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  Columnist: Frank B. Glover

Image credit: Wikipedia

Mysterious Earth

Posted on Thursday, 23 March, 2006 | 4 comments
Columnist: Frank B. Glover

This world the third stone from the Sun our planet Earth holds many mysteries in its past. We have just a basic idea of what this world has witnessed since its birth in the solar system. But yet we spend billions of dollars to look deeper in space for answers when in fact we may be sitting on them. Everyone has a hypothesis of what they lean more towards and I have mine. But being not a scientist or a scholar I have many different directions to lean towards. And finding as the plot thickens in some of them while others I can lead you to a dead end with. Bearing an open mind to what is physical evidence and just plain speculation can even disrupt what many scientist agree upon. While digging a little deeper in our planets mysteries we will find that even a scholar will tend to just speculate on what cant be explained away by words. I would like to go straight to the point about each subject of interest. And not spend hours getting lost in each subject.

UFO sightings: UFOís have been spotted all over the planet. MUFON has a map of these sightings and when you look at all the red dots of each sighting they cover most of the land mass on the planet. But the key word here is sighting not evidence of a sighting just a person who said they saw one. Thatís a big difference in my opinion because that takes us down the road towards speculation based on hear say and not physical evidence.

Video & Photograph Proof: Yes we have photos and videos of many UFO sightings. But once again thanks to all those people who faked them and either got caught or openly admitted they faked them what do we find here ?. We also again become faced with speculation a little stronger than just a witness of a sighting but not 100% because of the possibility of forgery behind so many others. As technology becomes advanced each passing year forgery becomes more and more easier. 20 years ago a hub cap thrown in the air and photographed made people wonder until the professionals blew it up large enough to see the ford emblem on it. And special effects have been around for centuries on Earth from Witch Doctors performing operations with nothing but there bare hands to modern movies. The world is full of special effect students looking for jobs and nothing is better than a hoax to kick start a career in the special effect industry.

Eye Witnesses: But an event witnessed and video tapped or photographed by hundreds of people is very hard to rule out as a hoax. And these require hundreds of hours of research by many educated people in high ranking positions. And we have a few of these not many but we do have some. And to this date they are still unsolved by these guys. It becomes difficult to rule out anything when you have nothing to compare it to that is pure physical evidence to back it up. Yes sir that is a hub cap off a 1951 FORD and we have one here to back up or research findings. Yes sir that is a UFO and no we donít have one to compare it to in order to back up our research findings. So then it becomes more of that damn speculation we hate so much. With out the proof you have no pudding to point to for it. But is the proof in the pudding ? Perhaps on that one would be just a guess now wouldnít it ?

Alien abductions! Maybe / Maybe Not ?: Now this one just throws the entire idea of UFOís into a panic in everyone. Iíve read hundreds of these reports and I would have to rule that about 95% speculation only. But that other 5% has left many of us standing there scratching our heads going humm!. And those other 5% have physical evidence. A lady and her husband became famous in the 60ís as the first people abducted by aliens. The decades that passed we only had them to believe until the lady drew a star chart the aliens showed her and just recently another lady found that constellation in our own galaxy. Now that was chilling. And a few guys up north got confronted with a UFO that took one of there friends one night and they came close to being convicted of his murder until he showed up a few days latter naked and confused in a phone both far away from where they picked him up at. All of them took and passed lie detector test of the event they witnessed. Now thatís what I call physical evidence. It was so much in fact they made a movie about this one.

Alien implants! Maybe / Maybe Not! I have seen photos of these implants and I just donít feel these implants have ever been proven to be of terrestrial origin. I have to conspire with traditional human judgment with people claiming alien implants. Show me proof of that implant being sliced and diced into thousands of microns and the scientist that did it saying it was not of this Earth and then I will lean this way. But for now I just see pain freaks looking for attention. Many of the so called micro chip implants do appear to be microchips without a doubt. But microchips are not hard to make are find. What the micro chip is or the technology behind its creation has never to my knowledge been a concern for some reason.

Crop Circles Maybe / Maybe Not! These things have got me going in circles. I believed in them when I was a kid and then I grew up hearing about people making them so forgery came into their purity of origin. And then now after researching them more from reading what scientist have wrote about their own findings of them I feel we do have some that are 100% genuine in creation. But if so who made them and why ?. Better yet how would be one of my first questions. Real unsolved crop circles have bent plants not broken stems. And they have iron deposits on the plants that would point to maybe a magnetic field of some kind. And real ones have weaved plants woven together like hair braided. Hoax crop circles have broken stems and no iron deposits and the plants are just mashed down flat. And a few of these things have been created overnight that were so big it would have taken about 1500 people to all work together to create. And a point of survey comes into play behind the hoax theory on these larger ones. It becomes impossible for anyone to survey and design such fine detail in one night.

Cattle Mutilations Maybe / Maybe Not! First we are stuck with physical evidence of whatís left of the animal. And the way it was mutilated brings many things to mind. UFOís, Occults, Sick People, People who enjoy doing it for some reason, I would classify as sick. In my opinion nothing has ever pointed towards a UFO doing it except a witness reporting seeing one. And that falls under speculation. And if a UFO did it why would they not just take the cattle with them ?. I mean it could be processed into food, fuel, energy or just thrown into the abyss for all we know. But who knows I just donít see little green men dropping by to pick a cow and pull out certain organs and then leaving the rest. If that was the case all of these people with claims of abductions would end up laying in your front yard now and then missing some organs.

UFO Crashes Maybe / Maybe Not : I want to believe in these. And as a child I was fascinated with the idea and abundance of information gathered and given by the public and the media. Now as a grown man I have to wonder about the facts. Not so much at whatís fact and whatís speculation but just about our own government. You see you have another key element that plays a role here. You have some form of a government system in every country of the world. And each one has the ability to sit on information and cover it up at will. They do this without answering to the public and they always will. Why they can do this is for national security and if you were to dig deep enough into this idea of leadership I would be willing to bet you would do it to if you were in the government. Because if the United States claims they have found a UFO that has been crashed or commandeered it would make world news and the technology behind any advanced culture other than our own would be sought after like none other on the planet. Not to mention world panic and fear would set in the public and cause hostile actions towards a race that might not have hostile intentions. So cover-up or the ability to cover-up wipes out any facts or speculation without ever knowing what you should believe in. And I guess thatís fine but we still wonder. And after the passing of the freedom of information act and the release of documents that were once Top Secret what did we find out from these ?. Well for one thing they used a lot of black markers to black out the things they didnít want us to find out. And now once again we are also faced with some of these documents that have been forged and its getting hard to tell unless you dig them up off the government links online and no where else. But now for some reason Mexico seems to be looking for a little help because they openly share military videos and photographs of Foo Fighters or UFOís with the entire world. And this has to make you wonder whatís going on in Mexico because they seem to not be able to grasp the idea of this and deal with it so they look for answers in everyone else in the world. Is Mexico bringing back the faith in what other countries cover up ?. Maybe but then again they might just be contributing to the problem by backing up claims that they themselves did not fully investigate. Makes you wonder who is fooling who with Mexico and the UFO. My personal belief is that Mexico does not spend any money or devote any time into the phenomenon so you have to have an open mind with Mexico.

Alien Autopsy : Well I seen the video and I watched the professionals voice their opinions on the subject being cut on. And the other things in the video that made it seem more from the time period it was believed to have been from. But since then I have heard other skeptics voice on the matter and now I must say that once again we have to remember special effects. So Maybe / Maybe Not is where I rest on opinion of the ordeal. It looks real and the movie film is from the time period this was believed to have been recorded. Many things around the room are also from the time period. But I read that a warning sign seen in the background was not designed until the 1960ís and used by the government. So its like woops! Wrong sign from the antique store someone did not do enough research on the sign. But who knows the story I read about the sign could also be wrong because the government has not came forward and pointed that out for us. The big question is where is the alien parts now ? And who and where are the guys in video now ?.

Alien Artifacts : Some people have claimed to have had parts of crashed UFOís in their possession and many of these have been tested. And a few of these have come back with astonishing results. Alloy that is beyond human technology to make. That will blow your mind. But a few have come back to be nothing more than melted soda cans. A skull found that is called Star child that appears to be very large is said to be from another world. It was tested and found to be human but red threads were found formed in the skull. No one can seem to figure out why. Perhaps the skull was bound many years while the child was alive by the same cloth every day. Who knows Maybe / Maybe Not.

Egypt : Who built the pyramids ? How did they build them ?. Egyptian civilization holds many secrets. And we are just talking about four thousand years ago. People have many different theories based on just whatís been found to date. But things are being found everyday in places no one ever thought to look. Beneath the sand is more tombs than in any pyramid ever found. This is where they first put the dead long before they constructed pyramids. The strangest artifact ever found in Egypt has to be the Baghdad Battery. For many years no one even knew what it was but this one scientist had it and he got to looking at it and decided it looked like a battery to him. So he poured a little water in it and it held a current of electricity. It is a clay jar with a copper tube going down the center with an iron rod held in place by asphalt at the top and bottom inside the copper tube. Just like a battery was first built. Some skeptics however knock it around from time to time as just plain luck and that it was never part of the original design by the Egyptians to build a battery. But hey like it or not thatís hard core physical evidence and the Egyptians had electricity long before anyone else known of on Earth. As far as how the pyramids were constructed that is still unknown to everyone and perhaps may never be figured out. Someone built it with very advanced abilities in stone cutting and transport of very large stones. Scientist still chew on that one every day. But I keep looking into the many other directions of this ability in other cultures around the world.

Ancient Artifacts : Spine tingling to say the very least when I got to researching this topic I forgot about everything else and spent weeks reading what I found. My printer ran of ink because I wanted to print it all and take it to work with me to read everyday. This topic has not made it on TV as far as I know of if it did then I missed it and would love to have seen it. People have dug items out of the Earth embedded in stone and coal that did not belong on Earth when the stone or coal was formed. A man found a iron cooking pot in a block of coal. Iron nails have been found in coal and stone. Jewelry has been found in coal, very delicate jewelry like small chains of gold and silver. It takes millions of years to form coal or stone. At that time no one was thought to of had that kind of technology. Another man found a device formed in stone that when studied by the experts left only one conclusion, SPARKPLUG!. They said it looked like a strange type of sparkplug. So ok some UFO millions of years ago took a pit stop on Earth and changed sparkplugs on their flying saucer. Why not who else brought it ?. Many things have been found all around the Earth that no one can ever explain. Its just classified as amazing. A cover up would indeed seem to of took place here. Its like we are someone with the same technology we have had was here once long ago and the world was churned after that to hide the evidence. For someone to find a perfect nail in a chunk of coal you know they had to of felt like the present just took a leap into the past. Bizarre in my opinion off the charts. Now when do we hear about billion dollar studies into this kind of stuff ?.

Human Advancement : I was working with a guy one time back in the 1980ís and we had to travel a lot with our job. One night we got on this kick to talk about mysteries of the world. I told him mine and then he told he his. Mine was kind of simple as I wondered where space ended and if it did end at all. He said he had also wondered that but his biggest wonder now was human advancement. I said what do you mean like going from the so called monkey to a man ?. And he said no look back at history say 1000 years ago and then jump ahead 900 years and look at how far humans advanced in 900 years. And I agreed not far at all. And he said now look at say 100 years ago up until today. Look at where we are with technology just in 100 years. He said he felt humans had help getting this leap in technology. And that he didnít know how or why but it was just to quick. His name was Jeff Crossing and he was my friend, my boss and my teacher when it came to pest control. He passed away in 1997

ESP : This subject has always been very interesting to me because my mother had the ability to see a death in the family before it would happen. And I have always had a touch of some form of ESP I am just not sure of what it is. I can feel things bad before they happen. Not always a death maybe a wreck or a bad luck moment in life. ESP comes in many forms and the United States Government thought enough about it to invest money into the idea of remote viewing. ESP is in my opinion very real and I would not doubt its ability for a moment. However as far as science goes we do not have any medical explanation for it. But as far as physical proof we have more than you can shake a stick at. People have solved murders that were unsolved with their ESP abilities. And as far as the remote viewing that is very different in some ways itís a more refined form of ESP. I have done a good bit of research into remote viewing and what I found was beyond belief at what people trained can accomplish with nothing but their own mind. Mind reading however I have not found to much for full blown thought reading but remote viewing can also be used as a two way street. A sender and a receiver of thoughts and it works. ESP is nothing to sneeze at its for real and thatís not just my opinion read up on it up yourself and you will find tons of physical evidence.

I wrote this a year ago nearly to the day. I found it tonight and decided to post it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. All comments welcome always.

Article Copyright© Frank B. Glover - reproduced with permission.

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