Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Dan Green

Tibetan Terma Treasure – in England ?

6-11-2015 | 0

The karmic connection between England and Tibet started in 1888 when British troops invaded the Land of the Snows, ...

Dan Green

Shakespeare and the Magdalene

9-22-2014 | 1

For almost ten years having decoded cryptic clues stored at Rennes-le-Chateau in France that led over to England, I...

Dan Green

The temporal lobe gateway

7-4-2014 | 1

The argument that temporal lobe epilepsy is the cause of hallucinations mistakenly viewed as paranormal, is not a n...

Dan Green

False Memory and the Akashic Record

5-25-2014 | 1

Throughout my personal voyage riding the rollercoaster of life, contemplating many a mystery and encountering many ...

Dan Green

Remote viewing for the Grail

3-17-2014 | 2

Knowing what I do about the less obvious and straightforwardness of Life with the intervention of High Strangeness,...

Dan Green

Reincarnation – the life and times of synchronicity

7-31-2013 | 4

The subject of reincarnation, or as some prefer, rebirth, is a vast one and in its simpler terms easy to understand...

Dan Green

Could Jesus have been female ?

4-21-2013 | 69

As a youngster, I was brought up in the United Kingdom and went through the obligatory schooling system that provid...

Dan Green

The Lincoln Cathedral Code and the Olympic torch

7-15-2012 | 0

On March 12th 2010, against all odds and ahead of that summer's world cup finals in Africa, the 36.5 centimeters ta...

Dan Green

The Maitreya Code, Planetary Treasure of Tibet

4-2-2012 | 0

Since 2005 I have been investigating and presenting the coded language employed by the Knights Templar in much of m...

Dan Green

Rennes-Le-Chateau and the UFO

3-13-2012 | 1

The mystery that revolves around the small village of Rennes-le-Chateau in France is for many nothing more than a c...

Dan Green

The ultimate secret of Lincoln Cathedral

2-2-2012 | 0

Connoisseurs and collectors alike of coincidences would note that on the final scheduled day of ‘The Da Vinci Code...

Dan Green

The biblical ‘Abomination of Desolation’ prophecy

12-28-2011 | 5

In July 1995, Dean Brandon Jackson of the famous Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln made a most puzzling and unexplained p...

Dan Green

The Grail and the canine conundrum

12-12-2011 | 1

Most of us at some point in our life have noticed that the word God, the Supreme and Infinite Personal Being, in re...

Dan Green

The comet and the cathedral

11-23-2010 | 0

So much has been said, anticipated, feared and mocked about the events some say are scheduled to affect this planet...

Dan Green

Mind, motion, and the Magdalene

4-13-2010 | 0

In 2005 local newspaper The Lincolnshire Echo ran the story ‘The Riddle of Jesus, the Last Supper and Lincoln’s own...

Dan Green

The murder of Mary Magdalene

2-16-2010 | 21

Just about everything imaginable has been either said or suggested about the biblical figure presented to us as Mar...

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