Sunday, September 26, 2021
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  Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

Image credit: NASA/ESA/ESO

The mind of God

Posted on Saturday, 7 May, 2011 | 11 comments
Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

[!gad]I have read many times how scientists are seeking the beginnings of the universe. It is the Holy Grail of science. CERN was developed to look for this answer, among other questions. Stephen Hawking has stated that after he gave a lecture on his theories of how the universe began, he met with the Pope. The Pope told him not to go beyond the beginning of the universe because to do so would to be looking into the mind of God. I wonder if the Pope now knows that Hawking (and others) was and is doing just that.

There are many speculations on the beginning, growth, and eventual end of our universe. Big bang, big crunch, big rip. Eternal growth to empty darkness, quiet rush into a cosmic tear, or screeching halt and crumple in to a cataclysmic smash. Our universe’s birth, life, and death is anybody’s guess.

Along with our universe is the prospect of other universes. And there are tons of theories about those as well. How many, how big, laws of physics, strings, bubbles, waves. Branes, planes, and alternates. Parallel universes, alternate realities, and everything wrapped up in one big happy multiverse of universes. Let’s not forget the holographic universe, either.

No one can say any of them do or do not exist because we little humans, as yet, can’t prove any of it. Then again, we couldn’t prove black holes, either. Now we know they are there.

With that being said, many of the theories of the universe and all that is in it also are examined by both religious and metaphysical groups. The Catholic Church has graciously accepted that the possibility of life elsewhere is real. Deepak Chopra argues that quantum physics is proving what religion and metaphysics has said all along--that everything around us is connected and directed by a larger, grander mind. In “The Holographic Universe,” author Michael Talbot shows how everything from apparitions to aliens and precognition to portals in time are all part of our universe as a giant hologram. Our reality comes from somewhere beyond time and space and partially guided by our own perceptions.

Now, bear in mind that I am no scientist. I simply read science articles and books. Nor am I religious or follow Deepak Chopra. I am not a big-name author like Michael Talbot, but I would like to throw my ideas of the universe out to everyone. And, if you think any of the other theories of the universe are too weird, well, you may want to stop right here. If you want to see what I see, then by all means, proceed.

As with the scientific world, I have many ideas on the universe. As I peruse scientific discoveries and photos, I try to find connections. Consequently, I stumbled upon uncanny links based first on pictures, then on theory. From that, I built my own conjecture.

As a writer, I create characters and lead them along in their lives to tell a story. They begin in my mind and then end up in whatever venue they are accepted into. Others read them, and their exploits become realistic in a sense of “seeing” them in one’s own mind portraying the events I wrote. In a way, these characters come to life, although they are only fictional and not real. This got me to thinking about universes and one theory in particular. What if WE are the product of someone’s story?

A good writer creates a perfect “world” for the characters live, play, and work. Earth is the perfect distance from the sun, with the perfect amount of water, the perfect atmosphere, perfect tilt, perfect rotation, perfect gravity, perfect soil. It even has the perfect shields from the sun and space. According to scientists, any slight deviation in any of these “perfections” would have resulted in life not existing on this planet.

Earth is, as scientists say, just perfect. Ideal for human “characters.”

As a result, I set to searching for some type of evidence that we may be creations acting out random stories and plots--that we exist in someone’s imagination, their mind. I came upon a photo of a map of the local universe. (See following picture).

What I found very interesting is that this resembles brain synapse. (See following picture).

This was so similar, it was eerie. Could I be onto something? Could our entire universe be inside a brain? My search was recently supported by images from Sloan Digital Sky Survey. (See following picture).

This photo reminded me of old health class pictures of the human brain. (See following picture).

I know you may be thinking this is a bit of a stretch, but most theories are, at least at first. Is it possible that instead of “dark matter” and “dark energy,” we are floating around in brain matter and brain energy? Before you say no, think about this: Would we know? Would we know what a brain from beyond OUR comprehension would be like? We can only say what brain material on our own level, our own reality, is like. We honestly cannot say what the brain matter of--dare I say--God is made of. Perhaps we are in a brain and that matter is an illusion first supplied by the maker and then propagated by us. Therefore, are galaxies, stars, and planets, illusions for us characters to see? Are they our backdrop? Do we create our own reality? Is it a spin off from an original source? Many of us writers say our characters take on lives of their own and actually manipulate their surroundings in a story, even to the point of changing the direction of the plot. Is what we see sustained by our own perceptions? Quantum theory says maybe yes, although in a limited way. Physicists testing quantum mechanics experiment with basic elements, not complex systems, such as humans. On the quantum level, constituents perform as the observer expects. We humans, as complex systems, do not always behave as expected. Then again, on a twist of the Uncertainty Principle, we may only perceive ourselves as complex and essentially, as observers of the system, we become part of the observed system and see ourselves how we want. I also must consider that if we are indeed the creation of a mind, that mind could be the observer and may also become part of the observed system. This would explain God (or gods) since He (or they) observes humans and is believed to interact with us. And, I must point out as well that writers often carve themselves (in some manner) into their stories.

According to medical research, the human brain shrinks as it ages, unless it is actively healthy. If the brain suffers from disease or dementia, it works slower and slower, and atrophies. If it is healthy, it shows no cognitive loss or decline in mental abilities. If we are inside a mind and it is anything at all similar to ours, then theories on how the universe will end make some sense. Either a slow decline to nothingness (as if diseased or dementia) or a full stop and collapse (as in sudden death?). At this point, scientists agree that galaxies are hurtling away from each other at increasing rates. Is it possible our host (God?) is dying? Or, is he gearing up for another novel?

Along with researching brain activity and comparing it to our cosmos, I found that black holes in our universe posed a problem for me. We do know they exist, so how do I tie them to a brain? Synapses were the obvious solution, with the cell centers being the host of information; however, I found something else. At MailOnline, I read a very interesting article on holes in the brain. Photos on the site show how caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and even Alzheimer’s deteriorate the brain, starting with small holes and growing to large dead spots where there is no brain function due to lack of blood. Check it out for yourself at:

Again, could our Host be dying? I compared the pictures from the above website to pictures of Hubble’s 3-D image of dark matter. Take a look at this article and maps. Interesting to me is the use of the word “scaffolding” in the piece. That term brings to mind the platforms that workers stand on to construct buildings. Cosmic scaffolding and story construction...nice comparison of universe-to-brain structure.

So, if a brain and our universe are one in the same, what of background radiation or the holographic universe boundary? Could that be the layers of dura mater membrane between the brain and skull or even just the skull itself?

Therefore, are we all interconnected? If we exist as characters in a masterpiece novel, yes. Is there a deeper level of reality? If we are in someone’s mind, I would have to say yes. Our universe as a brain and humans as characters in a creative mind explains many things, among them paranormal phenomena and unfound (yet necessary to clarify time, space, and the universe) particles such as the Higgs Boson. Parallel universes could be explained as other parts of the brain or as other individuals or perhaps even computer programs.

So, in the beginning, when the universe burst into existence, it could have been a synapse firing an idea--a heated, I-can’t-wait-to-get-going-with-this plan. And, the idea grew.

Article Copyright© Tammy A. Branom - reproduced with permission.

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