entire, very honorable career has been co-opted by fools and liars as a footnote to their descriptions of an event that never occurred.

If you would rather download a copy of this book, it has been published at:
and is free to download.

Please feel free to distribute, publish or discuss any portion of the contents to my narrative, provided the source is included. If you have any opinion at all regarding this case, you do yourself a disservice if you do not consider the facts I've put together; I can say this in complete confidence, because I've detailed the machinations of the authors and supportive groups to the original UFO fable, and I have reached the inescapable conclusion that they have purposely lied about, ignored, or attempted to hide the full story of these events in order to deny their reader's the truth.

Article Copyright© James Carlson - reproduced with permission.

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