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Ken Korczak

The blue jeans ghost

November 28, 2006 | Comment icon 10 comments

Image Credit: iStockPhoto
A couple of ghosts lurking in the walls of a rural Roseau County, Minnesota, home have a woman hanging on to her husband’s pants - literally. Betty Ann (not her real name) says two ghosts, named John and Sam, are haunting her 80-year-old farm house. They make their presence know mostly by swiping personal belongings when no one is looking. But, strangely, what the ghosts seem most interested in is her husband’s Levi “501” blue jeans.“We’ve lost three pair already,” Betty Ann said. “On a scale of one to 10, I am convinced to the point of 10 that the jeans are being taken by ghosts. There is just no other explanation.”Betty Ann, her husband and children are third-generation owners of a stolid rural farm house on the back roads of northeastern Roseau County. She moved into the house in 1987, which is owned by her husband, whom I’ll call Doug. At the time, Doug was remodeling the old farm house. As long as the work continued, nothing was wrong.“It’s when the remodeling stops that things start disappearing,” Betty Ann said, suggesting that the ghosts like the renovations for some reason. At first it was mostly tools that were missing. Of course, tools are easy to misplace, and even though Doug and Betty Ann felt something a bit stranger was going on, they shrugged it off. But then a pair of 501 blue jeans disappeared.

Betty Ann searched the entire house without luck. Much like the missing tool controversy, she passed it off as another case of simple misplacement. She bought a second pair of 501s, but those soon winked out of existence, too. Another painstaking search of the house produced nothing. She bought a third pair. She was determined that her husband should enjoy the comfort of his very own Levi 501, fly-button jeans. Betty Ann was also fiercely determined that this pair would stay on her husband’s legs, and off the ghostly limbs of some petty thief from Beyond.But John and Sam had other ideas. Betty Ann tells it this way: “I was really keeping my eye on this pair. I had just washed them and was carrying the clothes to the dryer. After the clothes were done drying I carried them upstairs - and somewhere between the upstairs and the dryer, the jeans were gone. I couldn’t believe it!"But it gets weirder. Betty Ann continues: “I went to bed after searching absolutely everywhere for those jeans - in the attic, the garage - I tore the whole house apart. That night, I suddenly awoke within a dream and found myself fighting with someone through one of the walls - something on the other side of the wall had hold of the 501 jeans. For some reason, I was able to call this ghost by his name - John - I commanded him to give the jeans back. Also, I felt the presence of another ghost with John. I had the feeling his name was Sam.”She said there was no conclusion of her tug-o-war with ghostly John.
Later that evening, she awoke and began getting ready for the graveyard shift at her job. While in the shower, she heard a knock at the bathroom door. It was her husband ... and in his hands were a pair of 501 blue jeans. Betty Ann cried out: “Where did you find them! I’ve turned the house inside out!” Doug said he found them right by the bed - the same space across which she had her dream tug-o-war with John the ghost.“It’s really a strange feeling,” Betty Ann said. “I’m not really scared, but I wish they would keep their pilfering hands to themselves.”Betty Ann is thinking about having a seance, or hiring a psychic to communicate with the ghosts, and possibly get them to move on or stop their mischief.

Watch this space for further developments!

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Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by SilverRain Queen 17 years ago
There has been an earlier topic of a story a young man was telling about an entity/alien/ghost that had taken his jeans. Perhaps there is a connection. I'll try to find this topic and post the link.
Comment icon #2 Posted by SilverRain Queen 17 years ago
Here's is the link to that topic I was mentioning. Perhaps these entities share something in common. Missing Jeans returned
Comment icon #3 Posted by n_grann 17 years ago
I think its interesting that when remolding is happening these spirits are calmed. I wonder why that is.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Enigman 17 years ago
I find it strange that these spiritual entities want only Levi's. Talk about not having any fashion sense. Why can't they go for the more designer brands like D&G? 7's or maybe even some Calvin Kleins. Cause you know nothing gets between yourself and your Calvins!
Comment icon #5 Posted by IronGhost 17 years ago
I find it strange that these spiritual entities want only Levi's. Talk about not having any fashion sense. Why can't they go for the more designer brands like D&G? 7's or maybe even some Calvin Kleins. Cause you know nothing gets between yourself and your Calvins! Hey, they're dead! How can they be expected to keep up with earthly fashion in the afterlife? And really, who wears "fly-button" jeans anymore? The dead are not slaves to fashion! After all, who are they trying to impress?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Pandora2173 17 years ago
When I read this all I could think of was comedian Dane Cook. "Thank you Angel wearing jeans!"
Comment icon #7 Posted by xohxcdancing 17 years ago
Next come the shirts.
Comment icon #8 Posted by vlanos 17 years ago
i think theres a rat somewhere with a nice blue house
Comment icon #9 Posted by HowdyDoo 17 years ago
Very cute. However, I believe someone is playing a joke on this poor woman. Before she starts yelling "ghost!” she should try setting up a few control tests to make sure there isn't a jokester in the house. (Hidden camera, etc.) It wouldn't surprise me that some area pranksters are at the heart (or seat) of this matter. Once they rule this out, perhaps their theory of other-worldly thieves might have more merit.
Comment icon #10 Posted by glynne64 17 years ago
Weird. If a ghost is indeed stealing the blue jeans, maybe it's because it is something it recognizes. I wonder if anyone has figured out if someone died in the home & during what time period. Perhaps CK hadn't even been born yet? I believe that spirits have their own references of time, for lack of a better term. My brother has a spirit that has been seen quite often on his property. It is evidently another "farmer", going according to how he is dressed. The spirit has been seen "wearing" jeans, a work shirt & cap. Also could it be it helps define who they are/were? My dad always wore... [More]

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