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  Columnist: Leonard Farra

Image credit: CC 2.0 Bob Familiar

ET and my 'Curiosity'

Posted on Sunday, 12 August, 2012 | 2 comments
Columnist: Leonard Farra

The search for extraterrestrials is pursued by astronomers, Ufologists and followers of the Ancient Astronaut theory. In an ideal world they would all work together but unfortunately astronomers dismiss the other two lines of research because, in their opinion, all the thousands of reported UFO sightings are explainable and the other theory does not warrant any serious consideration. In his book "Supernature" Lyall Watson explains why an establishment is opposed to new ideas that come from an outside source and which contradict its own views. A man who is searching for something starts digging a hole which gets bigger and wider and he is recognised as an authority on his project. Then a second man joins the search and starts to dig another hole. Although the newcomer seems to be achieving some positive results, the first man cannot leave his dig because he knows nothing about the new hole. In a recent T.V. documentary about the Ancient Astronaut theory, an astronomer stated that Ďthere is no evidence that E.Tís have ever visited this planetí. And as the general public believe that astronomers are authorities on this subject, most of them assume that itís true. Astronomers have provided us with an amazing insight into the wonders of the universe and on 6 August 2012, NASAís sophisticated rover, Curiosity, landed on the red planet Mars to conduct a series of experiments. But as far as there being intelligent life in outer space, the best astronomers have so far come up with is the Drake Equation, a mathematical formula used as an estimate of the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way.

With regard to a claimed lack of evidence to support the Ancient Astronaut theory, archaeologists can re-construct, measure and date what seems to be a prehistoric religious site, and they might discover human or animal bones but they can only make an inspired guess at the nature of the ceremonies which were enacted there. Most westerners would not have the slightest idea about what was going on if they saw a Hindu religious ceremony, so how can archaeologists expect to understand the significance of rituals enacted at a site several thousand years ago? This comment is not meant to devalue archaeology, which does a brilliant job in uncovering the past, but most archaeologists might not realise that, throughout the Early World, there were versions of the same sky-god religion and that many people held festivals which celebrated the annual return, or rebirth, of a god.

It was a positive step forward when archaeologists accepted astro-archaeology, after first dismissing it, because astronomical alignments suggest that many early ceremonies were enacted on the solstices and equinoxes and this also tells us that astronomer priests were involved in the alignment of these complexes. What is far more interesting though is that many early sites were also aligned to the rising and setting of the Pleiades because these stars were associated with the great civilisers of man and with the Creation.

Some archaeologists suggest that evidence of feasting at an early site indicates that people there were honouring their ancestors, or that it was connected with the agricultural season, but why not the worship of a god? In many of todayís religions a temple is regarded as the home of a god and this also happened in early ones. So when itís apparent that a site thatís being excavated was sacred, and not defensive or residential, why is it not obvious that it might have been the home of a god, or gods, or the Earth home of a sky-god?

Over the past 30 years, I have hunted for evidence of an early ET visit to Earth and in doing so I have also discovered how it affected people on this planet over the years. Here is a rough outline of what I found :

If you throw a stone into a pond, ripples spread out in all directions and similarly the last major ET contact with this planet appears to have been around 5,000 years ago when, after first helping to civilise man, the Annunaki were alleged to have destroyed an evil race with a huge flood. Simplified versions of this story were taught to early peoples and with a few exceptions in the Ancient Middle East, which I explain in my book, The Pleiades Legacy (The Old World). This is how this legend came down to us over the years.

As mentioned above, there were worldwide legends about the Earth visit of a civilising sky-god. In some early religions more deities were adopted to cover other aspects of life such as love, war, and the sea. In Ancient Egypt, for example, although there were hundreds of local and national gods, Osiris was revered throughout that countryís long history but because the Egyptians made him their god of the dead, his origin, as a Pleiades linked civilising god, has been overlooked. The Greeks also had legends about the Pleiades. They personified them in the form of Seven Sisters and represented them as the goddess Maia. They also adopted some of the earlier Middle Eastern sky-god traditions.

When the Pleiades arose, on 1st May, (a month named after the Greek Pleiades goddess), Celts, and other Northern Europeans, celebrated the festival of Belítaine. This became the May Day holiday and it was later adopted as Labour Day. Itís still celebrated by modern pagans. The origin of some of the earlier May Day customs are unknown but they appear to date back to the sky-god religion.

When the Pleiades arose, on 1st November, Celts and other North European peoples, celebrated the Festival of the Dead which is suggested to have been based on the story of the Flood. This catastrophe ,and storms, were often linked with the Pleiades. The Festival of the Dead was adopted, by the Church, as All Hallows and its now celebrated as Halloween.

There were Ďpaganí, sky-god customs, and traditions, in Europe when Christianity was introduced, and the Church set out to extinguish them. However, some of the customs continued, in parts of Europe, for many hundreds of years. In the Middle Ages, strange legends began to spread around Europe and scholars cannot explain their origin. I wonít go in detail, now, but I can say that they appear to date back to the earlier Ďsky-godí traditions.

When the Europeans began exploring the New World, they came in contact with people who were following the sky-god religion and who celebrated Pleiades linked festivals. The Church suppressed the religions of these non believers and replaced them with Christianity. However, some of the earlier traditions have lingered on, since Columbus arrived in the New World, and some Native peoples still have festivities which, although now part of their Christian worship, are celebrated when the Pleiades appear.

Sky-god traditions were introduced into mystical cults and some aspects of this story were also reflected in star-lore, astrology, sacred architecture, numerology, festivals, traditions, folklore and customs, in church symbolism, which was adopted from the earlier sky-god religion and given an entirely new meaning and in calendars regulated by the Pleiades. Even in modern times, unbeknown to most people, the titles of many famous films, books, and songs, and the names of well known commercial products, have all been based on sky-god traditions that date back to the time when a party of white-robed gods ,who the Ancients associated with the Pleiades, were said to have visited Earth. All these subjects are parts of a huge, intriguing, puzzle which indicates that we are not alone in the universe. Bibliography:

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Article Copyright© Leonard Farra - reproduced with permission.

Leonard Farra's book The Pleiades Legacy,(The Stone Age) (The Return of the Gods) can be purchased Online from Blurb.Com and the Pleiades Legacy (The Old World) and The Pleiades Legacy (The New World) are now available there as Ebooks which can also be viewed on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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