Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: sxc.hu

Target: Japan

Posted on Saturday, 18 February, 2012 | 0 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

[!gad]Those of us who believe that there is a global cult or network of similar cults who control international banking and are slowly establishing a one world fascist dictatorship have noticed that, over the years, they have targeted certain nations in particular for their activities, nations that, because of their location and/or strong economies and military potential, can be used by the elites to dominate other nations and to engineer the bloody wars which seem to delight them. Certainly they targeted Germany, which is where the Illuminati first emerged publicly, and France, where they engineered a bloody revolution and created the first modern example of true fascism. America, which they seem to regard as a New Atlantis, began to be subdued by them in 1913, with the income tax, direct election of senators, and the creation of the Federal Reserve. England, with its powerful banks, its navy, and its worldwide empire, is another example. And then there is Japan, with its naval and maritime trade potential, its highly intelligent people, and its bushido warrior tradition.

For a long time Japan was a closed society, maintaining little contact with the West, but, after it was opened to foreign trade and influence, the Japanese rapidly adopted modern technology and industrialization and even parliamentary government. Yet all this was but a thin veneer layered onto a society that continued to be dominated by a powerful industrial and banking elite, an Emperor regarded by many Japanese as almost god like, and, above all, the military. Beginning in the nineteen twenties and thirties, something dark and sinister happened as Japan, in the thrall of a monstrous evil, descended into the very heart of darkness. Seeking to dominate the Asian mainland and establish a “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere,” the Japanese had already conquered Korea, and fought a war with China and one with Russia. Their rationale for all of this was that Japan lacked vital natural resources such as oil and rubber and had to control foreign sources, but, in fact, these resources could easily have been secured by peaceful trade (as is the case today). Seeking to dominate China, Japan warred incessantly on the Asian mainland, fighting two unsuccessful battles with Russia, bombing civilians in Chinese cities, and sending troops into one city for what has been called the ”rape of Nanking.”

And this was a mere warm up for a decade of barbarity rivaling and even exceeding that of the Nazis or of Stalin’s henchmen. The Germans could at least claim that most of their atrocities were committed by the SS and Gestapo, but in Japan the entire military was involved. Humane and honorable soldiers and sailors were the exception, rather than the rule. Prisoners of war were routinely worked to death and denied food, water, and medical help; often they were beaten, beheaded, tortured, or burned alive. Of course, this was counterproductive, for, as word leaked out, Allied soldiers, preferring to die fighting rather than endure such treatment, fought harder and longer. At home, the Japanese established a police state; there were even “thought police,” ready to arrest people for “thinking dangerous thoughts.” Subjugated peoples everywhere were treated with such barbarity that collaborators were rare. It is a little-known fact that cannibalism became almost commonplace in the Japanese military, sometimes even when other food was plentiful. The Japanese experimented with biological warfare by releasing disease agents on the Chinese civilians, and then vivisecting the already suffering victims, including small children and infants…without anesthetics. When American troops in the Philippines approached Manila, the local Japanese commander, violating his superior’s orders, elected to defend the city, and, in the process, his troops went on an orgy of torture and murder.

We usually read that this barbarity was due to Japan’s harsh and unyielding bushido code, but it is often forgotten that in earlier wars, such as WWI (when Japan was on the Allied side in order to steal German Pacific colonies) prisoners and civilians were seldom mistreated. In fact, Germans captured by the Japanese in that war spoke of having been treated more like guests than prisoners; some settled in Japan after 1918, and established the Japanese beer industry. It is clear that something had happened to change Japan radically.

That something was the Black Dragon society, to this day something of a mystery. It is not to be confused with the Chinese Green Dragon society. It began as Mitsuru Toyama’s Genyosha, an ultra-nationalist secret society about which even less is known, and the cult came under the leadership of Uchida Ryohei in 1901, who gave it the name “Black Dragon,” or “Kokuryukai.” It is believed that the society was named for the Amur, or Black Dragon River in Manchuria. Uchida was succeeded as leader by Kuzuo Yoshihisa, who controlled it until it was supposedly abolished at the end of WWII. The society included in its membership many powerful bankers, industrialists, and Army and Navy officers, and was directly involved in the wave of assassinations that gave the most extreme fascists total control of these institutions…and it was they who led Japan into war and encouraged, even ordered, acts of inhuman barbarity. While there is no direct evidence linking the Black Dragons to the Illuminati, Masons, or other such societies operating in the West there were links between prominent Japanese occultists and similar groups elsewhere. A Japanese Buddhist monk, Ekai Kawaguchi, visited Tibet twice before WWI, and was connected both with Japanese Intelligence and with Annie Besant, then leader of the Theosophists. The Nazis also had a strange fascination with Tibet. From the beginning, the Black Dragons were involved closely with Japanese Intelligence and with the underworld, patterns seen with similar societies in the West.

Nor is there any hard evidence proving that the society survived Japan’s defeat in 1945. Yet it is the nature of such groups that they do not simply die quietly when outlawed; they change their names and burrow deeper underground, like the Bavarian Illuminati almost certainly did. The Black Dragons had close connections with Japanese organized crime syndicates, and the Yakuza certainly survived the war. This criminal syndicate is now operating globally, and has some 80,900 members, many of them Korean. They practice initiation rituals, tattooing, and self-mutilation, and have even infiltrated the Japanese media. If the Black Dragons still exist, they may still be connected with the Yakuza, or existing within it, or controlling it…but there is no real evidence to support this. And there is another possibility. In the decades after the Bavarian Illuminati were suppressed, other shadowy groups emerged in Germany. There was the Order of Death…Chapter 322 of this order is the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University. Bonesmen like the Bushes are very, very influential in America today. And then there was the “League of the Just” who recruited an obscure fanatic named Karl Marx. And Japan has Aum Shinrikyo.

This mysterious cult was founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984; the name is an amalgam of the Sanskrit word “Aum,” or “universe,” and the Japanese word ”Shinrikyo,” meaning, roughly, “religion of truth.” In 2000 the group’s name was changed to “Aleph.” The cult has incorporated elements of Yoga, Buddhism, and Christianity, and preaches anti-Semitism. Aum’s cofounder, Hayakawa Kiyohide, had been a member of the Korean Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. Shoko claimed that the US would initiate a nuclear war that would annihilate virtually the entire human race…save the cult members, who would be magically protected. The group recruited many scientists and engineers, and spread to other nations, including Russia and Australia. In 1995 the group carried out a sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, killing thirteen and injuring countless others. Potentially, this act of senseless evil could have killed thousands, and there were other, less deadly nerve gas attacks as well. In fact, Aum had stockpiled enough chemicals to make enough gas to kill some four million people, and were trying to secure some deadly Ebola virus as well. The main attack may have been carried out, at least in part, to disrupt planned police raids on Aum. Some suspect that it was ordered, not by Shoko, but by the cult’s most prominent scientist, Hideo Murai, who was later killed by the Yakuza. Hideo, who had a PhD in astrophysics from Osaka University, had studied microwave and plasma beam weapons technology, and was fascinated by the idea that earthquakes might be artificially induced. He was also interested in weather modification, and was obsessed by the research of Nikola Tesla.

There is a story that has been circulating on the internet for several years that is, at this point, impossible to prove or disprove. Supposedly, the Aum cult purchased a sheep station called Banjawam in April, 1993. Banjawam is in Western Australia and is not that far from the mysterious Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, a US/Australian base devoted primarily to controlling surveillance satellites. There are many rumors about Pine Gap itself, including accounts of esoteric Tesla-inspired technology, but there is no hard evidence to support this. But the story concerning the Aum cult is that, on May 28 1993, the month after Aum allegedly purchased the sheep station, a UFO flew over Western Australia, coming from the south, and exploded with a brilliant flash like a small nuclear weapon near the sheep station. This was followed by a 3.9 magnitude earthquake, but no crater was found. Yet there is no hard proof that the event was in any way linked to Aum, or that Aum was connected with Pine Gap…or that Aum (now Aleph) is Black Dragon under a new name. What we are left with is a mixture of hard facts and unverifiable rumors…in other words, yet another unexplained mystery.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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