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Ken Korczak

Why you should "Ching" your world

February 18, 2007 | Comment icon 14 comments

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Let’s say that you are considering taking on a new lover. Will this be a good decision for you? Will the result be wonderful, or a disaster? Maybe you are thinking about dumping your boyfriend or girlfriend. A good idea? Wouldn’t it be great if you could know for sure? Or let’s say you are considering investing your life savings in a new business venture. Will it pay off big, or will you end up losing everything and ruining your life? Or how about this: You are contemplating switching over from PC to Mac. Will this be a good decision, or will you end up regretting it? Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into a source of proven ancient wisdom that would help you get just the right answer for tough questions like these, and prevent you from making a serious mistake? And what if this ancient source of wisdom was more than 3,000 years old, had a proven mathematical theory to back it up, and is regarded by some of the most brilliant people of all time to be a true and accurate oracle system?

Well, there is such an oracle system. It is the "I Ching," pronounced “e-ching.” The I Ching, or “The Ching” as I like to call it, was developed by ancient Chinese thinkers and philosophers, and painstakingly refined over many centuries. Today, many top mathematicians, scientists and physicists consider The Ching to be a valid system of prediction which anyone can use to make good decisions, and also to explore the deep inner nature of the one’s own subconscious mind.

The Ching has been around for millennia, but had a sudden resurgence in popularity in the United States during the 1960s when a “consciousness revolution” was sparked by that whole “hippy era thing.” The 1960s saw the birth of what would later become the “New Age” movement, which dared to challenge conservative, conventional wisdom by taking a new look at the very old, such as the I Ching, and the very new, such as the astounding implications of quantum physics.

The I Ching became so popular in the 1960s, especially in California, there were groups of people who were called “Ching Freaks” because they based just about every decision they made, big or small, by consulting the advice of The Ching. In fact, some people became so adept at using The Ching, they could do so by reading numbers on the license plates of cars as they passed by. License plate numbers provide an excellent platform for “Throwing The Ching” because The Ching works by pulling order out of randomness and chaos. To make The Ching work, you need a random number generator -- and that can be anything from tossing coins, or throwing a collection of yarrow sticks, as did the ancient Chinese. This is where the term “throwing The Ching” comes from -- because coins or sticks are thrown or tossed to generate random numbers. The numbers that are generated are used to match up with a series of hexagrams which match poetic writings in “The Book of Changes,” which is actually what I Ching stands for. These poetic stanzas will be your advice, which then must be interpreted to supply the answer to your questions.

Even the great science fiction writer Philip K. Dick -- whose works were made into such movies as “Blade Runner,” “A Scanner Darkly” and “Total Recall,” used The Ching to write his first successful novel, “The Man in the High Castle.” As far as I know, this is the only book ever written by relying completely on the advice of The Ching.

Anyway, the popularity of The Ching has since faded, but like all ancient systems that have been around for thousands of years, that hardly matters. The Ching is timeless, and is available today for anyone to pick up and use any time he or she wants to. If you so desire, you could start consulting The Ching today to help you make your most vital decisions. Not only would you make better decisions, but you would also discover that you would be opening a window that peers deeply into your own subconscious mind. The result would be that you would “know thyself” better. Since self wisdom is an extremely important component of personal growth and development. Thus, it makes good sense for you to learn to use The Ching, and see where it leads you.

So how does it work? As I said, The Ching works by using a system to generate random numbers -- but I will not going into details here because it would take many pages to describe the best way, and the many ways to “throw The Ching.” What I do want to tell you is that the most statistically valid way to do it is through use of a good computer program for generating random numbers. A computer program can generate literally millions or billions of random numbers instantaneously, while the old method of tossing coins or sticks provides for only a small sample of random numbers. The more random numbers you can generate, the more refined your eventual answer will be.

Here is a link to what I consider a scientific, easy and excellent way to consult the I Ching:

On this site, you don’t have to worry about all the numbers, or learn anything about how The Ching generates your answers. Just type in your question and get your answer! It’s easy! Try it! But now a warning: What many of you may find difficult is interpreting what The Ching tells you. For example, here is a question I posed to The Ching while writing this article:

“Will the readers at Unexplained Mysteries appreciate this article I am writing about the I Ching?”

And here is the judgment The Ching provided:

The Gentle. Success through what is small.
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.
It furthers one to see the great man.
I interpret this answer as basically a “yes” to my question -- but notice that The Ching also provides further advice. It suggests that it would “further” me to “see the great man.” I interpret this to mean that, since I am not a complete expert on The Ching, I should probably consult an expert -- a great man -- for advice on how to make sure this article is as accurate as possible. Anyway, The Ching has given me excellent guidance here, I believe. Let me try another question:

“Should I bring my wife with me on my business trip to New York City next week?”

The Ching says:

Following has supreme success.
Perseverance furthers. No blame.

I interpret this as a solid yes. Notice the amazing and tantalizing ability of The Ching to give advice that is highly pertinent to my specific situation. “Following has supreme success.” I interpret this to mean that letting my wife “follow” me to New York is a good idea. And: “Perseverance furthers. No blame.” I interpret this to mean that as long as I pursue my business meeting with perseverance, there will be no problem -- “no blame” -- if my wife tags along for the ride.

Now let me ask The Ching a more provocative question:

"My brother is drinking too much, stays out all night partying, and then sleeps all day. Should I go over to his place and kick his ass?"

The Ching says:

The Taming Power of the Great.
Perseverance furthers.
Not eating at home brings good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water.

I interpret this to mean that I should indeed go over to my brother's house and give him a good ass-kicking. "The taming power of the great" says to me that my brother needs to be "tamed" and that I should "persevere" in this action. The "not eating at home" is also significant. That says to me that a disciplined lifestyle of not over-indulging in substances is a good thing, and my brother should be made to realize this. Of course, the "crossing the great water" is more than obvious to me --you see, my brother lives on the other side of a lake here in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. That's amazing, isn't it?

I firmly believe it is time for everyone to take a new look at The Ching now more than ever. Why? Because of what scientists have recently learned about the fundamental matrix of the universe, including such things as chaos theory, the incompleteness theorem as predicted by quantum physics, and the existence of the “Zero Point Field,” which is the fundamental system of pure energy potential which underlies all life, matter and energy in the universe. The Zero Point Field is the ultimate “ocean” of pure potential and random energy which is there waiting for us to create from and draw order from -- and using The Ching seems an almost perfect tool for helping our reality-creating minds to make the best decisions possible, and thus create the most positive and appealing world for ourselves to live, work and play in.

I could go into further detail about how some of the latest and most exciting discoveries of quantum mechanics support the efficacy of The Ching, and why and how it works, but perhaps that will make up a whole other column. I should also remind the reader that I have only barely touched on explaining what The Ching is -- to gain a more complete understanding of The Ching and how to use it, you’ll find no shortage of resources on the Internet or library to help you gain a greater understanding of this ancient and powerful tool. You have nothing and lose and everything to gain by learning to "Ching your world." So why not try it today?

Ken invites you to visit his blog:

Ken Korczak is the author of Minnesota Paranormala:

Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Wiliamo 17 years ago
I'll stick with my Magic 8 Ball. But Thanks!
Comment icon #6 Posted by Please Explain 17 years ago
I asked Mr. Ching this question. Will I be banned on UM? This is the answer. 24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point) ---- ---- ---- ---- above K'un The Receptive, Earth ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- below Ch^en The Arousing, Thunder ---------- The Judgement Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. The Image Thunder within the earth: The image of the Turning Point. Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes At the time of solstice. Merchants and strangers ... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by IronGhost 17 years ago
I would be interested in knowing how you, Please Explain, personally intrepret these results, since your question is unique to you and your mind and position in the Universe, and The Ching has spoken to you. But I see your answer as highly significant and pertinent to your question in many ways. Consider the Judgement: Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. Those of us who participate in the forum of UM "come and go" from the forum all the time. If you... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Please Explain 17 years ago
You know, my question is only a joke but the answer seems...hmmm i think there is something in here. I have to decipher that word.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Please Explain 17 years ago
But I see your answer as highly significant and pertinent to your question in many ways. That's the reason i've posted it, all the answer seems relevant to my postings.
Comment icon #10 Posted by IronGhost 17 years ago
It's okay if you only intended a joke. The Ching is indifferent to one's intention. Your intention belongs to you. The Ching will reflect whatever it is shown. When you ask a question with whatever motivation, you'll get an answer, and a starting point for further exploration ... So I think this has been an interesting experiment ....
Comment icon #11 Posted by Please Explain 17 years ago
So I think this has been an interesting experiment .... Maybe real least i have followed my Ching. It's better for me to lose than to hurt someone.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Please Explain 17 years ago
The Image Thunder within the earth: The image of the Turning Point. Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes At the time of solstice. The Ching strikes again on UM.
Comment icon #13 Posted by FrankBlunt 16 years ago
The Ching strikes again on UM. Sometimes it is perceived foolishness that imparts latent wisdom to the watchful masses, wrapped in a perceivably foolish package.
Comment icon #14 Posted by FrankBlunt 16 years ago
Why is it that the hippie era, that began in 1967, have so much relation to the woman who first triggered my recognition of synchronicity? Why do we remember the hippie movement that came to San Francisco for the drugs, debauchery, and flowered hair, and not those who initiated the cross-country sojourn in the first place? Media, manipulation, distraction from hidden truths in favor of the satisfaction of base urges. Same old story, told many times in many locales, by those who would prefer focusing upon stereotypes as opposed to truth seeking and ideas. Why is it that the aforementioned woman... [More]

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