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  Columnist: Judy Raderchak

Image credit: Mark Sebastian

Laid to rest in Lodi

Posted on Wednesday, 7 March, 2012 | 0 comments
Columnist: Judy Raderchak

Last Sunday while at church my group was approached by a lovely couple who informed us of their problem. They spoke with Regina and Felicia about having hoped to have someone come to their home to investigate for over 15 years and asked us if we would do so. They then told us that they believe their home to be on a Native American burial ground and that the spirits have not only invaded their day to day life but have shown themselves in their dreams as well. They told us that the dreams are about an invasion into their home with the spirits telling them to get out. It has caused them not only emotional stress but physical stress as well on them both. Their neighbor had informed them that the land was once Miwok land, during the late 1800s the Miwoks did in fact live on the land. When settlers came to the Sacramento area there were outbreaks of many diseases such as cholera and malaria. The Native Americans believed that the spirits of the eucalyptus trees would keep away the diseases, these were spread by mosquitos and the eucalyptus tree sap helped to repel them.

I talked to the Executive director for the Lodi Historical Society and informed him that I was doing historical research for the area. This is what he told me.

- 5,000 years ago ancestors of the Miwoks lived in the area, during the Wind miller Period.

- He believes that there are Indian burial grounds in that area due to the fact that the Native American villages were situated along the river all the way to Drake's Bay.

- In 1833 trappers came down to California to sell fur and when they did so they brought Malaria with them.

- 80% of the population of the Native Americans in California died because of the diseases brought by travelers. The 20% that was left were forced into the hills of the California Valley.

- In 1970 the government terminated reservations in the Lodi area.

- There are many separate language groups of Miwok. The reason for so many small tribes was because they would take care of the land in specific areas.

In the early days the Native Americans were a part of the land, they believed that the spirits would be happy if their people took good care of it. During times of war they would often burn their own villages and throw themselves into the fires. We have been on many investigations in which there have been Native American burial grounds underneath the homes.

Date of investigation: February 11th 2012 5PM


Regina Tellez-Native American Cleanser an investigator
Judy Raderchak- videographer, EVP
Felicia -photographer, EVP

The investigation started at 5pm in Lodi. We talked to the clients a bit, took pictures of the outside area and did a few EVPs before continuing inside the home starting with the attic area that is now used as an office. We found extremely high EMF readings in the attic space due to it being above the garage. We had explained to the client that the high EMF can affect a person physically, especially those who are sensitive to them. We then headed downstairs to the bedroom where the client had heard people talking outside the window, when she had looked out to investigate there was nobody there. As we were doing our recordings we heard tapping and shuffling sounds inside of the room. One area of the room felt electrically charged so we unplugged the clock radio. (clock radios or any devices with an LCD screen gives off high EMFs)

We caught a few orbs on camera, one of which seemed to be in motion. We did capture some interesting noises when the audio recorder was placed inside the bedroom with the door closed. We believe that if there is a spirit in the home that it is benevolent and that the spirits may simply be communicating to her through her dreams to express their discontent of those who are trespassing upon the land.

Information on EMF:

*An electromagnetic field, sometimes referred to as an EM field, is generated when charged particles, such as electrons, are accelerated. All electrically charged particles are surrounded by electric fields. Charged particles in motion produce magnetic fields. When the velocity of a charged particle increases an EM field is produced.

Electromagnetic fields were first discovered in the 19th century, when physicists noticed that electric arcs (sparks) could be reproduced at a distance, with no connecting wires in between. This led scientists to believe that it was possible to communicate over long distances without wires. The first radio transmitters made use of electric arcs. These "spark transmitters" and the associated receivers were as exciting to people in the early 20th century as the Internet is today. This was the beginning of what we now call wireless communication.*

Health Risks due to EMFs

Studies by doctors and scientists around the world have shown that all EMFs, regardless of range or frequency have damaging consequences on one’s health. A large body of research from Sweden lead to the official recognition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electro sensitivity as a medical condition. This is a condition whereby a [erspm experiences physical or psychological symptoms that are aggravated by EMFs at levels that most people can tolerate. Most common symptoms include: headaches; tinnitus; fatigue; nausea; stress; poor concentration; sleep disorder; pain; burning sensation; skin conditions; and rashes.

Article Copyright© Judy Raderchak - reproduced with permission.

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