Friday, July 10, 2020
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  Columnist: Rob MacGregor

Image credit: Sandy Chase

Journey to the Akashic Records

Posted on Friday, 1 December, 2017 | 11 comments
Columnist: Rob MacGregor

He's a retired cop from Texas who kept a secret from his fellow officers for decades. Wesley Meeks has the ability to travel out of his body, and his journeys have taken him literally out of this world and into other dimensions of reality. One of his most memorable journeys was to a vast 'mansion' that served as a library of knowledge, and also as a meeting place for spectacular encounters.

His first out-of-body experience happened when he was 12-years old, and no one believed him when he excitedly told his parents and brothers about floating around the house and seeing his sleeping body. The experiences continued, but Wesley Meeks soon learned to keep quiet about them. He would become a police officer, later a private detective and today remains involved in a security-related profession. While he has experienced his share of frightening encounters, he ultimately found some benefit in the experiences, and became an adept explorer of out-of-body realms. 

One of his most fascinating stories involved a journey to a place of knowledge—an enormous mansion—that he later learned was called the Akashic Record. While there, he experienced much more than he had been expecting. The experience took place during the winter of 2005-2006.  Meeks had gone to bed and before getting sleepy, told himself that he intended to have an out-of-body experience. He said he wanted to go to a place he had heard about, the place where knowledge and the events of our lives are stored.  At the time, he didn't know what the place was called, but he'd read books about OOBEs, and some writers wrote about a huge mansion where all souls live when they are between lives.  

"As I began to get a little drowsy, I relaxed from head to toe and began a countdown from 900 toward 0.  I controlled my breathing, and thought about the target of my astral travel.  As was usual for me, a ringing started in my head, and soon the vibrations were running head to toe.  I felt my body getting heavy. I then mentally pushed and I was out of my body."  

Meeks emphasized that he had not drifted into sleep, but was fully conscious when he pushed out of his body.  "Next I shot through the ceiling of my residence and up into the night sky.  For the first few minutes, the experience of free flight was so exhilarating that I temporarily lost sight of my mission."  

The beginning of Star Trek episodes shows the Enterprise suddenly going into warp speed and hundreds of stars flashing by every second. That was similar to the sensation he experienced when he flew through the night sky.  "It is such a sensation of freedom that I suspect it is the same sensation that people feel when they permanently leave the body. After a few minutes, I absorbed this freedom and exhilaration and was able to focus on my pre-determined mission.  I thought that I wanted to see the great mansion. It's mentioned in the Bible when Jesus says, 'In my Father's house are many rooms.'"  

As soon as he thought about the mansion he was no longer flying at warp speed, but was floating gently toward this mansion. He floated above the mansion and just watched for awhile.  "There is no way I can even begin to describe the beauty of this mansion, the ornateness, the intricateness of the design and details.  It was huge and I can't even guess at the size.  As I floated there, I saw that there were other people floating, some entering smaller compartments in the huge mansion, some leaving the mansion.  Some of the people were visible as people, but others were auras of different colors."  

Auras instead of Bodies  

He somehow knew these auras were people or the souls of people who had chosen not to appear or to cloak themselves in human bodies.  The size of each compartment was about the same as that of a large hotel room, large enough to hold a bed and several pieces of furniture. However, he couldn't see furniture in any of the rooms.  Instead, each room only contained a very large vase, about twice or three times the size of a human body.   

"Each vase or urn that I saw looked different, and each one was very beautiful, again beyond my description.  Some appeared to be made of marble, some of granite, some of jade, and other of materials I couldn't name.  There were designs and inscriptions on each vase.  The mansion itself was so pure white that it was brilliant, but the floors of each of the compartments were of a material like marble, and so smooth they shone like glass."  

As he floated above there, he noticed a courtyard. The mansion was built in a square and the courtyard, in the center of the mansion, was also built in a square.  The compartments had three walls, but the fourth side had no wall and opened into the courtyard.  He saw people walking around on the broad sidewalk and sitting in ornately designed benches.  A swimming pool graced the center of the courtyard and about ten feet above it was a fountain. A gentle waterfall flowed constantly from the fountain and into the pool.  

An Unexpected Encounter  

"While I was viewing all this in a state of utter amazement, an older woman approached me. I was in my forties so I thought she was probably in her sixties. She was regal and attractive and wore a flowing gown.  She asked me if I knew what I was looking at, and I said I wasn't sure. The woman told me to come sit with her on a bench.  

"We floated downward and landed on the sidewalk, then walked a short distance to a beautiful bench.  We sat down and the woman explained to me that the mansion was built by the Creator and it was so large that I couldn't see all of it at once.  She explained that each soul had a room in the mansion, and pointed toward one of the rooms."  

She told Wesley that the large vase in the room contained all the knowledge that the soul had gained while going through various lives on earth and in other places as well.  She didn't explain the "other places" and he was too overwhelmed to ask her about them.  The woman told him that people lived many lives and spent time between lives by staying on different planes that aren't visible to humans in the physical realm.  


Then the woman dropped a bombshell.  She told Meeks that people in the astral realms sometimes disguised themselves for various reasons while they traveled.  He didn't understand this at all. But she explained that people sometimes didn't want to be recognized or they needed to appear different for other reasons. Sometimes, she said, they didn't use bodies at all, but moved around as auras."  

She also told him that people could appear older or younger than they really were on the physical plane, or could be of a different race than in the physical plane.  "Then she told me that she was not actually an older woman, but was really about my age.  She said that she travelled as an older woman so she would appear to be wiser and more trustworthy to new travelers, and so that some people wouldn't  recognize her.  I didn't think to ask the whys of all this."  

The woman got up from the bench and instantly transformed into a fairly attractive white female of about forty to forty-five years old.  "She wasn't a knockout by any means, but she was attractive.  Her clothing suddenly vanished, she stood nude in front of me. At this point I could also see that she had a green aura.  I knew telepathically that she wanted to have a sexual encounter with me.  Then she said aloud that she wanted to make love, if I wanted to."  

The Aftermath  
"I suddenly felt sucked back into my body and I was instantly lying in bed, awake.  I was tingling and vibrating all over.  I literally couldn't move and I was tired, but exhilarated at the same time."  The tingling was so severe that the bed was shaking and he actually thought that he would wake up his wife.  But the sensation eventually subsided to a dull tingle, one that lasted for three days after the experience.  

"For obvious reasons, I didn't tell my wife about this particular incident although I had told her about several of my OOBEs.  But I couldn't see what was to be gained from telling her this story.  So I typed it and put it in a file on my computer, labeled astral adventure.  Then I forgot about that file."  

One day, his wife was using his computer and saw the file.  She was curious and read it.  She was angry for days, and actually contemplated leaving Meeks because she looked at the experience as an extramarital affair. "So I would certainly counsel my fellow travelers not to mention any such encounters and to protect any related written material with a password or something to prevent what happened to my wife and me.  She was hurt badly and was heartbroken.  But she eventually forgave and we are doing well now."  

Meeks has never attempted to return to the mansion. He isn't sure what might be gained and is still confused as to whether or not this was actually cheating on his wife.   

"I've read some who call this cheating and some who say it isn't, and that it's beneficial. I do believe that some sort of understanding was passed to me during this encounter. The understanding was that there is an unseen realm and that we apparently live many lives in many forms.  But the why of it all was not communicated to me."


We posted an abbreviated version of the above story on our synchronicity blog ( in 2015. We received several responses from people who say they also explore the astral realms. The reaction ranged from concern that Meeks' must have encountered a lower astral being to a more open-minded point of view.

"Hmmm…. I don't feel good about that," Victoria responded. "I am aware that people can present themselves however they want to on the astral plane, and have seen it myself, but there must have been some commonality in the energy field to have attracted such a being. In my experience (and I could be wrong) it is usually lower astral beings that still try to merge with humans." She went on to say: "It's my understanding that sexual organs are redundant on the other side. Souls are androgynous until they choose what sex they will be in human form." She added that demons and lower souls can use sex for control.

Natalie, an Australian medium,  agreed. "As we evolve through the different planes or mansions, we lose our 'physical shape' more and more and become more subtle in energy. I understand the spiritual merging that Wes was speaking of, but I question the physical penetration bit, and the fact that the being approached him that way. Like attracts like on the Other Side, so he must have been emitting some sort of sexual frequency (maybe subconsciously) or the being was of a lower, more 'physically inclined' plane."  

However, Connie, also a medium and a retired hospice nurse, had a different point of view. "There's so very much we don't know as absolute certainties about the multiple dimensions of being. It's likely there are hundreds of thousands of dimensions and we aren't privy to All That Is. Such being the case, I tend to think it may be the better part of wisdom to remain open-minded and ponder the possibility that perhaps dimensions exist in which souls—highly evolved Souls—may perhaps have the capability to express in corporeal bodies."  

Wesley Meeks, for his part, responded: "I'm not an expert and certainly not a wise being, but I just know that I have only encountered what I believe are human souls traveling on the astral plain, not demons or lower astral beings."  

Past Life Visitation  

After nearly a year, we reconnected with Meeks and asked for an update on his astral travels. In response, he sent us a different kind of OOBE. The former Texas police officer related how he had embarked on an astral journey to a monastery where he discovered 'himself.'  

Meeks has both spontaneous and intentional OOBEs and this one was intentional, even though he had no idea where it would take him. He found himself in either Mexico or Texas in the 1600s, and he was a Catholic brother.  

"At this point in my life I had just ended my law enforcement career and was actually in-between jobs, so I was 'Mr. Mom.' I woke up around 6 AM and got my son off to school. Then on this particular morning, I went back to bed in a spare bedroom because my wife, who worked nights, had just gotten to sleep and I didn't want to disturb her."  

He laid down and began his ritual to have an out-of-body experience. After only a few minutes of relaxing and forming his intention to leave his body, he felt the familiar vibration and rushing sound in his head.   

"At first, I just flew, but then found myself kneeling in a small room. It was sparsely furnished, just a small bed, a table and a single wooden chair. I was looking out a small, high window and could see only a square of pure blue sky. At one point, I saw the person, but then I was instantly 'in' the person, and in a split second I realized that I was a monk in a monastery or church compound somewhere in the Southwest."   

He somehow knew he was either in Mexico or what would become Texas close to what is now the southern border of Texas. He also knew that he was happy in his situation and at that very moment was praying with gratitude for his position in life.  

"I don't know how long in 'real time' this experience lasted, but I think it was probably ten minutes or so. I felt in that experience that I was a native of Spain and voluntarily came to this place and was content."

(Adapted from BEYOND STRANGE: True Tales of Alien Encounters and Paranormal Mysteries, Rob MacGregor and Trish MacGregor, Crossroad Press, 2017.)

Article Copyright© Rob MacGregor - reproduced with permission.

- Rob & Trish MacGregor

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