Friday, April 20, 2018
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  Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

Image credit: DerrickT

Aliens yesterday, today and tomorrow

Posted on Saturday, 26 November, 2011 | 2 comments
Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

Aliens. I understand the universe is a big place and believing that we are the only life in it is ludicrous. However, I find it hard to believe that we are being visited--or ever were visited--by an extraterrestrial race of beings. I say that simply because I recognize that the universe IS a BIG place. Yes, I know that an older, more intelligent alien race may have ways to see us that we don’t comprehend or know about yet. But, unless we are nothing more than a Petrie dish of life for them to study, I see no other reason for aliens to stopover here. Yes, there are a lot of examples as to why extraterrestrials would or could use us or our planet for resources or study; I think that at some point, we would have more definitive proof that we have company. According to many, that proof does exist, but I’m just not seeing it.

Hence, begins my idea that there are no aliens visiting us at all. There are reports of flashes of light and quick peeks into other places that do not belong where they are when they are seen. When studied closely, those glimpses seem not to be extraterrestrial, but rather extra-dimensional. Therefore, my suggestion is that perhaps aliens are merely an evolutionary development of the legends of old--those creatures which existed on the fringes of imagination.

Of the many alien abduction cases I’ve read, when the person is “glamored” by the alien(s), they cannot move or speak. They then (either consciously or unconsciously) are abducted typically against their will. If they are in a car, the first thing to go is the radio (a distortion). The people who defeat the alien(s) do so by repeating words (focusing) or by mentally yelling or even actually speaking or moving, any of which will cause a change in a person’s mental state--and even disrupt the energy around them. It seems that those changes are enough to break the hold over the victim and for the aliens to release them.

This all reminds me of legends involving human abduction by fairies or leprechauns, which is why most skeptics consider alien abduction stories as tales replacing the fairy lore of old. The similarities are striking, if not exact. I can see why skeptics think the way they do, but there is another (albeit farfetched by most people’s standard) possibility.

My idea is that fairies and leprechauns evolved into the aliens of today. They could have developed along side of us in another dimension, say as fourth dimensional beings we can only see when conditions are right. The laws of physics are slightly askew there and they changed faster than we did--or at least differently. So, the fairies and leprechauns and chimera of old are part of an evolutionary tree, just as we are a part of our own tree. Look at the stages of humankind; they do not necessarily resemble modern humans at all. It would only stand to reason that evolution would be a growing process anywhere--biologically and technically. Some subsets of the species would fail and some would continue to grow, much as humankind did.

I do admit that while evolution is my favored idea for “aliens,” they are most likely extra dimensional themselves. However, I do not believe that reported “ships” are anything other than government (ours and/or someone else’s) testing. I do accept though, that rips in time and space are very possible and can even be replicated by reproducing naturally occurring phenomena. If you are familiar with Einstein’s theories, you will know that gravity affects space/time by curvature. Therefore, energy, expelled in a directed, large, swirling quantity, may in fact, arc space/time. This may create that window we peer through to see the past, the future, or another dimension. Now, I’m not talking a doorway that we can walk through, but just a simple peephole. I feel that when someone actually passes through the window, the human mind is not be able to completely grasp the situation, leaving the human mentally askew or at the very least unable to fully comprehend what happened to them. Our brains are designed to handle space and time specifically for this life in this linear reality. Anything otherwise could and/or would frazzle the mind. I base my assumption on tales of those abducted or people suddenly finding themselves in unfamiliar surroundings that should be all-so-normal, such as the drive to Aunt Betsy’s that ends up in a town that shouldn’t be there or one that existed years ago. Confusion sets in, disorientation takes over, and a person may even need some time to “come to terms” with what happened. This all is almost exactly what happened in human abduction by leprechauns or any host of “imaginative” creatures appearing in legends. It has been said that if a human returns from the realm of the fairies, they are not themselves for a period of at least seven years. As a side note, most skeptics would say that alien abductees were never right in the head to begin with, but nonetheless, their lives are forever changed by the experience. And like near death experiences, the occurrence is a revelation. For the most part, abductions and NDEs are neither one physically recorded by any other means than in the mind of the one it’s happening to.

Einstein vehemently believed that time existed all at once, i.e., past, present, and future exist simultaneously, all in the same place at the same time, all the time. Our minds only see time linearly, from the past to the future, one day at a time. Richard Feynman’s Sum Over Histories theory describes time as a direction in space and a probable event is determined by adding together all possible scenarios (histories) of that event. It can therefore be postulated that other dimensions and/or other worlds are simply different directions in space. So, using Feynman’s theory, on earth, histories are played in probabilities. But, those courses through time don’t always follow the rules. Something, some disturbance, some change in direction, causes differences in the probabilities and alters time/space. When that happens, all histories are up for grabs. Therein opens the doorway to another reality that some people walk or drive or fly through--a gateway to another history of our own world. Fortunately for those telling their stories, they managed to come back to this reality, usually by taking the path back the way they came. As with my earlier assumption, the victim(s) typically are greatly befuddled by the ordeal. I often wonder how many stories we will never hear of those taking the road onward. Maybe going back is the only way out, like a one-way door. One door in; one door out--something like a bubble being blown through a ring.

In the days of old, earth experienced more turbulence and this may have caused more time/space disruptions. This could explain why there was such an abundance of sightings of the “wee people,” or of UFOs--that is if you exclude the possibility of others using the true stories to get attention or to get away with things. That brings me to the flux of UFO sightings. I know the majority of them are easily explained by earthly means, but there still are those that defy explanation. What does this say about our world? Perhaps our planet is feeling the effects of turbulence of some sort. Maybe the sun. Maybe Nibiru (it’s ok to laugh at that one). Nonetheless, the reports are on the rise. Is our planet experiencing time/space disturbances and we are seeing the “aliens” more than ever? If the “ships” being seen are those of evolutionary development of extra dimensional life existing on our planet alongside of us, just out of our view, then we need to take a good hard look at ourselves. Perhaps we spend too much time looking backward, crippling our move forward. What if these beings intend to claim earth and all realms of time/space for themselves? If so, we are quite evidently behind the times as far as our equipment and, dare I say, intelligence. If they can cross over to our realm but we can’t figure out how to get to theirs, we are at a serious detriment.

Then there is the option (yes, I will entertain the idea) that they are indeed space travelers using time/space curvature. Even if they are aliens, we are still in trouble since apparently their ships and methods of travel are far superior to ours. And, let’s not forget that they can take at least some of us, WITHOUT EVEN REMOVING THEM FROM OUR WORLD, as are the cases of many abductions. People have sat next to abductees as they are taken. They simply stare as if entranced. Skeptics and doctors say they are having temporal lobe seizures. But what if that is how we can SEE them--see through the window of space and time?

Nevertheless, we are technically behind these beings. They can come here. They take our minds. They take our thoughts. They take our consciousnesses to other places that we may not return from, at least not without some serious concentration. They can possess our lives, if not us ourselves.

At last, I have to look at time as Einstein did. If he is right (and it’s generally agreed that he is), and past, present, and future exist simultaneously, then perhaps the “aliens” are our future. They could be us as yet to be. Maybe they realize that they must come back and spark our imaginations in these dark times so that we overcome our own self-destructive ways. What a paradox, right? Not really. Not if all time exists all at once. If we can somehow make our minds perceive past our linear thinking, perhaps we can really think outside the box--or bubble.

And what of the leprechauns and fairies? They are still there...or here, as the case may be.

Article Copyright© Tammy A. Branom - reproduced with permission.

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