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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

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Posted on Tuesday, 15 June, 2010 | 7 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

In the last decade or so we have seen the rise of something called the patriot movement, composed of a large number of truly diverse people who are alarmed and even outraged at what they see as the gradual destruction of our country by a corrupt and arrogant ruling elite. They have watched as our civil liberties incrementally disappear, and out of control spending wrecks our economy. They have watched as illegal aliens overrun our country and fanatical Muslims are brought in to spread their message of hate and to carry out terrorist attacks. Most of the patriots are White, but some are Asian, Hispanic, Black, or Amerindian. Most, but not all of the patriots are conservative on political and social issues. Most, but not all, are Christians or religious Jews. Most, but not all, believe that our own government has orchestrated monstrous conspiracies, including false flag attacks on America in Oklahoma City and on 9/11. Most of the patriots support the tea party movement, and most of the attendees at tea party rallies consider themselves to be patriots. The controlled elite media, government officials, and academics, always eager to intimidate, shout down, or marginalize independent thinkers, regularly ridicule the patriots, accusing them of “racism” and “hate speech” and implying (or even stating) that the patriots are all uneducated yahoos from out there in flyover country. But “hate speech” is any speech hated by the elites…in other words, the truth. And very few of the patriots are racists or anti-Semites.

Having lost faith in the controlled media, the patriots join groups like the John Birch society and/or subscribe to its magazine The New American. They go on web sites like or for their news and political opinion. And they attend conventions and conferences where they can hear speakers opposing the New World Order agenda, buy literature not approved by the elites, and network with other patriots.

One such event is the annual Bay Area Conspiracy Con (, organized for ten years now by Brian Hall, a true patriot and a man who does not have a bigoted bone in his body. Over the years, patriots have gathered in Santa Clara, California to hear such speakers as Jim Marrs and David Icke. But patriots rightly fear infiltration by agents of the elite, come to spy on us, to feed us disinformation, or to discredit us. Such people will utter a few truths or half truths to draw in those whom they wish to deceive, setting them up to believe the monstrous lies that inevitably follow. This year the Conspiracy Con was infiltrated by such a person. There is no way to know if this individual is a conscious agent of the Illuminati or simple a horribly misguided person who actually imagines himself to be a patriot. The individual, whom I will not name, is an author and lecturer and runs a (supposedly Christian) ministry and produces and sells DVDs. He is articulate, has a good sense of humor, and comes across as friendly and good natured. But he had for many years made anti-Semitic statements, so I e mailed Brian Hall and warned him that this man might discredit the conference. Brian replied that he (quite rightly) wants to invite speakers espousing a variety of different viewpoints, and allow attendees to make up their own minds whom to trust and what to believe. In other words, Brian wishes to offer people a true diversity of information and ideas.

So I attended the conference, as usual, and went to hear this man speak, hoping that he would not be as bad as he seemed to be. He was worse…much worse. He said that all of America’s problems could be traced to the actions of just one race of people, a tiny minority. I knew right away where he was headed with this; his kind tend to be fairly obvious. He said that everything was the fault of the Jews, who, he said, were a race of people all of whom consider themselves superior to the rest of humanity and destined to rule over us. Among the Jews are the members of a satanic cult; not all Jews, according to him, are members, but all of its members are Jews, and the rest of the Jews, whether they are truly aware of the cult or not, effectively support it. Of course, all of this is demonstrably false. True, there are many dishonest Jewish politicians and sleazy Jewish political operatives, and many members of the New World Order elite, people like George Soros and the Rothschilds, are Jewish. But what about the Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Kennedys, and Bushes? They clearly rank high among the elite, and none are Jewish. What about all of our Presidents, including Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama? Each of these men, as well as the aforementioned Bushes, Roosevelts, and Kennedys, helped to bring our nation to its present predicament, and all of them are Gentiles. Of course, anti-Semites, like the speaker at the conference, claim that all of these people are merely front men for Jewish puppet masters. It is impossible to disprove such a claim, but isn’t it equally likely that the real puppet masters are ultra-rich Gentiles, and people like George Soros are their front men? And isn’t it much more likely that the simplest explanation is true, and that the elites are a cult including people of many races?

Since the elites have proven, by word and deed, that they hate Christians and Jews alike, this makes Christians and Jews potential allies. Who better than a man posing as a Christian and preaching hatred of the Jews to drive Christians and Jews apart? Always the elites seek to divide and conquer, to prevent their slaves from joining forces against them.

If the Jews are behind the world’s ills, and all Jews consider themselves to be the master race, why did they allow Hitler to murder millions of their own people? Why is the UN so resolutely opposed to Israel, and so quick to condemn the Israelis if they make the slightest effort to defend themselves against incessant terrorist bombings and rocket attacks on their civilian population centers? Why has the UN supported the “Palestinians” and never condemned their terrorist attacks? Why did Reuters news service recently crop a photograph of the people on one of the “freedom flotilla” ships to hide a knife held by one of the crew? It would seem that they wish to hide from the world the fact that the people on the ships were armed, and make it appear as if the Israelis were attacking unarmed people. And the regime of Barack Obama routinely pressures the Israelis to give in to every demand by the “Palestinians.”

And how do the anti-Semites explain the words and deeds of outspoken Jewish patriots, people like Michael Savage and Leonard Horowitz and Aaron Klein, and people like Dick Morris, who expose the evil plans of the elites?

They cannot, and it is the duty of every patriot to educate himself on the issues and become aware of the personalities behind events, and to be wary of those who would feed us disinformation, whether they are simply misguided or sent among us by the elites.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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