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Richard Wing

Hitler and the secret astrologers

April 30, 2012 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: German Federal Archive
[!gad]In the ominous evening of November eighth in nineteen-thirty-nine, Adolph Hitler was the showcased orator amongst a few of his closest Nazi associate abettors at the Munich meeting hall. Hitler and his enterouge surprisingly left the hall noticeably early, but the podium was still flourishing with minor dignitaries. The Munich meeting hall could also be characterized as a political bar where the spectators continued to drink beer through the thick smoke of tobacco and party discussions regarding the future of Germany and it's tumultuous era.

Abruptly there was a massive explosion that swept through the hall with burning remnants of destruction flying about and the realization of mayhem and terror shook everyone present. The power was disabled as rescuers sifted through the mangled debris in the dark as the cries and painful screams for help could be distinctively heard throughout the congregation. The power was restored a short time after and some assemblage of order was taking hold within the bombed out theatre.

As the smoke cleared through the rubble it was quite apparent that the extent of the damage was tremendous as the blast left eight men dead and over another sixty others severely wounded. The speakers podium was completely destroyed as it was discovered to be the origin of the deadly blast.

The event that ended so suddenly with deadly consequence had been held to celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of Hitler's Putsch -an attempt to overthrow the German government in nineteen-twenty-three which resulted in his conviction for high treason, but received a light sentence and incarceration where he wrote the highly controversial anti-Semitic novel, Mein Kampf.

By nineteen-thirty-nine, Adolph Hitler and his ruthless Nazi party had seized power of Germany for six long years. Throughout these years of their reign of terror the mnemonic mark in time of Hitler's unsuccessful Putsch was memorialized by this specific celebration in Munich. As Hitler's followers who had fallen in nineteen-twenty-three were given the prominence of political martyrs, these celebrations were held as anniversaries dedicated to the deaths of these fallen patriots of the Nazi party. The Nazi "old fighters" would congregate in beer halls across all of Germany and their said purpose was to mourn their fallen comrades, but the true essence of these celebrations was to drink heavily and converse over old times and entertain the political rhetoric of their Nazi chieftains.

The most notable of these yearly celebrations was in Munich at the Burgerbrau Beer Cellar on this fateful November evening in nineteen-thirty-nine. Adolph Hitler still had many political enemies in and outside the Nazi party. It was also quite known that Hitler would be the exalted proprietor of this particular anniversary and the would-be assassin had placed the explosive device in a hollowed out pillar right behind Hitler's podium. Would it be impossible to perceive Hitler's early departure as some foreknowledge in this attempt of an assassination plot? Historians have speculated that this attempt to assassinate Hitler was quite possibly a plan designed by a group of Gestapo men who were ardent and fervent to rid themselves of rivals within the Nazi party.

The man responsible for manufacturing and installing the bomb was George Elser, a vehement opponent of Hitler who was arrested and later confessed after irrefutable evidence emerged. He eventually died in a concentration camp. However, historians allege that Elser was an instrument to the Gestapo, unbeknownst to Elser, and was lured into this assassination plot by some within the Nazi party posing as Jewish sympathizers. This could lead one to believe that Hitler was a party to the plot itself, as such a scheme would not be surprising considering Hitler's tactics for treachery and outright ruthlessness. Regardless, Hitler had left the Munich Hall earlier than expected giving credence to the possibility of his knowing of the explosion to come.

Under advisement by his chief of secret police (the Schutzstaffel or SS), the notorious and sinister Heinrich Himmler, Hitler assumed there to be more than one conspirator in this attempt on his life even though he could have been privy to the plot. The Nazi party had a reputation for mistrust within their own ranks which created paranoia and power maneuvering by officers to align themselves closer to the Fuhrer. This infighting and jealous like power struggles created a toxic quandery for Hitler and the Nazi party. As he could really trust no one because of previous assassination attempts.

Hitler believed Elser to be an agent and part of a larger group of conspirators possibly inspired by British intelligence and summoned Himmler who was a devotee of the occult to seek the advice of a psychic medium in an effort to find others possibly involved. Himmler sought out a psychometrist - a particular clairvoyant that possessed the powers to sense events associated with intrinsic objects by touching and then channelling the energies into a cohesive logical explanation.

Himmler delivered fragments of the bomb mechanism to the psychometrist for examination and after holding these objects to her head in a trance like state, she proclaimed to have saw visions of the conspirators involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler. She affirmed there to be a group of men speaking with an individual named Otto. Himmler surmised that this Otto was none other than Otto Strasser, an old associate of Hitler's who had become disillusioned with the Fuhrer in nineteen-thirty and became the chief of an underground political organization called the Black Front.

Hitler was not extremely impressed by the clairvoyants conclusion or revelation but was surprised and alarmed by a prediction made a few days earlier of the actual explosion by the astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft. Krafft was a Swiss born brilliant graphologist and astrologist who had moved to Germany shortly before the outbreak of war in nineteen-thirty-nine. Some historians speculate that he was pro-Nazi as others stated he was not. Nonetheless, he had associations with several of Himmler's intelligence officers, in particular, Doctor Heinrich Fesel. Krafft sent his prediction six days before the blast, reporting that Hitler's horoscope indicated that between the seventh and tenth day of November he would be in grave danger and that there was a "possibility of an assassination by the use of explosive material."

Immediately upon hearing the news of the explosion and fulfillment of his prophecy, Krafft sent a telegram to Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy and secretary of the Nazi propaganda machine, reminding Hess of his prediction to most likely become closer to the inner circle of the Fuhrer. Doctor Fesel was immediately ordered to hand over Krafft's original draft and by the morning of November the ninth, the journal was in the hands of the Fuhrer. Hitler was remarkably impressed by the sheer accuracy of Krafft's prediction and Krafft was then brought to Berlin for interrogation by the Gestapo with the belief that his foreknowledge of the bomb plot must have meant that he was directly involved.

Krafft's proclamation of exacting astrological rules managed to convince the Gestapo that astrology enabled it's practitioners to make accurate forecasts of future events resulting in now being employed by the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, the SS and even the Foreign Office to carry out astrological studies of a political nature. Krafft began preparing propaganda leaflets based upon other ancient occult documents that could be construed as prophecy of a German victory to emerge during World War II. He also started preparing regularly compiled horoscopes of the leading enemies of Nazism including British Prime minister, Winston Churchill.

In the course of Krafft's astrologically based predictions for the German government now, he had become better acquainted with other high ranking Nazis whom he proselytized to the beliefs of astrological predictions including Robert Ley, leader of the Labor Front - the Nazi equivalent of the AFL-CIO - and Hans Frank, "the butcher of Warsaw", Hitler's heinous governor of occupied Poland.

Again, Krafft made another startling and amazingly accurate prediction for these men in nineteen-forty. He foretold serious turmoil far from the forecast of German victories his Nazi chieftains might have wished. Krafft was a brilliant graphologist and created a dynogram which was his astrological forecaster expressed in the form of a graph - which revealed a very bleak and despairing view of Germany's future.

The dynogram expressed that Germany would prevail over one military success after another until the winter of nineteen-forty-two to nineteen-forty-three. After that specific time, Krafft's astrological indications became absolutely calamitous for Germany and it was well advised to make peace before the end of nineteen-forty-two. Poland's, Hans Frank, was convinced the war would be over long before this specific time. But, of course it was not and in January of nineteen-forty-three, Germany's army was met with disastrous results in Stalingrad, Russia, which was considered to be a pivotal turning point within the war.

Now seemingly to be unpopular amongst the Nazi echelon because of these unfavorable astrological predictions, it was a display that astrological techniques could be implemented to produce accurate predictions of future events. In spite of Krafft's amazing abilities, he fell from grace within the Nazi party and was arrested and incarcerated in nineteen-forty-one among other German astrologers. This presumably sudden change in the Nazi disposition toward astrology proceeded from another most conspicuous milestone in history.

In May of nineteen-forty-one, Rudolf Hess took a Messerschmidt 110 fighter plane, only to be characterized as completely bizarre and freak occurrence because there was no direct order from the Fuhrer and Hess flew to Scotland in an attempt to open peace negotiations with the British. Hess, who was genuinely believed to be influenced by the Nazis astrologists, embarked on this mission under the impression that the astrological charts indicated that he was destined to establish peace between Germany and Britain. Which was speculated by many to be considerably extraordinary considering Hitler's policy of no surrender. Hess parachuted from the plane and broke his ankle in the landing and was apprehended and sent to London to be interrogated by no other than famed occultist, Alistair Crowley under the advisement of Ian Fleming to Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Hitler was livid and ravaged with vehement anger by this incident as it had raised some serious questions into the motives of Rudolf Hess as Hitler was definitely now alarmed, as well as his inner circle of Nazi cohorts. Hess was later convicted in the war tribunal of crimes against peace and conspiracy to commit crimes with other Nazi echelon and incarcerated for the rest of his natural life.

Many would surmise that astrology was manipulating inordinate political influence over Germany. Of course the Intelligence Ministry and the Nazi party denied that astrology played any role in the decision making process of Germany's future and the lack of success from the Hess flight to Scotland gave the Gestapo a perfect opportunity to vilify all the astrologists on the payroll of the Nazis and it also provided a quarry to blame for Hess's actions.

In any event, the Nazis rousted up all the astrologists that had been involved in providing predictions to the Popaganda Ministry and banned any public practices of astrology, abolishing all astrological literature and strictly prohibited all astrological studies and speculative predictions regarding the outcome of the war, publicly. Covertly, the practice ensued under tighter security and the Nazis continued to implement the practice of astrology they were now so publicly persecuting.

In an effort to counter the German Propaganda Ministry, British intelligence published predictions in German astrological magazine issues called Der Zenit. Edited by a part Jewish and German astrologer, Louis De Wohl, the printing and proliferation of these phony publications were carefully planned and characterized as "black propaganda", as the predictions originated straight from Germany. The Der Zenit magazine was a well established publication dating back to prewar era. Under the direction of Sefton Delmer, head of British "black" political warfare, the articles were inserted into fake issues and printed by skillfully trained British forgers to copy German typeface and then smuggled into Germany from Sweden. The term "black" warfare derived from British intelligence and it's purpose was to prepare propaganda presented as though it's origin was from Nazi Germany. In spite of the banning of all astrological publications throughout Germany, these fake publications accomplished widespread circulation and played a huge role in sucking the morale from both civilian and soldiers within the German infantry. Even more dismal reading for German patriots was an article that forecasted that Himmler and other SS officers would one day conspire and betray Hitler. Thought provoking enough, this prediction was accurately fulfilled toward the end of the war when Himmler, Schellenberg and other trusted SS officers tried to abandon the Fuhrer and make independent deals with the Allies in an effort to somehow attain the leadership after the capture or death of Hitler.

Karl Ernst Krafft spent a year in solitary confinement and was then transferred to another Propaganda Ministry quarters where he was forced to manufacture an astrological analysis biased against FDR and designed for the purpose of more political warfare. Krafft was promised if his slanted astrological predictions met the approbation of his Nazi controllers he would soon be released. But, highly unlikely considering the now lack of appeal politically and the publicly defeated climate that never endorsed the notion of astrology in it's inception.

However, Krafft soon realized that the promise would never be obliged and refused to cooperate with The Nazis any further. But, his last prediction came true as well when he wrote to Nazi echelon that British bombs would destroy the Propaganda Ministry in Berlin. Some time after, the British bombers fulfilled the brilliant Swiss astrologists prediction and blasted the Ministry to a bombed out shell. Himmler and the SS decided to incarcerate Krafft at a concentration camp for two years with the plan to again move him to the notoriously horrid camp at Buchenwald. Before the transfer went into effect, Karl Ernst Krafft contracted typhus and died in January of nineteen-forty-five just months before the bloody and world torn end of World War II.

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