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Residual Hauntings

February 20, 2006 | Comment icon 0 comments

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Residual Haunting, a theory. It has often been suggested that Residual Hauntings (R.H.) are the repeated playback of tragic events. I’m not trying to debunk this theory, but offering a slight alternative to the current hypotheses. I don’t believe that all RH’s are simply the recordings of peoples deaths or moments leading up to death captured in some fashion. I believe that they are the result of Residual Emotional Energy Resonance (R.E.E.R.). To explain what this is, and how it works, I’ll offer hypothetical situations, and explanations. To simplify what REER is, it’s an extremely traumatic emotional experience, relative of a Significant Emotional Experience (S.E.E.), yet more powerful. So powerful in fact as to imprint the feelings, and the events witnessed by the "imprinter" at the time of the trauma.

The emotional traumatic energy is then transferred to the environment in which the person who experiences it was in at the time of said trauma. It remains in that general area, until somehow another person or people trigger what the experiencer went through or saw. This is the reason that R.H. occurs as if a play back. Many times during R.H. the person(s) experiencing it feel terrified, guilty, anger or overwhelming sadness. These feelings which have been reported are simply the witness of the R.H. empathically experiencing what the person who imprinted the event felt at the time of the event. Though there are just as many cases where there was no odd emotion felt, other than the shock and fear which come with experiencing a "Ghost". Additionally the person views the events as they happened to or were viewed by the person who left the imprint.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s examine this.

A 12 year old boy is raped and sodomized by an uncle in the family home, while his younger brother sleeps in the next room. (disgusting I know, but I needed something traumatic) The uncle finishes with the boy, then rises to leave the room and tells the boy that his brother is next. The boys feelings, and the sight of his uncle standing at the bedside peering down at him, then turning around and leaving the room are such powerful trauma, especially knowing what is in store for his younger brother. That the feelings and what the boy sees may become imprinted in that room and specifically in the location of where the bed was at the time.
20 years later a young couple buy the same house, and the bedroom is occupied by their 17 year old daughter. For the sake of argument, her bed is placed almost exactly where the bed of the boy who was raped was. She on the first night of sleeping in the room, lies down to sleep and is suddenly nauseated and filled with fear, she looks up and sees a man, who she doesn’t know, standing at her bedside, peering down at her, he then turns and walks out of the room. Her parents hear her scream, as should be expected. The parents assure her that there is no-one there, and everything quiets down, a few nights later it all replays itself again, and so on and so forth. Though the man seems to be peering at her, it is the memory that makes it seem as such. After time, the bed is moved and one of the parents sleep in the room, but now when the situation plays itself out, the angle is slightly askew and the man appears as an apparition, not quite as substantial as he first was to the daughter. The father notices that the man pays no attention to the noises he makes or any movement the father makes.

This is not a "typical" R.H., but what is typical about hauntings? Though I don’t believe that R.H. is actually a haunting in the true sense of the word to begin with.

This is not to say that all R.H. is of a negative, or extremely violative nature. An R.H. could also result from extreme, uncontrollable joy. I had a story related to me a few years back, by an old woman who told me that her son continued to return home from Vietnam for the past 25 years or so. Her story was that from time to time, while she looked out her window, especially on rainy days, she as well as her son Charles himself had seen himself coming up the walk, arrive at the door and knock, as he did upon his return from the war. Only to answer the door to find no-one there. She’d told me that she’d watched the news and worried every day that he would not come home as many of her friends children had died while fighting in Vietnam. She remembers, as does he, that it was raining, the day he came home, he had a newspaper over his head, and he trotted up the four stairs, then knocked on the door to surprise her. She’d seen him through the window, as it is about forty-five feet from the sidewalk to the front steps, and was overjoyed to see him safe and alive. She could not explain how she knew it was him, she just did. So from time to time Charles comes home again, as he did from the war.

This was an example of how the R.E.E.R. could imprint itself on a location from a positive experience. She even related that occasionally a neighbor, over for coffee, would tell her that Charles was coming up the walk, only to find no-one at the front door, after hearing a knock. Coincidentally, Mrs. Pryce lives in Pennsylvania and her son Charles resides in N.C.

It is my theory that these "incidents" of R.H. wherein the "ghost" pays no attention to its viewers and simply goes about its business, re-enacting whatever business it is up to is not, in fact a ghost at all, but rather a left behind memory, as viewed by someone going through a greatly emotional experience. It is, imprinted in the environment where it occurred, due to strong emotions, possibly psi abilities. These reminders of past events, may be witnessed by anyone, occasionally the people see themselves, captured in a moment in time. I think we need not fear the R.E.E.R. or R.H. phenomenons, but perhaps, we should pay close attention to what they could reveal, for we may learn something from them.

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