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  Columnist: Dan Green

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False Memory and the Akashic Record

Posted on Sunday, 25 May, 2014 | 1 comment
Columnist: Dan Green

Throughout my personal voyage riding the rollercoaster of life, contemplating many a mystery and encountering many an incident of the ‘impossible’, I have been fortunate always to have a learned Tibetan lama nearby and when all has been said and done they have always gently reminded me that ‘There is only Mind’. This is a wonderfully sagacious and yet simple sweeping statement that takes the edge off many a paranormal distraction amidst the ‘special effects’ of psychic phenomena and the paranormal, but not so the current tag ‘quantum entanglement’, as it is that ancient Buddhist wisdom that now meets comfortably with this contemporary quantum physics discovery. One could forgive the humble saffron robed lama of thousands of years ago if they were to hop aboard a time machine and visit today to mutter,‘Told you so’. (Although I doubt their muted ego would allow them to take a bow, and there would be no need to time travel as I’m sure they would also remind me,‘There is only the Now’!)

To talk about this ‘Mind’ is not so simple. Where exactly is it? Here? There? Everywhere? Is this why the bible said God both saw and heard everything? Is it the Akashic record of the mystics, the memory bank of planet earth that is somewhere, as the Sanskrit word ‘akasha’ implies in the sky, space or Aether?

Most of us have heard of the argument of how we dream at night and return to reality during the day, but what if it is the other way around – our dream world is the true reality and our waking consciousness the dream? My lama friends have a habit of impressing on me, lest I forget, that this life is a dream. Is it also a dream within a dream, the waking consciousness a dream and the time we spend sleeping yet another level? All this has to do with the omnipresence of Mind.

Anyone who has decided to set about trying to meditate will invariably have experienced the initial interference Tibetans call the ‘monkey mind’…trivial, irritating, challenging, incessant…all types of thoughts invade our search for a blank sheet piece of mind and calm, often putting newcomers off in the first instance. If we listen to these gatecrashers we reinforce their presence and will never empty our head! Instead, we are trained to ignore them and let them go. Pay them attention and we assert their unwelcome stay. So where do thoughts come from? Does the Universal One mind have its own ‘chattering monkeys’ too? Now there’s a thought. Here’s some others. During the sixties and seventies it was easy to spook yourself big time by digesting the content of three excellent books, ‘Passport to Magonia’, ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ and ‘The invisible College’ all very persuasive, innovative, informative and spooky. In short the mystery of the Ufo and all related paranormal occurrences were explained in a simple fashion. ‘Passport to Magonia’ – now billed as an underground classic – came from the mind of French physicist Jacques Valle in 1969, his argument being that all manner of entities seen and experienced by humans had been seen throughout history and were nothing new, furthermore did they have a separate existence or where we, the human race, being subject to some type of control mechanism, these otherworldly folk always making sure we experienced how they always possess a technology just beyond the society currently witnessing their presence.

American journalist and author John Keel’s ‘Operation Trojan Horse’, published the following year and now subtitled ‘The classic breakthrough in Ufo’s,’ told the story of an invisible world that both surrounds, merges with and engulf us, ‘reality itself is distorted by strange forces which can seemingly manipulate space-time’. Ufo’s, we learn, do not emanate from elsewhere in the Universe, they are right here as is all High Strangeness emanating from this not-so hidden landscape or realm. Vallee popped back in 1977 with his ‘Invisible College’ to tell us Ufo’s may not be physical aliens but defy classification as pure psychological anomalies, as a phenomena with some kind of control system on human consciousness. At this point, I would personally ask, if so, then for what purpose? We are left to await and see.

Certainly both Vallee and Keel have suggested that the answer to the tantalising mysteries pertaining to otherworldly encounters is far closer to home as once thought, and it is – look no further away than our own brain whereupon our thoughts filter through either right or left hemispheres to create our own individual reality. I explained my own take on all this in my 2012 World Mysteries Blog ‘Do we own our own brains?’ (Answer – No). Buddhism teaches us that ‘We are not our own thoughts ’- reinforced by our own ego, they are merely distraction from ultimate Reality. The reason why I decided to submit this blog was not to remind us of the work of the above authors or even to brush up on Buddhism, but to suggest a possible solution to a specific question. Why have psychic accounts submitted to us of the earth’s remote history, for example concerning Atlantis and or Lemuria, all disagree on key events and dates? Why is it we have been told so many numerous origins of the human race from alien visitations only to hear that they differ in account and purpose?
As a researcher whose case history took me from the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau in 1985 to intense scrutiny of sacred geometry, Freemasonry, alleged secret societies, Knights Templars, Jungian psychology, the Holy Grail, and the mysterious biblical figure handed down to us as Mary Magdalene, I have had to ponder over exactly why so many researchers, many very good ones too, who have finalised their own deductions arrive at a different conclusion, especially those who claim to have been assisted along the way by, and dependant on, their own spirit guides or angelic sources. Surely, and logically, if we are all pursuing the same mystery to solve, and assisting by the same one Source, we should all arrive at the same conclusion? But not so. I call this episode in my own work, ‘The Many Mary Magdalene’s’. With so many versions of her about she could be called Myriad Magdalene!

When misinformation and misattribution of original sourced information interfere with formulation of a new memory, the consequence is to make the recalling of an event mistaken or false in entirety. Some years ago the favoured theory concerning MM was her continuing holy bloodline. I have dismissed this with my own conclusion finding that she was murdered before giving childbirth. I also have had contact with three different individuals who all claim contact with MM herself and yet the information disseminated from what should be the one Mary all appears to be at odds with each recipient. Dr Manjir Samantha-Laughton, one of three female authors friends claiming contact with MM and with whom I share a difference of opinion with them all, says she has been experiencing visions of her over the last ten years. And then there are the physical reincarnations of Mary. Some of the many are 35 year old Mary Suzanne Luck who, with a stroke of luck found her ‘Jesus’ (51 year old John Miller) to have followers at their church in a rural area of Queensland, Australia. There is ‘Maitreya’ Miranda, more correctly 49 year old Linda Weisz, from Leeds and living in Glastonbury who, perhaps not so wisely, goes to great lengths to tell us how all other claimants are wrong as she alone is Magdalene, and I have even been contacted by a young female yet again in Australia who believes herself to be the Magdalene and is currently on the run – and expecting me to do something about it!

My friend Margaret Starbird, author of many books on Mary Magdalene, has been contacted frequently by different females who insist they are the figure. When I visited Rennes-le-Chateau in 1985, authoress Elizabeth Van Buren told me, ‘There are 13 Mary Magdalene’s up there in the village.’ What can we say is an explanation for all these claims? Psychics say that some channelers are influenced by ‘malevolent forces’. From Magonia? From the Invisible College? Dream and mythology expert Ariadne Green says “individuals may succumb to hypnogocic images of pure fantasy born out of their own mythic creation and imagination. Another possibility is that the psyche becomes flooded with images and synchronicities on a personal archetypical journey with the personality identifying too strongly with the archetypes.” Now we must return to Mind. I think it is safe to say that all of us reading this blog knows what it is like to have changed our mind about something. What is a great idea in the morning, upon reflection is not so great at all by the afternoon. How many times in a day do we change our mind? Is it really ‘us’ who thinks we have made the decision or it our Unconscious Mind? Dream analysts interpret symbology in our dreams, and a flip through a selection of a few dictionaries will show that not every analyst agrees with one another on the exactitude of some symbolism. If our waking consciousness is also a dream then perhaps all events in it are equally open to a variant in interpretation from person to person, quantifying what physics tells us, that we indeed do make our own individual reality.

If we can interpret the paranormal landscape of Keel and Vallee to be viewed as the Mind of this planet, as in the Gaia Hypothesis, that seeps its ever changing thoughts down to, and through us, then I would like you to consider one overlooked and truly fascinating facet of Mind. It is that of ‘False Memory Syndrome’, quite a recent discovery in our own understanding of psychology and psychiatry, which highlights exactly how memory is prone to fallacy. The term describes the condition how both a person’s identity and relationships are affected by factually incorrect memories which they believe to be true. Christopher French, at the Goldsmith University in London, said in 2013 that there is still a lack of awareness of how unreliable memory is, and pointed out how this has impacted on cases within the legal system. He added; ‘Although this is common knowledge within psychology and widely accepted by anyone who has studied the literature, it is not widely known about in society more generally.’ That same year, by conditioning a network of neurons to respond to light enforcing recall of an unpleasant environment, scientists succeeded in planting false memories into mice, making them wrongly associate a benign environment with a previous unpleasant experience from different surroundings, claiming that one day it would help us understand why false memories occur in humans.

Similar as with mice, human memory is stored within collections of cells and when events are recalled we reconstruct parts of these cells in the same way that we reassemble small pieces of a jigsaw. Tellingly, how often have we heard researchers into the paranormal say that every breakthrough is like another piece of the jigsaw to add, helping along the effort to make up the full picture? Dr Xu Liu at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology quotes; ‘Our memory changes every single time it is being recorded. That is why we can incorporate new information into old memories and this is how a false memory can form.’ As we have the introduction of FMS into our psychology, on the basis of the hermetic maxim ‘As above so below’, then this facet of Mind must also exist in the bigger picture, as a function and component part of Mind itself.

Perhaps now we have an explanation for how we have inherited so many recounts of our history that have discrepancies with each other, instead of one solid basis. Akin the same mechanism that in our own brain allows us to change our mind, the planet too is at an even greater liberty to change hers, and , of course, is not bound by a time-space that we are, as she is timeless – that eternal ‘Now’, as expounded in Buddhism. The famous 1616 quote, concept and proverb, that it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, certainly takes on a new perspective when we learn that the origin of the word ‘mind’ comes from Old English ‘Gemynd’ meaning memory, thought. May I suggest we read that as Ge-Mynd, to become ‘Ge-Mind’, with ‘Ge’ being the Greek mythological goddess interchangeable with Gaia as the personification of the earth Herself. Indeed, this appears confirmation that the mystery of Mind belongs to our female Mother Earth. We can even say that the Akashic record, that compendium of all mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence and responsible for recording all events in history, must allow for containing some faults and inaccurate occult history and recollection brought about by a fleeting and occasional planetary false memory, being a natural part of its Whole. As we saw earlier, with the propensity of numerous Mary Magdalene’s about all at once, both in the physical and allegedly channelled from her in the spirit realm, amidst all else a false memory of accounts exists in the mix, the original source misinforming and misattributing, and we can understand why so many seekers are arriving with their differing outcome. This recently discovered phenomena within psychology now being considered, it would be foolish not for it to be integrated and accepted into Vallee and Keel’s description of a ‘manipulative and controlling otherworldy mechanism’, as part of planetary Mind.

Article Copyright© Dan Green - reproduced with permission.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from

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