Sunday, April 22, 2018
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  Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

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Music of the mind

Posted on Thursday, 24 March, 2011 | 5 comments
Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

A couple days ago, a local radio station changed its format after 21 years of being the ultimate (and only provider of new rock) rock music channel here. Apparently, the ratings were not high enough, so their sister AM talk station simulcast into the FM side. No more music. All news, all the time. Why would you change a rock music station to talk radio? Especially after 21 years? All music to all talk in the flip of a switch. There were no announcements of this impending doom. One day, it just was. Now, why would anyone be so cruel to all of the rock listeners? Honestly, I donít know all the whys of this change, but since I like a good conspiracy story as well as anyone else, I got to thinking about the roll music plays in the world.

My mind wandered to some research I once did regarding sound, more specifically, music. Iím sure everyone has seen the outcome of music played for plants, but studies done on humans with various types of music showed similar results. Loud rock music alters brainwaves, changes heartbeat and mood, and can even elevate blood pressure.

Has anyone ever noticed that during rush hour, rock stations play more mellow music? I donít know if itís an ethical issue or if the FCC has something to do with it, but itís true. I think also that music stations run talk shows during rush hours not only for something for people to ďdoĒ during the wait time in the car, but it is also does not contribute to critical mass for commuters, at least not in the same way rock music does.

So, is this a conspiracy to keep everyone calm? Perhaps. And it isnít necessarily a bad thing--yet.

Iíve read on a few conspiracy theory sites how people thwarted government mind control by putting on headphones and listening to rock music. They said the music altered brainwaves (which rock does) and rendered the mind control waves useless by frazzling the frequency.

These stories remind me of other claims of how music has been used to help us humans. Chimes and bells hung in windows and doors will ring if an evil spirit tries to enter a home. Supposedly, the beautiful tinkling sounds are horrible to an evil spirit and send it away howling. Letís not forget snake charmers and their magical flutes. Organ music in churches aid in moving people closer to God (and away from evil). Soft music eases childrenís restlessness (If youíve ever been around small children when they are bored, you will understand what I mean). My personal favorite is of people ďglamouredĒ by fairies or leprechauns. Loud noise (as rock music is sometimes referred to) is one of the ways to bring them back from the dark side. And that brought to mind alien abduction.

Of the many alien abduction cases Iíve read, when the person is glamored by the alien(s), they cannot move or speak. They then (either consciously or unconsciously) are abducted typically against their will. If they are in a car, the first thing to go is the radio. The people who beat the alien(s) do so by repeating words (focusing) or by mentally yelling or even actually speaking or moving, any of which will cause a change in your mental state. It seems that those changes are enough to break the hold over the victim and for the aliens to release them. The key here, to me, is sound and noise.

Many people are of the notion that aliens are here, we just canít see them. If that is true, then what if we are slowly, daily, being manipulated? And, what if the airwaves are being changed to allow them free admission to our dimension--our reality? Before you scoff, think about this: more and more cities across the nation are doing away with free TV antennas for broadcast. Now, you may say itís just governmentís way of taking more money from the people, which is probably quite true, but what if thereís more to it? What if aliens or even our military/government wants to control the airwaves in order to control the people, i.e., you and me? Iím not talking just for riots, but for maintaining peaceful situations so personnel can enter homes for whatever reason(s) they see fit. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens comes to mind. But even more nefarious is the idea of sending signals (subliminally?) to accept certain things--or beings--that we wouldnít normally allow. This suggestion may not be as loony as it first sounds. Take a look around you at your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers. I did. Many people are more likely to ďblow things offĒ nowadays. Is it because weíre all too busy or too self-absorbed? Or are there signals coming over the TV or radio that make us all a little more subdued?

How many talk shows are on your radio? How many rock stations blast the airwaves in your area?

I donít know about anyone else, but I think I will load a lot of rock music in my car and keep my CD player or MP3 and a set of headphones handy. Maybe Iíll sign up for Sirius radio while Iím at it. And, I hope I can play them before I donít know why I needed it all to begin with.

Article Copyright© Tammy A. Branom - reproduced with permission.

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