Monday, April 23, 2018
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  Columnist: Doc Edwards

Image credit: stockxpert

Learning to see and sense ghosts

Posted on Sunday, 28 February, 2010 | 1 comment
Columnist: Doc Edwards

In spite of all of the ghost-themed television shows produced and aired each week, in which it appears that ghostly manifestations literally lie in wait for us, if not exactly around every corner, than at least every third house on the block, for those who might want to see or stumble into them; but the truth is that very few people, indeed, ever have seen a ghost, or for that matter, seem to have the necessary sensitivity or mental equipment to see and view these supernatural entities from another time, and possibly another life, and certainly another place.

As true as that last statement may currently be, it would appear that with the advent of some new scientific discoveries about the human mind and "accelerated" brain wave activity, coming out of research not only being done with some advanced meditators, such as yogis and Buddhist monks, but also just "everyday," average human subjects as well, all of that is about to change: If the conclusions of the researchers are right (and my own research proves to me that they are), and the techniques they have developed in response to this research actually work as well as they seem now to indicate (as indeed they do), everyone will soon be seeing ghosts "where" and "when" they like by just closing their eyes for a moment or two, making a slight adjustment to the speed and acceleration of their own brain wave pattern, using a few simple techniques that anyone can easily learn to implement (see my website, which will effectively speed up the brain wave activity of the individual, and thus will open themselves and their immediate experience to the world and sight of ghosts as common and easy as they now see their own family and friends. It would appear that what we experience as a reality, as well as what we "see" in that reality, is strictly determined by our particular brain wave pattern. Our brain wave activity (simply referred to as "brain wave frequencies") seem to be the determining factor, the reference points, if you will, that allows some of us to perceive realities that others (who either do not, or cannot, easily access) are not privy to see and experience, simply because they perhaps do not have ( at least most of the time) access to a particular brain wave frequency.

Publications, both on the Internet and in bookstores, touting the effectiveness of the wonders of controlling our brain wave activity, have flooded the market and media during the last couple of years, but their focus is primarily on the slower brain wave functions, the levels that are commonly called "Theta and Alpha." And while I am sure that most now reading this article have heard of the enhanced levels of relaxation, as well as other de-stressing phenomena and blood-pressure reducing benefits associated with the Alpha frequency of brain wave activity, I would suspect that few are familiar with the phenomenal "Ghost-Sensing" and other paranormal occurrences that seem to be perceived and seen when one learns to "speed-up" or "accelerate" their brain wave function and activity into the higher range that scientists have bubbed, "the GAMMA" frequency. Most of the popular literature, as well as the references made on the Internet deal strictly with the slower frequencies of Alpha and Theta.

The slower, Alpha, frequency is also the brain wave range we think of most often as being indicative of a higher or enhanced state of creativity and intuition; whereas,. the Theta range, on the other hand, is more often exhibited and recorded in deep meditators such as adept yogis and experienced Buddhist monks. There are even those who go so far as to suggest (and do indeed offer compelling testimony) that such things as "out-of-the-body" experiences can more easily occur when we learn to induce this Theta range of brain frequency.But what I am specifically referring to here in this article when I use the terms "accelerated" brain wave activity is found at the extreme other end of the brain wave spectrum, which, as I said above, neuroscientits simply call, the GAMMA frequency.

Along these same lines, a great tide of accumulated scientific data seems to have hit bookstore shelves over the past couple of years in the form of new books professing the ostensible scientific proof not only for the validity of paranormal activity, ghosts sightings, and other meta-normal phenomena and experiences, but also the possibility that everyone has the necessary psychic equipment within their own minds to be able to see and experience these phenomena --- once they learn how to control and use it. Not only are the bookstore shelves heaving and bending under the deluge of this great influx of sudden, unwilling but unavoidable, and what some scientists might prefer to call, colusion between the ever resolute mystics and many of their once die-hard critics in the the scientistific community on much of this paranormal stuff, but also an even bigger tsunami of research, corroboration, and experiential data (even though much of it is anecdotal) has bashed into the Internet as well. It would appear that science has suddenly fell overboard, so to speak, drowning in its own research into the paranormal, and the evidence seems clear that it is science itself, through all of this recent experimentation with meditators, who left the faucet running that has caused this very unscientific flood (as some would like to call it) in the first place.

Certainly the aftermath, outcome, and final body count from such a flood of overwhelming scientific dabbling, pointing to the meta-normal abilities of the human species, could only leave as survivors to the old, official habit of scientific denial of such paranormal possibilities --- or at least so you would think --- only those people who simply "can't" for some unknown reason, or those who simply " don't," It would almost seem that the only people, at least for the most part, who don't believe any more in such things as ghosts, survival of the human personality after death, and all the other things that used to "go bump in the night," are the editors of "Skeptic" Magazine and a few "never-give-up" hold outs from the old school of thought.

So much new information is coming in from scientific- academia so fast that one has to wonder, where did the first seismic rumblings of this great earthquake in scientific investigation start? What generated this informational tsunami to rise up and strike in the first place? All of the evidence seems to point to what was once considered only an obscure, almost inconsequential, little branch of the study of the human brain,... simply called, "neuro-science." It would seem that their dabbling and tinkering with brain waves, those electrical impulses created as a consequence of the neuronal activity of the brain, and more especially so during meditative states, had a great deal to do with setting off the first vibrations of questioning and quaking, deep in the scientific community.

Most of the scientific research and experimentation for inducing and producing these different brain wave frequencies in the human mind has primarily dealt with, and used, sound, more specifically certain binaural beats, produced artificially and electronically, to induce these higher frequencies; though, in my own research and development of induction techniques, I have found there are other, far more dependable, natural, and more easily accessible methods to induce the necessary, higher brain wave entrainment that is the basis for the induction of these higher frequency states. In addition, I have created a website ( to co-ordinate and present my own research, anecdotal and otherwise, in this incredible, seemingly almost supernaturally related, field of meta-science. As I said above, out of all these different brain wave frequencies, those that occur at the highest and "fastest" frequency, which science calls the Gamma range (or as I have tagged it in my own research and on my website, "The Gamma Mind") by far are the most exciting, mysterious, and supernaturally tinged with paranormal results. When one is in what I call their "Gamma Mind," it is from this state of the highest frequency activity, where not only myself but countless other participants as well have experienced the most phenomenal results, concerning certain paranormal effects produced by these brain wave frequencies. To my way of thinking, and as far as my own research and experience in this area goes, the Gamma range (40 to 100 cyles per second as measured in Hertz) is the "Open Sesame!," the ancient, secret mystical passage-way for human beings to learn to not only encounter and witness alternate dimensions and realities but also to become accustomed to seeing and experiencing --- possibly even interacting with --- the whole list and litany of other so-called paranormal occurrences and activities, from seeing ghosts and aliens, at will, to seeing and experiencing events out of the future like the great fourteenth century prophet, Nostradamus, did over four centuries ago. By teaching others to generate, tap into, and control this highest brain wave frequency that I so casually call, The Gamma Mind, I believe that I can prove that the average human being can be trained, through very normal processes and techniques, to quite literally see and experience so-called paranormal manifestations, whether that be in the form of ghosts, alien life forms, or totally alternate realities as clearly and naturally as they now can see their own next door neighbors.

Article Copyright© Doc Edwards - reproduced with permission.

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