Thursday, March 22, 2018
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  Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

Image credit: stockxpert

The Shining Ones

Posted on Thursday, 5 January, 2012 | 23 comments
Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

The Shining Ones. Ancient astronauts? Extraterrestrials? Although I think the ideas are interesting, I find it difficult to believe life from afar came here and/or is still visiting us, keeping an eye on our progress, so to speak. I feel that the universe--even our galaxy--is too immense and any signals of our meager existence too diminutive for otherworldly beings to find us. However, I do believe entities from our own world, be it extra or ultra dimensional, are a more logical explanation as the culprits. Moreover, as Einstein postulated, time exists, past, present, future, ALL the time, not just moment to moment, as we perceive it. With that in mind, if someone (or a group) had the knowledge to do so, time could be traversed.

Thus, what of the Shining Ones? Who were they? Where did they come from? These beings appear in ancient texts, myths, and religions around the world. New Age and other interpreters often claim the term “Shining Ones” show up more than is actually true as most of the references are not actually of Shining Ones by name, but rather of entities of similar descriptions. From what I gather, the Shining Ones are referred to in (albeit in limited places) Egyptian passages, Pagan beliefs, the Christian bible, Greek writings, and Sumerian tablets. Basically, the Shining Ones made themselves known in various places around the world, were more intelligent than humans, taught humans necessary information, and appeared to “shine” or were referenced as having light rays beaming around or from them. The same documentation referring to shining ones can also easily be interpreted as humans who were “enlightened” either religiously or educationally. The Shining Ones in Egyptian writing are more likely references of Egyptian kings who were considered divine and human with a direct lineage to the god of their preference.

Yes, descriptions could indeed be of elevated humans, but enlightened by whom? “Enlightened” can mean wise, educated, pure, divine, and/or powerful, which could describe anyone who the ancients saw in those terms. Who were the teachers?

What if there is more to the story of the Shining Ones? Fairies and Elves (there are Light Elves and Dark Elves) of Celtic mythology have a reference as Shining Ones. Lugh (Pan-Celtic) is called The Shining One and the British Celtic War God Belatucadros is called “fair shining one.” Hinduism’s devas are called shining ones. The Archangel Michael is referred to as Shining. The list goes on and on. It also appears that many of the Shining Ones also take on other names such as the god Mars, hero gods, the Elohim, the Annunaki, the Watchers, angels, major gods, lesser gods, devas, priests, and prophets. Nonetheless, they were all “helpers” and/or educators of mankind. Although the list of references may be long, again, the Shining Ones by name are not common in the ancient writings, as if they were only present when necessary--perhaps when conditions allowed or spacetime was disrupted.

Furthermore, did these Shining Ones actually glow? Doubtful. Perhaps “shining” has dual meanings, depending on the context. Alternatively, what if shining is a misinterpretation? Pale skin, bright or white clothes...Shining One? For example, Lugh of Celtic belief. He had many names. The Shining One; Sun God; God of War; Many Skilled; and FAIR-HAIRED ONE. Belatucadros: FAIR Shining One. The Sumerian Annunaki were supposedly fair-skinned as well.

I had an “aha” moment of sorts when I was watching the end of the movie, “Dragonfly.” Near the end, Kevin Costner walks into the village where he believes his baby is located. The natives, all small, dark-skinned people, gather around him. That’s when my moment happened. Mr. Costner is tall compared to the locals. Tall, fair-skinned, and fair-haired. Even his clothing is light and is, of course, more advanced (clothed to the feet?) than that of those in the jungle. Aha! If someone of our present time were to “appear” in times past, we would be taller. Also, if that person were dressed in light colored clothing, even say, something akin to a pressurized space-type suit (perhaps needed to make it through a spacetime vortex which may be similar to space) or a silver or white Hazmat suit (to prevent “future” germs and/or viruses from spreading to the past), how would the local populace react? Then, the obvious question of what if that person was blonde? If any of these things were present, which, according to legend, myth, and religion they were, then the reaction of the native people would be, at the very least, one of awe, perhaps suspicion, and more likely they would respond by either running away and/or attack. Obviously, in the movie, the locals knew of other people. However, based on images from flyovers of remote villages that have never been in contact with the outside world, the response would be quite different had they never seen an outsider before.

And what of language? Communication between the Shining Ones and humans doesn’t seem to be a big issue. Either they have a great system of speaking with natives so that everyone understands each other (a universal translator or another person who translates?) or the “Shining Ones” are already familiar with the local tongue. Either way, that points to someone who is at least accustomed with the language of the area and programmed it into equipment or can speak it. Therefore, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t speak of extraterrestrials to me. Nor ancient astronauts. Not unless, of course, the “Shining Ones” are able to “read” our languages from our minds. I won’t say it isn’t possible. I simply don’t believe it is all that probable. My thoughts are toward the idea that these Shining Ones knew the language because they were from there.

So, where did the Shining Ones live? Text says they came from above, as in heaven or the sky. Some appear out of nowhere. There are descriptions in various scriptures involving reincarnation of souls traveling up from Earth to heaven and back down again, almost as if souls, or the energy of the deceased can or does exist all around us or, at the very least, in our atmosphere “above” us. In Hinduism, devas, or minor gods, inhabit a higher “astral plane. Devas are teachers and protectors of humankind. They also come to humans in dreams with messages. There are fallen devas who inhabit the lower astral plane, or simply put, down here, around us. The fallen devas can do good deeds and be reincarnated to a good deva and restored to the higher plane. Now, most think of these planes in a simple way--astral planes are where souls or the energy of the living go after they die. Well, that may be true, but what if astral planes are something else...or something more? Perhaps astral planes are other dimensions and these “energy being” or souls are not necessarily of the dead, but rather of living entities in another (or other) dimension(s). They come “down” because that’s what they appear to do. In reality, it may be that when the doorway between dimensions is opened, the differences between where the planet is and where it was makes for a bit of “jump.” Think Jacob’s Ladder. He saw “angels” going up and down to heaven on a “staircase” all of which gleamed. Extraterrestrials going up and down a stairwell to a ship? Well, maybe, but I prefer a more scientific or quantum explanation. I think, since the ladder goes all the way into “heaven,” then it is perhaps not necessarily a ladder, but rather a simplistic description of people traversing a walkway of sorts (maybe just an image of pulsing light) from their “place” to ours. Their dimension to ours? That’s what I think. Gods and angels, devils and demons. Us. We are both good and bad, much as the gods and angelic beings were as well. Heaven and Hell? As above so below. Not another planet, but rather another existence. Hell is Earth.

So, who were the Shining Ones exactly? Texts say they were the teachers of mankind, the helpers of humans. Some texts indicate they even played a hand in the (or actually did) creation of humans. This all sounds very familiar, albeit in a different set of circumstances. Did not the serpent in the Garden of Eden “show” Adam and Eve the way to become as God by “eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge?” What if the “eating” is a misinterpretation and it simply means to “partake?” Were not the “fallen angels” actually condemned because they taught the ways of heaven to the humans and mated with humans? I contend that the Shining Ones were the condemned “fallen” and the “serpent” and the Annunaki. And, to me, all the habits and personality conflicts involved were all very human-like. Yes, the texts say we were created in “their image” but how likely is it that these otherworldly type beings were so human-like to begin with? Were they truly extraterrestrial and made us just like them, or is there a simpler answer? My answer is that they and we are the same. The Shining Ones, the Fallen, the Annunaki, etc, etc, are all too similar to be different beings. They are somehow us--very much human, very much our creators, our educators, and very much extra-dimensional or ultra-dimensional. We went back for some reason(s).

What might those reasons be? Perhaps we tried to fix the past when some disturbance threw spacetime out of whack. Maybe we tried to fix ourselves only to find the past truly CANNOT be changed. Think this is not possible? What about the stories of Joan of Arc being given a sword by an “angel” that when she wielded it, victory was hers? Moreover, what of King Arthur? A lady in a lake holds the sword up to him? I know this may be simply a tale, but what if that tale is based on some truth? I mean, really? It’s no more far-fetched to believe that than the stories in the bible--of which millions believe those words. There is the legend of Amakuni Yasutsuna and his son, Amakura who prayed to the Shinto gods for a new sword design. Supposedly, they both received a “divine” message at the same time in dreams of a shining, single-edged, curved blade. It became the standard weapon in due time. All these past people were “helped” by godly entities and given knowledge and gifts of war. War is inherently built into us. These beings were playing on that. So, think about that. Who would do such a thing? WE would if it served an ultimate purpose. Correct the past? Change the past? What if a future discrepancy is fought, not by soldiers on the battlefields, but rather by manipulating outcomes in the past?

What of our past has changed? According to science, we wouldn’t even know.

“Angel” sightings and UFO sightings are supposedly on the increase. So is our technology. No, I don’t think it was given to us by otherworldly beings, but I do think the frequencies emitted by all of our electronic toys and equipment, both here and in our atmosphere above us, may have an unknown effect. What if this is how timespace is manipulated? Tesla is rumored to have created a “hole” within a loop of electricity through which he could see other “things.” The hole increased in size, stunning Tesla, mesmerizing him. The hole threatened to envelope him when an assistant managed to shut down the equipment. Ghost hunters will swear that places of “high energy” such as battlefields and buildings in which horrible atrocities occurred have increased spirit activity. What if “high energy” whether from frequencies, electricity, or from catastrophic events, causes alterations in spacetime? What if that’s all that the “Shining Ones” need to go through a portal into the past that will be written down and we read about today? What if we are making it very easy for them to walk through our past, present, and even the future with all of our electronics humming away?

And, what if there are other long-term effects? Many ancient texts say that the dead are to rise again and walk among the living. What if they do not simply rise again, but rather, our technology breaches the timespace continuum around our planet and we see everyone--past, present, future, extra and ultra dimensional? If people don’t understand the quantum side of it, then they will most certainly believe the people to be “ghosts.”

Perhaps, not only will we assist ourselves--our species--in the past, but we will have our own “Shining Ones”; here to help us, guide us, protect us, and give us knowledge. Along the way, maybe some of them and some of us will find love (or at least a good time) just as in the “past.”

Article Copyright© Tammy A. Branom - reproduced with permission.

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