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Kathleen Meadows

The spiritual psychology of the chakras

October 24, 2013 | Comment icon 2 comments

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Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become common topics of discussion. What once was considered esoteric or fringe spirituality has become increasingly mainstream. In line with this more people are developing a new awareness of their own body energy – some from a desire for inner growth, others from a scientific (quantum physics) perspective and still others from a renewed sense of the sacred.

Much of the language and teaching about energy is not new. Throughout the ages many cultures have described energetic connections between the mind, body and spirit. Chinese medicine relies on energy meridians that correspond to psycho-physiological states. Vedic scholars, centuries ago described the seven energy centres of the body (chakras) from a spiritual context. It is interesting to note that the qualities, attributes and characteristics of the chakras have continued to be described with often surprising coherence among widely differing cultures and religious traditions over centuries of time.

More recently, esoteric philosopher/scientists such as Alice Bailey, Anodea Judith and Carolyn Myss have sparked a renewed interest in the physical, psychological and spiritual interaction of the chakras. They describe the chakras as having not only physical landmarks, nerve meridians and specific endocrine glands associated with them, but also unique psychological attributes, emotional issues and spiritual qualities.
To some degree, most people already have an intuitive, culturally defined sense of the spiritual psychology of the chakras. Visual artists, for instance paint “halos” of energy to represent the crown chakras of spiritual teachers or mystical individuals. We are familiar with euphemisms that tend to locate energy in particular areas of the body. We speak of having a “broken heart” and feel actual pain in the chest when we lose someone we love (heart chakra). We criticize others for being “unrooted”, or “pulling the rug out from under us” (root chakra). When a situation threatens our self-confidence we feel “butterflies in our stomach” (solar plexus chakra), and get a “lump in our throat” when grief remains unexpressed (throat chakra).

Scientists are now confirming these intuitive sensations from the perspective of quantum physics. They are able to measure the presence and speed of energetic vibrations within the DNA - the very vibrations that we intuitively sense as our chakras and that clairvoyants “read” when they scan the human energy field. Energy healers and medical intuitives believe that if one can manipulate these energies and somehow change their frequency or patterning it is possible that physical, emotional and spiritual healing effects might be observed.

For those who can clairvoyantly “see” energy, disease, distress and physical or emotional pain may show up as blockages, disruptions or cloudiness in the normal patterns of the chakra. Those who do energy healing can help pinpoint and identify these disruptions and train their clients to do the same. By developing an inner awareness of the chakras it is possible to begin a process that includes transforming and reconfiguring these energies. Additionally, by increasing awareness of the spiritual psychology of the chakras it is possible to help achieve a more balanced, energized and meaningful life.

Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Lumpino 10 years ago
About chakras much has been written, but I think, the best are translations of eastern masters. Not of our commercial autors. Good about chakras are Shiva samhita, Gheranda samhita, Translations by A. Avalon: Sat chakra nirupana, Paduka panchaka, The serpent power a similar texts Or good book Is translantion Chinese book The secret of the golden flower, by Richard Willhelm. But there is chkra Ajna called "Heaven heart" and chakra Anahata "fleshly heart". There are two different paths. The first is a paths to Nirvana (paramatman). I means ending the cycle of life in this world and and in spirit... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by david icke is right 10 years ago
This is why most are kept in their lower chakras because If we reached our higher chakra we would see that life is not as real as we believed it is. Every single human being is being used for their energy, we are all batteries negatve/positive and we all give out either one, is their a force that is keeping us in fear and supplying them with our negative fear energy?

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