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Tammy A. Branom

Ghosts in our dimensions

February 8, 2012 | Comment icon 2 comments

Image Credit: iStockPhoto
[!gad]Ghosts. I have long pondered if they truly exist or not. Although I watch many of ghost programs on television, the evidence is still elusive both to the investigators and to me. Are ghosts the manifestations of the dead? Many religions say no. In fact, Christianity declares ghosts to be demons pretending to be the spirits of loved ones, such as the entities coming forth from Ouija boards. So where does that leave the "Holy Ghost?" Oh, and what about Jesus rising from the dead? Are these outside of realm of the spirit world?

Nonetheless, my curiosity leads me to wonder in depth about the vague body-shaped apparitions that are photographed and the voices in sub-frequencies on recordings. Are they actually ghosts of the dead? Are they simply one millimeter away and trying to contact us? Or are they "spooky actions at a distance?" Manifestations of our minds from the attempts of the brain to make sense of distorted, unknown angles in darkness? Could they be our own memories taking form, our sadness for our departed friends and family? Could they be our own thoughts coming to life, us wanting to really SEE the dead and therefore get confirmation that death is merely a doorway to something else, more life and not finality.

Let me bring up Harry Houdini. He went to great lengths to disprove clairvoyants and life after death. He proclaimed to his wife that should there be an afterlife, he would find the way back. According to his wife, he never did.

I used to think that not being able to come back was Houdini's "punishment." Maybe his Hell, even. But, now I believe his inability to speak from beyond the grave is possibly explained by another means.

And, what about those wanting so much to explain a darting form in the corner of their eye as something paranormal? The brain attempts to clarify what it is, but our experiences, wants, desires, education, etc., can play an enormous factor in determining that fleeting figure. Our conscious mind may know the truth of the situation, but our subconscious may have a different answer. The argument within our own minds can create confusion, prickle the skin, and make us shiver, because we literally cannot make up our own mind. However, if you are more skeptical, you will opt for an answer that says it was a bug or bird or bat whizzing by. If you are more paranormal oriented, you will likely choose to believe it was a spirit.

My husband told me that the Army teaches you that if you see something in the dark and you want to make certain it's really there, you keep your eyes on it and turn your head so that you are viewing it with your peripheral vision. If it's still there, it's real. If it's not, it was just your mind playing tricks because of the dark.

In paranormal sightings, most of the time, entities are viewed from the corner of the eye, and when you turn and look directly in that direction, the form is gone. Now, you may think that because you saw it with your peripheral to begin with, that it is truly there. Sorry, no. The Army lesson does not apply here. Tiredness causes peripheral "visions." Depression, anxiety, and "floaters" also create them. In addition, of course, the brain can create "illusions" as well because it "sees" something it can't figure out, so it substitutes with whatever is common to your memory. The brain fills in with similar surroundings when it can't directly see the image. When you turn your head to look straight on, the brain sees everything and shows you the full picture.

When in darkness, the mind will also "see" things. We humans do not have great night vision, so our brains, when in dim lighting, will attempt to fill any void with images from conscious thought. So, if you think there is a shadow in the corner that's shaped like a man, your mind will indeed lend credence to that opinion.

Fear is a powerful image producer, especially when an image speeds past your peripheral vision. I know this because I have a terrible fear of spiders. I once thought I saw a huge spider dart under some boxes. As I panted with anxiety, I pulled the boxes out and there it was. After a couple minutes of gathering my nerve, I used one of the boxes to crush the arachnid. I didn't have any more will power to check the spider's condition at the moment. I didn't want to look. However, later, after my fear subsided, I hauled out the box to clean up the remains. Instead of a mammoth spider, I found a large cricket. My mind had played tricks on me, all because of my fear.

So, are ghosts real? Are they really the dead walking in a "spirit realm?" Do we truly go "somewhere" after death? Of course, without actually dying, I cannot give a definitive answer, but after years of research, I think I may be able to present several options.

There are pictures of "ghosts." With modern cameras, these entities are being photographed in both infrared and ultraviolet, with a new belief that the ultraviolet end reveals much more than the infrared ever did. It also believed that new cameras cannot simply capture apparitions on film because lenses today have ultraviolet filter material engrained within the glass, thus sifting out that end of the spectrum, whereas old camera lenses were made of plain glass.

There are EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of supposed passed spirits speaking out--even responding directly to questions. Certain equipment shows these voices to be at frequencies below normal ranges of human speech, called ELF (Extremely Low Frequency). Many paranormal researchers consider EVPs, recorded with video, as proof of the spirit world. I'm even of a notion that ELFs may cause disruptions in our atmosphere and perhaps causing spacetime rips that allow us to contact the "other side" or for the "spirits" to reach out to us.

But, how do we know they are truly the voices and apparitions of the dearly departed of whom we are attempting to contact? In a nutshell, we do not. In fact, there are times when paranormal investigators find that when endeavoring to speak with a particular spirit, another voice comes through. For example, when trying to reach a male, they will end up with the voice of a child. But, there are many more instances of contact made with the "person" in question. They answer questions as if they are the person, and even state their name as that of the deceased.

But, does that prove that the ghosts are those of our dead? For me, no. It certainly makes for strong evidence, but there still could be other answers. Honestly, do you believe everything a living person tells you? No? Then why would you believe what a "dead" person says?

I recently stumbled onto a website (The Landover Baptist Church [forum]) stating that paranormal-based programs where investigators seek out ghosts were promoting Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult and doing nothing more than conversing with demons. It seems this is a growing belief among Christianity. However, what intrigued me was that in this forum, it was stated that the paranormal investigators were "not communicating with the souls of people who have died. When a person dies, they go to Heaven or Hell. That's it." There was more, but that tidbit is what stopped me. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, demons or angels. Therefore, I also do not accept that you go "somewhere" when you die. But, what I do agree with from that site is that the EVPs are not souls of the departed.

I would like to add here that sometimes during paranormal investigations, owners of homes and/or relatives of the deceased "haunting" their place, say that the spirit does not behave as they did in life. Could this just be because it is really a demon trying to trick the investigators? Some would say yes. Again, I will say that I believe they don't act the same because they are not the same person. They are not the dead. However, I do not consider them demons. Plays of light. Tricks of the mind. Sound matrixing. EMF fields. All these things can contribute to "ghost" encounters. All of them provide very neat, scientific explanations for the paranormal. But, there is one more that makes ghosts and the paranormal very, well, normal.

The world of quantum mechanics.

Although the quantum principle says that reality begins and ends with an observer, what that observer constructs with that observation is the question. If the observer can alter reality purely by looking, then supposedly entire alternate universes can be manifested this way. This would make ghosts easy to explain. They would merely be the manifestation of those seeking them, looking for them.

Then there's the idea that the universe is a hologram, a ghost itself. Holographic Universe theory essentially states that our physical world is, in fact, an illusion. What we see are only energy fields decoded by our brains to create a 3-Dimensional picture that is our world and our lives. This would explain spirits, since they seem to be images of what was real, but only appearing as energy phantasms.

It was also discovered that subatomic particles instantly communicate with each other, no matter the distance. Therefore, this would mean that all things in the universe are interconnected. Again, this would lead to a conclusion that EVERY person's energy or subatomic particles COULD exist elsewhere within the universe.

So, my first rounds of research lead me to believe that "ghosts" are not the dead of this reality, but rather those of a "parallel" universe. According to Parallel Universe Theory, at the moment of the Big Bang, our universe did not yet have the laws of physics that it has today. And, in that instant, instead of the gravity we know today that holds everything together, a reverse gravity repelled everything, in effect making a bubble which was to become our universe. This reverse gravity is coined as "false vacuum." Basically, as this "false vacuum" decayed, it created more bubbles--which in turn became more universes with the same matter and laws of physics as ours. Hence, a parallel universe.

However, there is the notion that not all universes are created equal. Some could have different laws and matter. Some may have all possible realities available all the time. Some may be negative to our positive.

Either of these aspects of multiple universes could be home to our "ghosts." This would explain how some people, like Houdini, never appear no matter how hard anyone tries to contact them. Perhaps Houdini was one of a kind. Or, his "other particle" exists in a universe that cannot interchange with ours because of the laws of physics. This would also offer an explanation to why some "ghosts" don't act like the person they did when they were alive. They are NOT the same person. And, for those "spirits" who have messages or speak to loved ones from the grave, possibly the deceased person's "other particles" existing in another universe, choose to talk--maybe as a joke, or maybe because they know the whole picture. And, just to play it safe, perhaps the "other particles" do go somewhere, but to another existence altogether. That would explain how some people state that during an NDE, they simply left the hospital they were in and went on with life. A person's "particles" in another universe may also offer insight into the Buddhism "I am not this body nor am I this mind" and that when you die, you will not be the same. You will not know the people you know now.

A parallel universe of different laws of physics could possibly have diverse frequencies, which lends to the EVPs coming in on levels below human speech. And, to make more of a point, many people who tell of Near Death Experience, speak of a white light coming from a vortex-type "gateway." If Earth's rotation speed could be increased, time for us would slow. All atoms are in a vortex. Matter is therefore at some level in a vortex. So, a vortex would most likely be necessary for time travel, dimension travel, or travel between universes. And the easiest this to manipulate (naturally) would be by changing the frequencies of the atoms in a localized area. So, if you are in an NDE, frequencies could be changed and the vortex could be your "particles" communicating to another location far from where you are.

Let's also remember the "whirlwind" that Ezekiel recounted (in the Christian bible). For all intents and purposes, that whirlwind could easily be a vortex--of time, dimension, or universe. I've often wondered if Ezekiel saw a Lunar Lander. After all, the Lander was designed from Ezekiel's account of something he saw emerge from a great whirlwind. What if Ezekiel somehow sees the lunar lander, writes about it, and then the lander is created from his account? The Lunar Lander ends up a cyclic redundancy.

But, parallel universes were not to be my end all, be all. As science progressed, so did my research and discovery of other possibilities of "ghosts." It is known that there is reality and then there is the human perception of it. For proof, just look at any collection of witnesses to an event. Every person's perception will be different, ranging from very slight to a very dissimilar view of things. Some of it relies on the position of the person and some depends on the person's life experiences. With that in mind, a group's changing perception can create an alternate reality. Even one person can change reality. Repeatedly, troubled teenagers create "poltergeists." These entities are purely manifestations of the teenage mind, but their effects are nonetheless real. Objects move without anyone touching them. Voices speak when no one is saying a word. Apparitions appear. Persons are attacked. Although the phenomenon defies explanation by modern scientists, it has nevertheless been extensively studied and findings recorded over and over again. (

In fact, there is the story of "Philip Aylesford," an artificially created poltergeist. .( The tale of Philip shows the extent of the human mind in creating an alternative reality.

While parallel universes offer a tidy explanation to ghosts, gods, angels, and demons, I believe that atoms, energy, and matter of THIS universe cannot pass into another. The laws of physics from our world would either annihilate or be annihilated by the physics of another, much as radiation feeding into an expanding wormhole would become a loop, like feedback, and destroy the wormhole (according to Stephen Hawking).

Basically, what happens in this universe, STAYS in this universe.

Therefore, my research has led me to see another, more applicable idea of ghosts that falls into that of dimensions--dimensions all around us--yet we as humans are unable to see them because our bodies are not constructed to do so. Dimensions outside of our visibility may not necessarily abide by different physic's laws. Perhaps those laws are similar to the dimensions--the same, yet extended beyond human awareness.

Dimension refers to the structure of space, its position in time, and the correlations of particle AND field interaction to mass of the objects within said dimension. General relativity incorporates time with space and therefore works in 4-dimensional "spacetime." Quantum mechanics is an infinite-dimensional function space. There are so many different dimension theories in quantum physics, I can't even name them all nor will I attempt to do so here. However, please note that some are thought to be so tiny that they can't even harbor light. Supposedly nothing could or would exist in a "string" dimension. Yeah, well, not that long ago, it was believed that life couldn't exist in extreme heat or with little or no oxygen. That idea has blown from the water, literally. Nonetheless, I propose that "Ghosts" are actually the people of another dimension, one we cannot see. I will use the Flatland and the ant analogies excerpt from to make this clearer.

"As we live in a three-dimensional world, it is difficult to imagine that there are higher dimensions. To illustrate this, the thought experiment of the hypothetical "Flatland" can be considered. Let us assume that there is a two-dimensional world called Flatland. Here, the concept of depth does not exist. Only forwards, backwards, left and right exist; there is no up and down. Everything that happens here would look like it was drawn on paper. 

Now let us interact with Flatworld. If we were to touch Flatworld with our finger, it would be like poking your finger through a newspaper. The inhabitants of Flatworld would see a circle suddenly appear out of nowhere that grows larger and larger. A person would appear as if they were being seen through a CT scanner - in sections. The concept that things can be above or below would sound crazy to a Flatlander, even though to us it appears as a simple concept.

Let us take an ant walking along a piece of paper as an example of a "2D object". If the ant wishes to go from one edge of the paper to the opposite edge, it must walk along the 2D plane. However, with our 3D powers, we can fold the paper into a cylinder; now the ant can walk to the other point in an instant (across the fold). To another ant on the other side, the ant would look as if it teleported and suddenly appeared out of nowhere."

Our "ghosts" are right here. They cast shadows, they appear, they whisper, yell, or even growl at us. Sometimes we hear them, sometimes we feel them, and sometimes we need special equipment to hear their voices and see their appearances.

Could entities of another universe look EXACTLY like us? Could they sound EXACTLY like us? Cast shadows and move around us? Maybe. I honestly cannot say since I am like everyone else--I have never witnessed another universe. At least not that I am aware of. The same can be said of other dimensions, yet somehow, Einstein's Theory of Gravitation (General Relativity) leads me to believe that anything within Earth's gravity may be held here. I base this on two of the consequences of general relativity and gravitation.

1) When a gravitational field is present, light rays will bend.
Perhaps minerals in the soil or plate tectonics can create unusual gravitational fields, allowing for light to bend and alternate dimensions can be seen in different light wavelengths, such as ultraviolet or infrared.

2) Spacetime is dragged along by rotating masses.
This is called "frame-dragging" in which the orbits of particles precess and spacetime is distorted by the rotation of a massive object, such as Earth. Particles changing direction of rotation and spacetime distortion? These things would most likely have an effect on gravitational fields as in my first listing, but the more important point here is the dragging of spacetime. Earth's gravity pulls spacetime around it along with it--dimensions and all.

Now, I want to bring up dark energy and dark matter, which seem to be all the rage for scientists to discover, since most of the known universe is made up of these two unknowns. Dark matter makes up 23.3. percent of the universe and dark energy fills 72.1 percent. Should dark energy and dark matter turn out to be real, which it's slowly beginning to look that way, then everything, including us, will be made up of some strange stuff since it seems that the makeup of the entire universe is of this "something else.

And, what if dark energy and/or dark matter is the proof of the existence of at least one other dimension? In fact, several abstracts from various universities attempt to do just that by showing how all fields can exist in all dimensions. Some scientists contend that dark energy is an element of space itself, which concurs with Einstein's gravity theory. Another theory suggests that dark energy is a new type of fluid matter (for scientists) called quintessence, or as some would call it, aether.

Perhaps dark energy/dark matter, is the "fluid" of another dimension, or dimensions, rippling against our known dimensions. What is that dimension? Will we someday see into it? Will the dead then "walk among us" as we see the true nature of time where the past and future all exist in our "present." All visible, all at once.

Humans would be overwhelmed. Our sanity would be tested, much as the human victims of fairy abduction or even of reported alien abduction. One thing for certain, none of us would be the same.

Any of these facets of alternate timelines could be home to our "ghosts." As I proposed with parallel universes, so dimensions outside our "reality" would explain how some like Houdini, never appear no matter how badly someone wants to speak to them. Houdini may be still alive in another dimension, not realizing death in this realm and just moving on, living life as he knew it. And, that could also be a key as to why some "ghosts" don't act like the person they did when alive. They could be living a different life entirely. Or, as I postulated earlier, they may not be the same person at all. "I am not this body nor am I this mind."

I know that I've moved between ideas, and it may seem that at times, I couldn't decide for certain which theory sounded best to me. That is true. So, with this article, I decided to present my thoughts as I wandered through them myself, letting you see the many options to quantify (or not) the existence of "ghosts." Dimensions within (or of) our own planet is a more logical solution to me. But, that is only my opinion. Although look-alike persons appearing as ghosts have a better explanation within "parallel universe," if alternate timelines can be created by the options our lives can make with the many choices we can make, then why would that choice make another universe entirely? Why would it not make, as it's called, an alternate timeline, running parallel to this one? It isn't a universe. It's Einstein's spacetime, perhaps time right next to us in which we THINK we are seeing the spirits of the dead, but in actuality, we are seeing the alternate timelines and possible outcomes of our other choices as they live our THEIR lives.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Aus Der Box Skeptisch 10 years ago
From the link above... If Earth's rotation speed could be increased, time for us would slow. Hmmmm.....
Comment icon #2 Posted by Requal 9 years ago
Wow this is one of the best topics ever, because the things written in here were in my mind. But I thought that I would be the only one thinking like that and I didn't even spend time researching like you did. I would really love to work in an institure wich researches this because it's motivating. Thanks I loved readin this

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