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Tammy A. Branom

Putting a bug in your... body!

5-27-2013 | 0

With all the reported cases of necrotizing fasciitis in the media and conspiracy theories on the rise surrounding t...

Tammy A. Branom

Aurora's Waverider

8-20-2012 | 5

I recently read an article on about a "new" hypersonic aircraft, the X-51A Waverider. As I perused the stor...

Tammy A. Branom

Piecing Egypt's puzzles

4-26-2012 | 6

The Tomb of Seti I has the King List in which all the Pharaohs of Egypt are named all the way back into the First T...

Tammy A. Branom

Ghosts in our dimensions

2-8-2012 | 2

Ghosts. I have long pondered if they truly exist or not. Although I watch many of ghost programs on television, th...

Tammy A. Branom

The Shining Ones

1-5-2012 | 23

The Shining Ones. Ancient astronauts? Extraterrestrials? Although I think the ideas are interesting, I find it d...

Tammy A. Branom

Aliens yesterday, today and tomorrow

11-26-2011 | 2

Aliens. I understand the universe is a big place and believing that we are the only life in it is ludicrous. Howe...

Tammy A. Branom

Invading force

7-28-2011 | 1

Most people are of the notion that when a society or civilization is overtaken by an invading force that the intrud...

Tammy A. Branom

Zombies, Vampires, and Jesus Christ (Oh, My!)

5-29-2011 | 15

Since May 21, 2011, came and went without the dead rising and some living folks floating away, which really comes a...

Tammy A. Branom

The mind of God

5-7-2011 | 11

I have read many times how scientists are seeking the beginnings of the universe. It is the Holy Grail of science....

Tammy A. Branom

The Genesis leap

4-17-2011 | 4

Many civilizations have strikingly similar creation myths. One of the most prominent creation stories is the Chris...

Tammy A. Branom

Lightning crashes

4-5-2011 | 1

Recently, I was going through some old TV shows that I had saved and ended up finding and watching a National Geogr...

Tammy A. Branom

Music of the mind

3-24-2011 | 5

A couple days ago, a local radio station changed its format after 21 years of being the ultimate (and only provider...

Tammy A. Branom

Outside the box

3-14-2011 | 3

Recently, I was browsing my movie collection and an old 1963, black and white movie called “The Brain That Wouldn...

Tammy A. Branom

In the beginning...

3-8-2011 | 3

I like to write cyclic fiction stories. By that, I mean that how I end a story is to circle it back to the beginni...

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