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  Columnist: Dan Green

Image credit: Wikipedia

The comet and the cathedral

Posted on Tuesday, 23 November, 2010 | 0 comments
Columnist: Dan Green

[!gad]So much has been said, anticipated, feared and mocked about the events some say are scheduled to affect this planet during the final week and aftermath of December 2012. If anything like this hysteria and furore fails to materialize then I would expect all sandwich board merchants of doom – and my, haven’t they been patient – to retire once and for all, for amongst all those predicted doomsday scenarios we have heard more than a few times by now, this one is meant to be the Big One. Soon, we will find out, as most of us reading this will be about. Now although never a one for being trendy, in the meantime, I’ve taken a little look in my own original fashion, to notice more than a few things synchronising, and for those who are still happy to consider my work, allow me to share them.

You will know that for the last quarter century I have been heavily involved in the mystery that is Rennes-le-Chateau, and have transposed it over to Lincoln, England, in particular, Lincoln Cathedral and its environs, to the point of announcing a definitive location that indicates it guards something of a great value, concerning the lost historical ‘treasure’ of the Knights Templar, and key figure Mary Magdalene. During 1985, and occasionally on and off, I worked a little with one of the contemporaries of sacred geometry, author David Wood of Kent, who rocked and shocked the Rennes emporium with his first book ‘Genisis’ and nine years later, left the stage as he had nothing further to say that wasn’t already in his follow-up ‘Geneset – Target Earth’ in which David declared the solution to the Rennes mystery was the warning that a comet strike would impact the earth in 2085. Now, given that I have a lot of respect for Wood, and I have brought the conclusion of the Rennes conundrum over to Lincoln, if he were right, should I expect to find similar evidence of such a catastrophe there, too? It wouldn’t alter my already findings, and in fact, when I delved about looking deeper into this hypothesis, I did unearth a few things that made me wonder. I would, of course, resort to the tools of the Collective Unconscious and synchronicity, as both mediums had brought me thus far without disappointment.

Earlier this year, synchronicity had brought me into contact with a fellow called Ross Kelly whose own conclusions weren’t so dissimilar from David’s, only Ross was more on alert for an asteroid strike and that it would most likely hit Oban in Scotland, as deduced from his own ‘Iron Rod Key’ Ana Code. People can find his work at his blogspot ‘Synchronicity wins’. For some time now all I had been hearing, as well as we all have, concerned the approach, from behind the sun or elsewhere in space, of the large planetary object Nibiru, or Planet X, also referred to as the Dark Star, Winged Disc, or Nemesis, on course for a cataclysmic near brush or even impact with earth. As far as conspiracy theories goes, you can’t top this one, as it would, literally affect all of us if it were true and that governments did known about the reality of such a designated event. Was the Collective Unconscious joining us in our thoughts when, at the opening credits of the hit rating live UK music show ‘The X-Factor’, we see an ‘X’ shaped object travel at speed from deep space to impact earth? Comet, asteroid, planet - take your pick, but a collision course common denominator remains. I reminded myself that above the church at Rennes-le-Chateau reads the Latin motto ‘Lumen in coelo’....’Light in the sky’....a comet, then? The word ‘Lincoln’ hides within the motto. Key to the Rennes mystery are the Merovingians, of whom powerful assertions allege them to be descendants of a Jesus-Magdalene bloodline. Given that I have provided evidence elsewhere in my work that such a bloodline does not exist owing to the demise of a pregnant Mary, I think the significance here lays in the title afforded these rulers of the Franks – ‘The long haired Monarchs.’ The word ‘comet’ comes from the Greek ‘Kometos’ meaning ‘long haired’ in reference to its tail.

The Collective Unconscious works through the human agency when it so desires, sprinkling grains of absolute truth, and often surfaces through Hollywood fiction, guaranteed huge audiences, perhaps the last being the partly fiction, partly fact ‘The Da Vinci Code’. It was the 1969 ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ that had first introduced me to the notion that I was involved in something concerning a great birth, the culmination of this amazing movie announcing the arrival of a cosmic Star Child. My own Rennes-Lincoln adventure presents as this macrocosmic event in a microcosmic form with a pregnant Mary Magdalene failing to deliver a child owing to her murder. Now, as much as we would dread a crash course comet and its trail of destruction, we have to concede that from a planetary point of view it is a fact that they carry with them organic compounds, ingredients and building blocks of life. As much as they can destroy, they can also create, or seed, a new birth. If Gaia were to be awaiting conception then this would provide her fertilization.

Searching for a liable Hollywood candidate, I decided to take a look at an obvious choice, the 1998 blockbuster ‘Deep Impact’, the disaster drama in which the earth attempts to prepare for a mass extinction resulting from an imminent comet strike. Interestingly enough, hot on its heels two months later, came another movie Armageddon’ also about an impact, so the theme was clearly ‘in the air’. In the story line an unusual object is discovered near the stars of Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major. In astronomy, Mizar and Alcor are referred to as ‘The Horse and Rider’. With this, I thought immediately of one of my premier Lincoln Cathedral Code clues that had led me to my key location. It is entitled ‘The Falling Knight’ and is hidden beneath one of the misericords in the choir stalls of this Gothic edifice. Scholars point out there is a pattern in the root meaning of the word ‘knight’ that relates back to ‘horse and rider’ associations, suggesting a connection to the knight’s mode of transport. Within the word ‘misericords’ we can find ‘Mizar’ (miser) and from the choir stalls we can deduce ‘Alcor’ from the anagram ‘choral’ pertaining to ‘choir’. The enigmatic 13thC wood carving shows us a collection of what can now be perceived as stars rather than horse fastenings, the seven to the right coincide with the number of stars of Ursa Major, seven, and the four to the left the same number as in the Mizar system, four. As perceived originally, the legs of the horse are deliberate crossed, or an ‘X’. Hinting at our Planet X association? Another meaning of the word ‘misericords’ is ‘a narrow bladed dagger used for killing a wounded foe’. The culmination of my earlier work shows that this is the instrument that demised a pregnant Mary Magdalene, and we will look at a further startling significance concerning this, later. There is an arrow in the back of the falling knight in the woodcut, and so time to look at a mythology kept intact by the Lapps, the indigenous people of Lapland; “When Arcturus (Alpha Bootes, supposed to be an archer, Ursa Major being his bow) shoots down the North Nail (Polaris) with his arrow on the last day, the heaven will fall, crushing the earth and setting fire to everything’. In 2008, with the help of author, astronomer and mathematician Greg Rigby, it was discovered that Lincoln Cathedral has a starry relationship with Arcturus, (see my previous article: 'Lincoln Cathedral, Starry Guardian of the Chateau at Rennes’) the star of the northern constellations that can be viewed through the Cathedral’s Rose Window which is placed on its northern side, despite Gothic cathedral’s placing their rose windows always to the west.

Another intact legend kept alive by South Russian folklore, tells us; ‘A dog is fettered to Ursa Minor, and tries constantly to bite the fetter; when he succeeds, the end of the world has come.’ The Native American Musquakie tribe go on to inform us that, ’The tiny star Alcor is a small dog named ‘Hold tight’. Hold on there, ‘Hold Tight?” Isn’t that a colloquialism meaning ‘to prepare yourself for what is about to happen’? Lincoln Cathedral’s most reoccurring anomaly is that of a small dog. The Cathedral is most famous for its containment of the ‘Lincoln Imp’ carving on the North side of the Angel Choir. Looking at the word ‘impact’ - a comet strike - in falconry, to ‘imp’, or ‘imping’ is to ‘furnish with wings’, again a reference to wings that accompany Nibiru. Synonyms for ‘act’ include; execution, strike, judgement. Indication of an ‘Imp act’?

I thought next I would check out the obvious – the UK electrical retailer, Comet. Their current (pun intended) Commercial Director is Bob Darke...reminding us of Planet X, the Dark Star! Given that I have always spotted a thread running through numerous guises alerting us to an imminent pregnancy of immense importance, I found it significant that the name of the lady who has been the voice over of Comet advertisements since 1996 is Edith Bowman, the same surname of the fated astronaut in 2001 who undertook a cosmic voyage beyond prior to Mother Earth’s Child star birth. There is another strange illustration we can now study deeply, submitted by renowned Grail intrepid, Rene d’Anjou, an alleged Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. From his Grail Quest ‘Heart smitten with love’, there is ‘La Fountaine de Fortune’ (The Fountain of Fortune’) in which we see a knight called 'Heart who stands by a magic spring looking at a monument, the translation of this monument, a warning against ‘bitter water’. I have shown in my earlier works that this monument is actually a stone marker tomb opposite the south east corner of Lincoln Cathedral at the St Margaret burial grounds, and is the conclusion of my Lincoln Cathedral Code. Why this illustration is so important to us is that it also has a fallen knight connecting to our ‘Falling Knight’ within the cathedral; on his helmet there is a heart between a pair of wings. Naturally, we are given to thinking that the hazy orb in the sky is the sun, but if we were to think of an approaching celestial body then what we could actually be seeing is the fuzzy, temporary atmosphere of a comet face on. That it is moving, would explain the noted anomaly in the illustration of the shadows not being in the same direction, whereby we would expect them to be if cast by a fixed sun. The nucleus of a comet may also be referred to as its ‘heart’, and the wings it sits between in the illustration appear to duplicate the ‘wings’, or discharge, as shown in depictions of Nibiru.

What of this warning about ‘bitter water’? If a comet hit the ocean the result would be the surface of the earth almost covered from tidal waves and tsunamis thousands of feet high. Surprisingly enough, there are a great many synonyms for the word, ’bitter’ including hostile, fierce, calamitous, merciless and savage take your pick from these consequences of a comet strike causing ‘bitter’ water. In a less obvious and deeper sense, a ‘bitter’ is the turn of a cable about the bitts, a post for fastening cables. In our illustration, the spear we see in the ground suits the purpose for this ‘post’. The empty water bowl upon the black monolith is affixed by a strong rope, or cable. The phrase ‘The bitter end’, in relationship to the incoming comet, is reached for the ‘bitter end’ is the end of the rope that remains aboard, and so, the last extremity. The dictionary describes a fountain as a ‘spring’ of water, and so consulting synonyms again for this word, we come across: to make known suddenly, disclose, reveal, discover, and expose. ‘Fortune’ has the following synonymous expressions - jeopardy, hazard, peril, endangerment and doom, so maybe the title ‘Fountain of Fortune’, initially sounding pleasant, is a potent concealed caution, its warning of bitter water masking the approach of an impending disaster....a comet!

Before we leave this portentous illustration, let me draw attention to the youth who has his left hand aligned with the actual ‘La Fountaine de Fortune’ wording on the monolith. His right hand seems to be touching the wrist of the left. The ‘wrist’ is so called because of it being a twisting joint, (on another level, the sixties’ rock and roll band Bill Haley and the Comets were proclaimed king of the dance craze ‘The twist’) and the variants of base laying behind the origin of the word is from the Old English ‘wreath’. I only mention this because if we return to Lincoln Cathedral for a moment and remind ourselves that from the air it is shown to be as the Knights Templar emblem the ‘Cross of Lorraine’ (also meaning ‘double dagger and a symbol for poison), then we look at the heraldic crest of the Lorraine family, we will see that their motto is ‘Lauro resurgo’...’I will rise again with laurel.’ Synonyms for ‘rise’ include: spring up, increase in size, draw close, burn down, approach and turn up. The laurel, the sweet bay tree, was used by the ancients for making wreaths. The appearance of the laurel, is ‘winged’. Another deep and undetected psychological reference to a winged object drawing near...a comet?

We return now to the ‘Deep Impact’ movie and those responsible for its making. The director was Mimi Leder; Michael Tolkin and Bruce Rubin wrote it, and the screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh. Anything of interest hiding away in that trio of names? If we dig deep enough, it appears so. Taking ‘ Leder’ to become the same sounding ‘Leda’, we learn that LEDA is the Swan instrument aboard the Soho spacecraft and is a scanning photomite capable of mapping the whole sky, an instrument of cometary survey and most valuable source for their study. Within the surname ‘Tolkin’ we find ‘Loki’, the bad guy amongst the Scandinavian gods, and although the etymology is not known it is thought to originate from the Old Norse ‘Luka’ meaning ‘close’, pointing to his role at the doomsday Ragnarok, the series of future events ending with the submersion of the world in water. He is alternatively referred to as ‘Lopta’, Old Norse ‘air’, associating Loki with the air. Something close in the air and responsible for submerging the world? A comet? In the surname ‘Rubin’ we find ‘bruin’, the conventional name for a bear, the constellations of Ursa, and also anagrammatic, using letters more than once, of ‘Nibiru’. ‘Hensleigh’ can easily be rearranged to produce ‘sleighhen’, sounding ‘slain’ for the Old English ‘slean’ meaning ‘to strike’. This collection of random individuals certainly suggest that they were selected by the Collective Unconscious.

We have made a case for Lincoln Cathedral hiding even deeper and double-layered symbolism than first expected, associating with a warning of a cometary strike. As Mizar and Alcor from the ‘Deep Impact’ fiction are possibly involved, it came as no surprise to me to learn that only as recent as last year an unexpected celestial body was spotted in that region. A faint star, invisible to the unaided eye, now dubbed ‘Alcor B’ it was discovered by Eric Marmajek, astronomer of Rochester University, orbiting its larger sibling. Marmajek states,’ You see how the disc of Alcor B doesn’t seem perfectly round? Some of us have a feeling that Alcor might actually have another surprise in store for us.’ Let us hope those are not ironic words. In 1998, the same year as ‘Deep Impact was released, the ‘Near Earth Asteroid Research’ program (LINEAR), funded by the United States Air Force and NASA, to search for any asteroids that could be a threat to our planet , was started in the USA. To give it its full title, it is the ‘Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research’, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory based in Massachusetts being a federally funded research and development centre applying advanced technology to problems of national security. Of all the places in the world, did it have to be called Lincoln? Its principal Investigator is called Grant Stokes. ’Stokes’ is the CGS unit of kinematic viscosity, a part of the study of comets, in particular the tail, named after British physicist Sir G. Stokes (1819-1903). The word ‘viscosity’ derives from the Latin ‘viscum alba’ for ‘mistletoe’, the evergreen shrub. In Norse mythology, the death of Odin’s son Baldar, was due to the scheming of Loki, by way of a mistletoe projectile. In an alternative version it was a sword called ‘mistilteinn, Old Norse ‘Mistletoe’. Cultures across pre-Christian Europe viewed mistletoe as a representation of divine male essence owing to the resemblance between the berries and semen, the liquid that carries sperm, generative seed of life. The Celts saw mistletoe as an antitdote to poison, reminding us of Lincoln Cathedral’s Cross of Lorraine.

To return to and conclude with the dagger, a small sword that I have announced terminated the life of a pregnant Magdalene. An avenging nemesis and seed to impregnate the earth may one day soon hurtle towards us with promise of a fresh cosmic birth. If we take a look at the types of cometary forms, certainly the second and third from top are in the form of.... a dagger.

Article Copyright© Dan Green - reproduced with permission.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from

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