Thursday, April 26, 2018
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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

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The Susan White story

Posted on Tuesday, 10 April, 2012 | 2 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

From Susan White's email message (in her own words), it appears that she is a victim of alien abduction. She is experiencing missing time and many other tell tale signs of abduction. The only thing that is in her favor, it appears the aliens do not want her to harm herself. She describes a slowing down experience, that prevented her from falling into a glass table. Read on.

Susan White:
"Thanks Paul. I've attached the letter I sent to Rueben Uriarte if you would like to read it. Also, I thought I would tell you about my time stopping experience:

I was working at Ford Aerospace as an Admin. Assistant to the Mgr of the Battery Technology Dept. Myself and another Secretary named Barbara, were busy decorating the conference room for a birthday surprise party for out boss at 9:00 am. We were putting the last balloons up and the streamers. As Barbara was taping balloons on the whiteboard, I was hanging streamers.

In the middle of the room was an long glass executive conference table surrounded by rolling desk chairs. I looked at the lights above the table and thought it would be nice to hang streamers from the lights. As I began to ponder how to go about this, before I could even finish my thought, a clear and distinct voice (telepathically, they always speak this way) said "do not stand on the chair."

Well, I decided to ignore what I was being told to do telepathically. I said to myself, I'll just take my shoes off. I looked up at he clock and it was 8:52 am. Next to it, Barbara had her back to me as she was putting up her balloons. I then proceeded to remove my 4 inch heels and climb up on the chair next to the table. I took the streamer with the tape on the end, stood on the chair and stretched over the table to reach the light.

And of course, the chair began to roll out backwards from underneath me as I leaned forward. As I started to fall, time became very slow, like slow motion. I was almost horizontal. I remember looking down at that oh so thick glass as my total body weight was in free fall, and thinking to myself, "I'm going to fall face and head first into that table and in 8 minutes 40 people will be showing up here for cake and I will be lying on the floor in a bloody, shredded heap."

The next thing I knew I was standing on both feet, squarely on the floor. I looked at the clock and it had the exact same time on it as before. I looked at Barbara and her hand was still in the same place taping the same balloon.

And the chair I was standing on had come to a stop completely across the room!

I don't know if I would have died had I fallen thru the table. However I am sure that it would have changed my life in such a way as to interfere with their plans for me. So they had to save me from myself.

After this incident I realized that threatening to commit suicide was useless. I could stand in front of a train and it wouldn't matter if it wasn't my time.

Thanks for listening Paul!

Peace Be With You,


"Hi Mr. Uriarte,

I sent this to you and I'm not sure if you received it. You must get a lot of emails and possibly have not come across it. But because some of my emails I have literally disappeared lately, I thought I would send you this copy via snail mail. Thank you for your time.


Recommendation for doctor to remove implant.
Susan White

Hi Mr. Uriarte,

I am not sure where to begin. I have always known I was different from a very early age. There are so many things I could say that you most likely will not believe. Things such as I have a very up close and personal relationship with those commonly referred to as 'aliens.' Tons of stories, such as nightly sightings of as many as 25 vessels in what was referred to as "pacification" for me. Or the time my ex and I were traveling thru SLC and the Sierras on our way home from Colorado. My last memory was of the blue lights. Next thing we knew, it was 3 hours later and we were hundreds of miles from where we were and no idea how we got there! The time "they" were forced to literally stop time and save my life when I refused to listen. Or the time I was allowed to invite others to witness the glory of what I was blessed to have seen. And then there is the HUGE forest fire witnessed by only myself and the friend driving with me in my car, while the girls in the car behind us saw nothing! At the time of the incident, it was as though we were in a trance.Of course, at the appointed time, I realized it wasn't a forest fire at all! And there was the memory of seeing what I can only describe as a flying city. If you broke off SF right around Candlestick Park, all the way to Highway 1 near Pacifica, added some crystals, and sent it airborne, it would still only be a fraction of what I was allowed to remember seeing!

And of course, the reason for this email. The implant. I tried to have this implant removed years ago when my veil was lifted and I became aware of what was up and who I am. In an effort to have control over the realities I was facing, I went to my doctor and showed him the "thing" in my leg that had been there as long as I could remember. He felt it and asked if I had been in an accident or had ever had surgery on my leg? I said no, and he sent me to have it x-rayed. Well the x-ray tech could not find the 'thing.' It was simply gone, or had moved to some other place in my leg. He sent me back to the doctor, who looked at my leg, found the 'thing' and sent me right back to the x-ray tech. The tech and I looked for the 'thing' again and it was gone! The tech sent me back to the doctor, but I just went home. It was not the time for the 'thing' to be removed.

But I believe it can be removed now. And I am wondering if you will recommend a doctor who will remove it while maintaining the integrity of the procedure and the object? Also, I would be more than happy to meet with you, if you would like to hear more stories in greater detail.

I can say if you have not read any of the books written by Raymond E. Fowler regarding the experiences of Betty Andreasson Luca, it would be helpful if we are to meet. The UFO phenomenon has a religious foundation and the Bible is a plethora of 'alien' abductions and visitation as there is nothing new under the sun. If you can, read Ray's book on Betty 'The Watchers.' I have come as a witness to all things Betty has said and seen, For I too, have had the same experiences and know the same beings.

Betty is a modern day prophet and it behooves us all to heed her message.

Lastly, when I was first compelled to buy Bud Hopkins book Intruders many, many years ago and came to understand who I was and what had been going on in my life, as a Christian my first reaction was that it must be evil and for a moment I contemplated suicide. However, I was assured by the voice of the Lord, that it was all good and Betty was literally a Godsend. She helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain. Because of our correspondence however, we both became aware that I, like Betty, was being monitored by some clandestine government agency. My mail was opened, low flying unmarked, black, tinted windowed bubble type helicopters began flying over my house the day after the aforementioned "pacification" sightings from my backyard, and there was the mysterious unmarked (no license plates) van, tinted windows and fully equipped with small satellite dishes that showed up out of nowhere one day, only to disappear just as mysteriously the next day, right after the police were called to come and investigate it. More recently, I have reason to believe my rights are once again be trampled in the guise of national security. Helicopters and emails that seem to disappear into thin air. So if you cannot help me find a doctor, will you please let me know that this email did make it's way to you?

Thank you so much for your time.

Susan K.White


My son and his friend can attest to my summoning the UFOs for them to see and my girlfriend can vouch for the "forest fire" incident. And both my son and my friend have had their own sightings too."

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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