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  Columnist: Doc Edwards

Image credit: Henrique Senna

Secrets of direct alien contact

Posted on Monday, 22 February, 2010 | 3 comments
Columnist: Doc Edwards

[!gad]Over many years --- at least since I was in my mid-twenties --- I have encountered and inter-acted with (as bizzare or crazy as this might sound to many) beings that I have no doubt are nothing less than what they appear, and present themselves, to be, which is of alien and extraterrestrial origin. During these "other-worldly" encounters --- and contrary to what others would suggest --- I have never once had cause for concern or alarm as to my own personal safety and security, and I might add, for those who should possibly wonder, my sanity. Nothing negative, unpleasant, or bad ever has occurred or happened to me, either before, during, or after these contacts; to be quite honest and to the point, quite the opposite has always happened: In some way or manner, totally inexplicable to me, and always in a a normal, cause and effect, as well as inconsequentially serendipitous way, some extremely good or fortuitous coincidence, or more often than not, series of coincidences, have always followed each of my total of sixteen contacts with these beings of, what I have always been certain, were of extraterrestrial origin. And while these entities or beings have never addressed the issue or communicated to me their exact place of origin, "they" have, at least by their lack of protest or personal correction as well as occassional inferences, allowed me to assume, and thus conclude, that the constellation of Tau Ceti was the location of their origin and advanced civilization.

Now, with that having been said, you migh rightly ask, "Do not some of these beings and exttraterrestrials have malevolent and evil designs on the earth and our species?" And while I will not dispute the fact that much attention and publicity in the popular media has focused on the possibility, and drama, of an all-out alien invasion of earth by alien beings, the facts of history and actual experience tell a different story: Judging by the evidence and reality of actual events over the last quarter of a million years since "they" first arrived on our planet, we must conclude that no such "doomsday" scenario or intent is plausible. Indeed, if enslavement of humanity and territorial domination were their intent, given their incredible technological superiority, they could have achieved those ends long ago. No part of our civilization, now or in the past has been hurt or conquered by alien life forms, individual cases of claimants to the contrary notwithstanding. However, as far as my own experience and involvement in directly encountering, what I can only assume to have been, as I said above, alien, interdimensional, or extraterrestrial life, I have never seen, or for that matter, felt at any time during any of my experiences that there was even so much as the slightest possibility or hint of danger or harm from the particular entities that I have encountered on at least sixteen separate occasions. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite of domination seems to be the case because many of these beings have been involved with our species (though historically unbeknownst and unrecorded by the mainstream, other than through mythological allusions) far longer than most people on this earth, realize, and certainly longer than most would even imagine. In fact, were the absolute truth to be told here, it is "they" who are responsible for our seeding and presence on this planet --- at least as we are, and as we appear now, physiologically and mentally speaking.

When "they" came to this earth, as Zachariah Sitchin and Erick Von Daniken pointed out in their exceptional books on this subject of the historical involvement of alien life with the development of man and human civilization, man was hardly more than a Neanderthal-like creature with little immediate prospects for much evolutionary growth and development. It is "they" who are responsible for the implantation, through genetic engineering (using virus' to bring about the necessary mutations) who literally gave us our fully developed cerebral cortex as it now exists in the human physiology.Though many will perhaps doubt what I say, nevertheless, these are the facts as reality bears them out. I think many authors, as well as the ufo press in general, too often has made the mistake of ascribing normal human values and motivations to these beings who in actuality are far beyond anything remotely comparable to the barbaric, ego-based, and purely selfish history of the human species on this planet.

But for the sake of those who should need to know, at least in order to accept my testimony, the beings that I have always encountered during each of my encounters were, what I can only assume to be, of the"Nordic" type that have been so popularized, and to some exent, almost mythologized by the media and UFO buffs. I would only add as an editorial comment to all of this, based upon first hand experience and involvement with these beings, that some of what you have read about this race of "Nordic" types is true, some is not,...and I'll leave the case at that. Let it be said, though, that as far as my experience and involvement can ascertain, and thereby corroborate, "their" level of advancement in all areas (their civilization and social structures, their technologies and sciences, their moral posturing and spiritual advancement) is so far beyond ours here on earth that any comparison would merely be like comparing the development and civilization of apes (if one can say apes are anything like what could be called civilized, well less a civilization) to ours. Nowhere does this seem to be more true than in the obvious (at least as it appears so obviously to me) spiritual development and prowess of these advanced, alien beings. This seems to be such an obvious truth that what "they" are capable of actually doing appears as almost supernatural in nature and demonstration when viewed through the eyes of human experience; though," they" have often assured me, as I had already come to realize, there is nothing that is really supernatural in the universe, rather only that which is unknown, unachieved, and untapped, when judged from human levels of capbility.

You might also be expected to ask,"When you encountered these beings, particularly after having had previous encounters, was it just an everyday sort of meeting, much like seeing some old friends?" And while, I have never, for so much as a second, thought or felt these entities to have, in each of these encounters, anything but my own highest and best interest at stake, still, I would have to answer that question in the negative: "No, it was not --- not EXACTLY at least --- as relaxed and informal as meeting with some old friends." How possibly, under such abnormal , out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, could it be?"

Each meeting and encounter was always with a somewhat formal, very business-like, air of assumed, but unstated, seriousness, along with, prior to each of these encounters, a series of, what I can only describe to you as," dream-like suspensions of reality", though, not dreams as one normally dreams them, but rather more of a series of intense "waking fantasies" that I have always assumed (though never corroborated) to have been initiated by those I would soon encounter after each of these advance, dream-like inductions. It was as if each of these prior-to-the-encounter episodes was simply an "Introduction" or "Preparatory Induction," conditioning my consciousness and awareness to the point where I would be capable of inter-facing with this higher level of reality (in which they operate and exist) when the encounter actually did occur.

When the meeting or encounter did finally occur, it would always happen suddenly and otherwise unannounced: "They" were just "suddenly" there, seemingly to be, or so they always appeared, as real and solid as a house; though, you must understand, while all of this was happening, it seemed perfectly normal and logical at the time; during these episodes, as well as before and after, there are no "missing gaps," as it were, of time, or identity, or for that matter, conscious-awareness. All seems as perfectly natural, with eveything, including your sense of presence and the immediacy of the moment, feeling real and perfectly appropriate, just as it should be. However, when it was all over, there was always this "feeling," or so it is in all of my experiences, as of a sudden "awakening," though there was never a doubt lingering within my mind and consciousness as to the substantive, actual, and tactile nature of the experience that I had just had; you never doubt for a moment that what you just witnessed and experienced was as real a reality as any other of your every day normal human experiences.

I have felt compelled to include in ths article all of the specific particulars that I have given, more as a sort of" unofficial warning" of simply "what" to expect when you do have an alien or extraterrestrial encounter rather than out of any overt concern or fear for anyone's safety, sanity, or security during such an "other-worldly" encounter. Because of the stress and fear that often can come about in people of an extremely nervous, fragile, or compromised emotional nature when dealing with such an obvious "unknown" as these types of unusual circumstances often present, I simply felt that some sort of advance preparation would be appropriate and helpful in preparing those who might be so fortunate, as certainly I have been, in having such a direct, one-on-one meeting with beings and entities who are not of this earth.

If you are the kind of person who gets extremely excited , emotionally upset, or suffers from frequent panic attacks, paranoia, or fear when suddenly confronted with an unusual or startling situation, regardless whether the situation portends or gives no reason for concern or fear or paranoia, then perhaps such an adventure and sojourn into what, most people would certainly call, the "unknown" is not for you. However, for all others, the procedures and recommendations that follow are as safe as the comfort and warmth of your own bed.

Nevertheless, there are other problems of a different scope and nature that often come up after making alien contact, particularly if you share any of your experiences with others who may perhaps not be of the same conviction and persuasion as you are. The advice here is short, simple, and as they say, "sweet": "Don't do it!" Your testimony, ever how fascinating and revelatory it might seem to you, nevertheless, will not be well received, nor necessarily appreciated, by most average people, except as points of derision and humor --- and all at your expense--- as well as looks and little remarks to the aside that might bring into question your sanity and "good sense." Most people simply do not have any explanatory "reference points" of familiar or known and realized experiences to be capable of accepting and integrating into their cognitive awareness such "out-of-this-world" experiences. Their first and normal reaction is one of denial, then derision, followed by converting the information into some form of humorous comment or anecdote which is the customery human final response to anything that cannot be integrated into their reality, based upon a lack of corroborating past experiences.

Now, if after considering the above "Cautionary Concerns" , you should still want to make alien contact or extraterrestrial encounter, then what now follows is almost certain to put you in line for such "other-worldly" experiences. Should you have any other questions or needs, I can be reached through my website at

Of course, many will doubt (as they always have and will continue to do) everything that I say, not only about the experiences that I myself have had, but also the methods suggested below for making alien contact . They will, most likely anyway, dismiss it all as just so much "foolishness", which will only be to their loss and limitation, as well as verification of their lack of relative experience, in addition to other mental challenges. When you attempt to move your experience and reality in this direction, you will find it is, at least where other humans might be involved, a lonely path, a path that very few before you have chosen, or as I might choose to put it, been so lucky as to tread.

So be all that as it may, I can only relate the following critical information (critical, at least if alien contact is your true goal) to those willing to accept or give the benefit of doubt. I have to assume that there are "those" special individuals, now reading this article, for whom alien and extraterrestrial contact is not only something plausible and believable, but also possible, probable, and desirous as well as "immenenttly likely.".

My life, as well as my overall enjoyment and joy in life has been exponentially increased by each of these "other-worldly" contacts. I have learned, and been told things, that I could not learn or hear in any other way. For these experiences, I am truly thankful. I can only hope that those few brave souls who "take to heart" as well as " to mind" the following instructions, will have as joyful a journey and profitable encounter as all of mine have always been.

Following are the steps that will prepare you and condition you to successfully bring about your long-sought goal of alien and extraterrestrial contact. I call this training period, the "boot camp," if you will, of psycho-spiritual conditioning before actually encountering extraterrestrial or interdimensional realities. But make no mistake about it: it is the absolutely necessary route that you must follow in order to succeed in your inter-galactic quest of encountering and inter-acting with other life forms from other dimensions and other worlds:

Meditation: In using the term, meditation, I am not necessarily referring to what most people have come to understand as meditation, that is, of the type often associated with Eastern mysticism --- though certainly (if that is your experience and background) there is nothing wrong with that at all; however, in using the term, I am simply saying that one needs to have some form of "quiet period" everyday where they simply close their eyes and relax and still the mind through whatever mental mechanics or method they might have come, or will soon come, to feel comfortable with doing that will lead to that end: total relaxation. It defeats the purpose of meditation to struggle with, or inherently come to feel uncomfortable with the means and method of its induction. You must find that particular method that meets your needs in comfort and spiritual ascension, as well as personal disposition. Truly, the more of these meditative sessions that you initiate and practice each day, the better your chances for contacting "other" beings who are always attuned to these inner, higher frequencies and potent states of mind. On my website ( I elaborate upon a method, called simply, "The Middle Pillar Method," that should well meet anyone's needs or purpose.

As it has been related to me by "those others" of whom I often speak, and who are the goal and subject of this article, as well as the objective of all that you will be now trying to accomplish, all beings of a higher order, level, and civilization than ours look to communicate only with those of our species who, at least in some way, have not only opened and prepared themselves mentally for such a meeting, but have done so with a higher moral and spiritual attitude and vision as well. Please believe me when I say, these higher entities are not interested in contacting and interacting with just "anyone" who happens to be stumbling along on this planet, but rather only with those people who reach higher with greater and more profound aspirations. These beings are interested in those who can potentially serve not only the interests of man alone but also the whole of that greater intergalactic brotherhood that has so secretly watched and nurtured us from the very beginning of our existense on this planet.

Rest assured, every person who has ever directly encountered these entities, certainly in a one on one situation, has been a person who was attempting, at least, to give to the world and the universe at large some grater portion of themselves, their abilities, their ideas, and their dreams. Most of these folks have something going for themselves on the inner levels, even if it is only an intense state of higher, more noble curiosity.

Meditation on a daily basis (preferably several times a day) dislodges our consciousness from its addiction and adherence to a strictly physical, space-time reality. As the poet, Wordsworth said, "The world is too much with us," as indeed it is; and he goes on to say that "it lays waste our powers." And no greater truth was ever spoken; for we dissipate our energy resources by overly focusing and fixing all of our hopes, dreams, and desires strictly to this earth plane. Of course, I realize that it sounds like I am talking pure spirituality here as much as anything else, and that can be one way of interpreting it, because there is a very thin, almost imperceptible line between inter-dimensionality and spirituality. To put the whole matter quite simply, the greater your efforts to spiritually develop , then the greater your likelihood of accessing and encountering beings and entities of a much higher order and civilization.

Spiritual, Psychic, And Physical Grounding; Now, by using the word "grounding" I am not suggesting that you become more attached to the earth plane; actually, what I am suggesting is really the exact opposite. In connection with your desire, and soon your actions, to bring about some form of higher, alien or extraterrestrial contact, you may not fully realize it, but what you are actually doing, as much as anything else, is going from your old familiar reality of space and time into a new, and very different reality-experience and atmosphere. In some ways, this transition from the known and familiar to the unknown and definitely unfamiliar, wherein any contact, meeting, or encounter with aliens or extraterrestrials usually occurs, can shock your body, mind, and whole, space-time conditioned way of interpreting and understanding life. With your emotional nature and nervous-system so physically and temporally oriented, such an abnormal encounter and/or meeting would be as disorienting, disastrous, and possibly even traumatic, just the same as if you had suddenly decided to climb Mount Everest this very afternoon without any real preparation or conditioning to do so. Not only would your success be in doubt but your ability to physically survive the experience as well.

So, let's get serious about all of this, if this route is indeed the path you have chosen to follow; you must realize and come to terms with the reality that there is a lot of work and preparation to be done --- that is, if you are to succeed and reap the maximum benefits from these unearthly experiences. So, with this understanding and proper attitude and approach at the fore of your mind, I would imagine that you are beginning also to see and better understand why it is so important that you condition yourself through any and all means that will lead to a good, strong, and powerful spiritual and emotional grounding, which will serve like steel-plated-armor to not only insure you physical comfort and safety (not only in just your anticipated alien encounters alone but also in every activity and endeavor of life from here on out) as well as give you a boosted sense of personal balance, clear-headed thinking, and that extra internal focus that will improve every aspect and part of your life-experience, whether you are talking to your next door neighbor, or the neighbor who lives just a galaxy or two away.

You may perhaps not realize it right away, but what I have done in introducing you to this concept of "grounding" is essentially give you one of the greatest and most effective tools you will ever use or learn to implement into the overall improvement of the circumstances and affairs of your life. While the importance of proper "grounding", in the preparation and readiness necessary in order to make a successful inter-dimensional and/or alien life-form contact and encounter can not be overstated, it is also perhaps the single most important tool you have, or will ever have, once you come to understand the various aspects, influences, and methods of its working, to not only just increase your own psycho-spiritual power, gifts, and abilities, but the outcome and overall success of your total spiritual life and progress, too, in this particular lifetime. "Grounding," at least when you begin to get a handle on its subtle operation in your life, in addition to the various psycho-spiritual methods that can be used to enhance and amplify its overall effect on your life as well, will become (and can actually be said to be responsible for) your success or failure to spiritually progress to the maximum point that is possible for you in this incarnation.

Implementing these secrets for making direct alien contact, if followed diligently and patiently, will open the door of probability for an alien encounter; they effectively create the required conditions of consciousness and awareness that are always present when alien or extraterrestrial interaction occurs --- at least on a very personal, one on one, level --- between humans and these ostensibly greater entities and representatives of other worlds and dimensions. If you are to be successful in inducing a direct contact with extraterrestrial life-forms in your life, these are some of the things that you must now begin implementing and following in order to be successful in making that direct and personal contact. I have found from past experience with students in my classes that, in doing it in this way, these steps and procedures become second nature to you and as much a reflexive part of your whole make-up and subconscious programming as breathing or the beating of your heart is naturally. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the absolute necessity for beginning some of these subtle, but all-so-very important and powerful techniques that will not only tremendously increase and insure the likelihood of your having an alien or extraterrestrial encounter and experience, but also will guarantee and lead you to a higherstate of spiritual development, as well as profound expansion of your evolving spiritual consciousness and power.

In addition, it is helpful if you do all that you can to lessen the "ego's"normal fixation with desire, greed, and selfishness to those things, situations, and people who keep you firmly tied to this one space-time dimension, for these are the things that lock-you-in, so to speak, as surely as if you had been locked in a jail cell with four walls; these are the things that determine the measure, limits, and possibility of your psychic and spiritual reach. When these purely human qualities and characteristics are lessened to any degree, one can truly say that they are making spiritual progress and are firmly "grounding" themselves in the ultimate and true reality, which is purely spiritual in form and nature. Of course, meditation, as mentioned and outlined above will go a long way in effecting this end. To put it plain and simply," A daily routine of meditation leads to "grounding." The "Middle Pillar Exercise"(as suggested above), and used as an adjunct to your daily meditation routine, will ground you to a degree that nothing else can. Also on my website you will find other aids and suggestions to help you in achieving the reality of you goal: direct alien contact.

Have Something To Offer Humanity And The Universe At Large: Throughout all of human history, I would suspect that almost every great inventor, artist, scientist, musician, or writer has had (in one way or another, and more often than not, unbeknownst even to themselves) some form of inter-dimensional, or as they might call it, "angelic," contact. How could it be otherwise? I know from my earliest experiences with inspiration that the source of that inspiration was not from this dimension, this world of the limited resources offered by space and time. And while it is certainly true that all inspiration is ultimately from God, or whatever name you might wish to ascribe to the Great First Cause and Source of All That Is, there are those within the framework of creation itself whose job is to communicate and guide all of the lower species and life-forms to their ultimate and higher destiny. Whether you might call them "Ascended Masters," "Inter-Dimensional Beings," "Angels," or "Aliens," is of little consequence: for as another poet once said, "Call a rose by any other name, and it still smells as sweet." The outcome is always the same, phenomenal ideas and creations.

So, it only stands to reason that if you are at least attempting to use your higher, creative powers, regardless of the method or medium of your expression of these powers, you will draw to yourself this "spiritual" or even more likely, "inter-dimensional" help, assistance, and even, communication and encounter...... I certainly have.

Now, admittedly, some of these intensely creative people were certainly aware of exactly "who" and "what" the source of their information and inspiration was; while others were totally unaware of its source, other than perhaps identifying it simply as,..."God." But there were certainly some, such as possibly, Nicolai Tesla who were very aware of their sources of information and knowledge. Whether you are an inventor, engineer, computer programmer, or designer, or anyone in any of the other creative arts who has something that will further advance or aid mankind into its ultimate destiny, no matter how inconsequential you might think your contribution and efforts are, as long as your efforts are representative of the greater good for all, then you exponentially increase the likelihood of having an inter-dimensional or alien encounter and experience. For more information, you may contact me through my website at or my email at

Article Copyright© Doc Edwards - reproduced with permission.

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