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Ken Korczak

Wendigo: Stranger than Bigfoot

8-17-2013 | 3

Here in northwest Minnesota we have the unique distinction of playing host to a kind of monster seen in few other a...

Ken Korczak

Ouija: the wizard session

1-12-2010 | 14

I recently conducted an amazing Ouija board session with an unusual partner -- a wizard from an alternate dimension...

Ken Korczak

World within worlds within worlds

5-17-2008 | 20

This is Part 2 of my Ouija board, lucid dream adventure. Readers are encouraged to read Part 1 in you have not alre...

Ken Korczak

Ouija + lucid dream = strange adventure

4-22-2008 | 28

It was only a matter of time before my 40 years of Ouija Board practice collided with my 30-year hobby of lucid dre...

Ken Korczak

I created a new world religion

3-16-2008 | 183

A few years ago, I was hired by a mysterious, shadowy group of people, based mostly in Europe, to invent a new worl...

Ken Korczak

The magnetic Ouija Board and the Helix Master

1-29-2008 | 35

In my ongoing 40 years of Ouija Board sessions, I have often tried to push the envelope in my attempts to obtain un...

Ken Korczak

27 Years of Zen destroyed my life

12-28-2007 | 133

So I have been practicing Zen meditation every day for 27 years, and it has destroyed my life. Now, when I say “d...

Ken Korczak

Secrets of the lost Ouija Board files

11-6-2007 | 30

In a corner of my attic are stacked more than a dozen dusty cardboard boxes crammed with notebooks. The notebooks a...

Ken Korczak

The last man of an ancient culture

6-17-2007 | 12

In the northern part of Kittson County, Minnesota, which borders Canada, are the wild woods of Caribou Township. Fe...

Ken Korczak

Is the force of gravity = the force of love ?

4-29-2007 | 4

He had know her for only an hour or two. They met in the city park at a picnic party of a mutual friend. Now he cou...

Ken Korczak

Wizards in the woods ?

3-28-2007 | 18

Here is an intriguing story told to me by a man from the small town of Esther, Iowa. He says his story is true. Tod...

Ken Korczak

Why you should "Ching" your world

2-18-2007 | 14

Let’s say that you are considering taking on a new lover. Will this be a good decision for you? Will the result b...

Ken Korczak

The tool of the mind

1-1-2007 | 26

This is the story of an ordinary young man from a small Minnesota town who used an ancient mystical tool to induce ...

Ken Korczak

The blue jeans ghost

11-28-2006 | 10

A couple of ghosts lurking in the walls of a rural Roseau County, Minnesota, home have a woman hanging on to her hu...

Ken Korczak

Bizarre encounters

11-10-2006 | 15

A fantastic UFO event is currently unfolding near the small town of Tappen, North Dakota, which involves giant 9-fo...

Ken Korczak

Reincarnation and angels ?

10-21-2006 | 11

Do people come back from the dead to live again as new people in different lives and times? Are there invisible gua...

Ken Korczak

“Gigantic black” UFO sighted over Minnesota

10-1-2006 | 10

A few years ago I thought I would try an interesting experiment. I took out a classified ad in several small-town n...

Ken Korczak

Astral travel: In your body or out of it?

9-14-2006 | 6

Few phenomenons hold greater fascination for me than out-of-body travel, or astral travel, as some call it. Though ...

Ken Korczak

When real fairies help real people

9-2-2006 | 9

He was one of the most brilliant and energetic astronomer of the previous century. George Ellory Hale was the drivi...

Ken Korczak

Star Jelly: Biological slime from space

8-3-2006 | 5

It’s soon time to be on the watch for biological slime from outer space! Less than two weeks from today stargazer...

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